April showers bring May flowers right?! So maybe things are not exactly starting to bloom in your neck of the woods yet, but they will be soon, I promise!

April is one of those months that really gets me excited. School is still in session, so the kids are focused on homework and sports. Winter is technically on its way out the door, so we start dusting off the bins that house our shorts and t-shirts, secretly hoping that we’ll have a warm sunny day to wear them (showcasing our beautiful winter white tans). Some of us even get to go on Spring Break!

Also with April comes spring cleaning and that doesn’t just go for your closets. I like to spring clean my refrigerator and start loading it up with what I call my A-B-C items! That would be asparagus, arugula,  broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, and cilantro – among tons of other great veggies that are coming into season.

Okay full-disclosure, I live where the produce is pretty abundant all year round, but if you’re not on the west coast, this is an excellent site for determining what is in season by you as well as the history, how to store and some interesting ways to cook or prepare tons of veggies and herbs. Go here: https://www.seasonalfoodguide.org/

What veggie is in season by you? What are you going to stock your fridge with this Spring?

For me, I always stock up cilantro. We also try and grow it in our garden, but in Northern California, when the heat comes, it comes fast and usually kills off my cilantro before I can use it all up.

Here is a fun Cilantro Lime Hummus Recipe if you’re not one of those that think cilantro tastes like soap. If you are one of the few that have a strong opposition to cilantro, you can try basil as a substitute and switch the lime juice with lemon.

Cilantro Lime Hummus

1 can of low or no sodium garbanzo beans
1 tbsp of lime juice
2 cloves of garlic
cilantro (I used almost a full bunch – but use to your liking)
*I used my semi-broken Vitamix for this, but you can do this in a food processor as well.

  1. Open the can of garbanzo beans and strain the liquid (aka aquafaba) into the blender.
  2. Add the lime juice.
  3. Add the cloves of garlic and the cilantro.
  4. I blended gently here to get things started but this does cause the liquid to get frothy, that’s okay.
  5. Add the garbanzo beans and blend until combined scraping down the sides as needed.