Plant-Strong Holiday Tips


Many people look forward to the holidays every year. The family…the decorations…the music…the plant-strong food…but probably not…

The stress!

Plant-Strong Holiday Tips

Yup, for many folks, the holidays equal stress. What a drag! This year, take a vow to really enjoy the season and not let the stress overwhelm you. We’ve got some tips to keep you from biting off your nails:

  1. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. When you’re rushing around town trying to buy holiday presents, wrapping said presents, visiting family, baking plant-strong cookies, getting out decorations…where were we again? The holidays are BUSY! It’s important to remember to take a little time for yourself during the busy season. Whether it’s scheduling time to go to the gym or even just get out for a walk, or taking a few minutes to sip some tea and relax, a little “me” time can help prevent the holiday “frazzled” feeling that leads so many people to veer off course in their plant-strong journeys.
  2. Make it easy to stay plant-strong. With all the busyness of the holiday season, we all know how tempting it can be to stop at a restaurant rather than come home and prepare a plant-strong option. Staying on track doesn’t have to add to holiday stress! When you veer of course and eat vegan junk food or worse, the Standard American Diet, you feel worse, which only adds to the stress and makes the holidays harder than they need to be. Instead, try these easy steps:

    • Take advantage of E2 Food Line products. If you’re near a Whole Foods Market location in the US, stock up on E2 products that are ready to go and come together in minutes. From burgers and pasta sauce to pizza crusts, cereals to soups and stews (and more!!) a few E2 products in the pantry or freezer will help make mealtime a cinch (and without the guilt of stopping in the drive thru!). And depending on where you live, Amazon Fresh may even deliver E2 products right to your doorstep!
    • Shop in bulk. Some canned beans, frozen potatoes and veggies and a bag of greens (topped with some salsa, hot sauce, E2 hummus or another “spark” = a quick, healthy and affordable plant-strong meal. Stock up your pantry with other essentials that come together in minutes.
    • Plan your meals in advance. Whatever works for you is good here – maybe you like to sit down and go through cookbooks to plan out meals. Or maybe you’re in a time crunch and need something fast. Our E2 Meal Planner can really come to the rescue in these situations. Not only will it suggest meals for you (and whether you’re following our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge or the standard Engine 2 diet, it will tailor recipes to your needs), it will build a shopping list and in many markets, it’ll even send your shopping list directly to Instacart so your groceries can be delivered to your door. Imagine savings hours every week on meal planning and shopping! Check out the E2 Meal Planner and see just how flexible and helpful it can be for you – during the holidays and the rest of the year!
  3. Save time on holiday shopping. There’s a bit of letdown after the holidays sometimes, isn’t there? All that build up, then a whirlwind few weeks, then…January! This holiday gift-giving tip will save you time, probably a few dollars and will also help fend off the post-holiday blues: Rather than focus on the latest gadget or “hot” item, focus on buying your loved ones experiences. Concert tickets, movie tickets, a gift card for your favorite whole food plant based restaurant or coffee shop…giving these gifts shows more thought than any gadget, and when you give them, be sure that YOU’RE the one going with that person! You’ll not only save some time and money, you’ll have a calendar filled with things to look forward to during the rest of the winter (and possibly beyond).

    When it comes to plant-strong experiences (and we MAY be biased here) the greatest plant-strong experience you can give yourself (yes, a holiday gift  for YOURSELF) or your loved ones is a ticket to Plant-Stock! This year, Plant-Stock is all inclusive, so your lodging, meals and all our amazing activities and speakers are all included (at a price that is more affordable than ever). A visit to one of our health immersions is another transformative experience that really takes the deep dive and gives you an entire week to focus on YOU. Every year, we hear from many folks who attended an E2 event thanks to a gift from a loved one – we’d love to meet your loved ones too!

    If you’re looking for a few plant-strong stocking stuffers or smaller gifts, our E2 online store has a range of designs you can get on shirts, cell phone cases, laptop cases and more!

The holidays are a season to celebrate, not to be stressed and harried – stay on track in your plant-strong journey and take some time to enjoy the season so you start off the New Year as healthy as can be!