How to “Spring Clean” Your Diet

Spring has sprung! That means warmer weather is coming soon for many of us, the leaves are growing again and summer is just around the corner.

In a lot of cases, it also means…spring cleaning!

But besides cleaning out the garage or setting your alarm clock ahead an hour, spring cleaning can also be applied to your diet (with fantastic results). If you have fallen a bit off track since the beginning of the year or if you’re just looking for some helpful reminders to help you reboot, these tips can be super useful:

  • Clear your cupboards. The holidays can make it easy to have unhealthy items in your pantry, fridge or freezer that are too tempting. Get rid of them! Unopened food can be donated to shelters or nonprofits, and friends or family may want anything that has been opened. Just get it out of the house: Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Stock up on plant-strong essentials. Start with your pantry: Here’s our recommendations for the perfect plant-strong pantry. Do you have certain grains, spices or beans you like more than others? Be sure to keep PLENTY in the house! That way in a pinch, you can toss together some beans, grains, greens and “spark” in a bowl or wrap and have an instant, satisfying, plant-strong meal.
  • Be super clear on what you’ll be eating and enjoying. Rip researched the optimal plant-strong diet for years during our Engine 2 Immersions, and shared his results (and recommendations) in The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet book. Subsequently, we’ve heard from thousands of you who have followed Rip’s guidelines and have gotten off or reduced your insulin, blood pressure medicine and have improved other chronic diseases (in addition to losing a TON of weight!). In our free Seven-Day Rescue Challenge, we are intentionally clear in what to eat and avoid, so that sticking to the plan is beyond simple. And if you’re looking for extra help, the E2 Meal Planner will actually suggest meals (and we have HUNDREDS) that meet our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge guidelines! That way, you can stop stressing about what to eat and just follow what the Meal Planner recommends. It’ll even automatically build a shopping list for you and in many areas, you can send them right to Instacart and have your groceries delivered straight to your house. Talk about convenient!
  • Find a support system. While accountability from family and friends is nice, sometimes it can really make a difference to share and hear from people who are pursuing the same goals. In addition to your accountability buddies, a support system of people who are also plant-strong can be a massive help. If you haven’t already, join our free Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Facebook group. We are more than 22,000 strong and have an EXTREMELY supportive environment. You’ll get ideas, advice, recipes and tons of positive reinforcement.

Now that you’re armed with tips to help you spring clean your diet, it’s time to get on out there and grab spring by the stocks (kale stocks!) – take advantage of that nice weather and fill your body with prime and pristine plant fuel!