Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve (for a great cause)

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and you might be in a dilemma trying to figure out the replacement gift that you had relied on in previous years.

While baking isn’t my strong suit, I can always throw a mean plant-strong muffin together and make it look super-cute and taste utterly delicious.  But, an added, tag-a-long gift is always a sure winner.  That’s why I am standing on top of my kitchen chair telling you about Karen Komen and her ridiculously cute gifts from “The Veggie Republic,” (TVR) a line of wooden-tiled bracelets with veggie photos on each tile.

Koman is an award-winning journalist, wife and mother.  And, she believes in the power of eating fresh produce. She also believes that “small actions lead to big change.”  Buy a bracelet and you will deliver five pounds of fresh vegetables to a food bank, helping Karen to meet her goal of, “Veggies for All.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen last summer at Plant-Stock, and when you meet her, she oozes love and passion for helping others embrace the plant-strong lifestyle. She calls her bracelet project, “Farm to Arm,” and she really walks the walk.  Each “Farm2Arm” bracelet features 12 images of colorful veggies on sustainable, wooden tiles, each powerful message. For each bracelet sold, TVR donate 5 lbs. of fresh veggies to those in need through the Farm to Family program.  In 2015, bracelet sales helped fund the distribution of over 42,000 pounds of veggies.

When Ann Crile Esselstyn (Rip’s mom) starting sporting the bracelets,  she created quite the fashion statement.  And, Ann is the ONLY person ever to sport a TVR bracelet that is made with 12 small tiles of KALE photos!  Pure kale, nothing but kale!

I love wearing my bracelets, but, I have one problem.  I keep giving them away, because I love this mission, the sense of style, and the sentiment behind each bracelet.  I have literally taken them off my wrist to gift to someone else, then, re-ordering from TVR.

Karen’s heart-felt beliefs for TVR are found in each bracelet.  I kinda of think that is another form of love.  So, if you are looking for a special gift for that “someone special,” or want to give yourself something sweet for Valentine’s Day, grab a few bracelets, and in doing so, you are spreading the plant-strong message.

And, in the end, you’ll be giving fresh vegetables to those in need.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and have a great, plant-strong Valentine’s Day.

To learn more about The Veggie Republic, head to their website for more details and inspiration:  http://www.theveggierepublic.com/