A Mother’s Day Menu – Tribute to Moms

My sister, Jane Esselstyn, my Mother, Ann Esselstyn and me.


Let’s face it. Mother’s rock! Mom’s are the best thing going on because, well, they got “it” going on…in spades!

Whether it’s my amazing mom, Ann; whether it’s my dynamic sister, Jane; or whether it’s my cool, calm, and collect wife, Jill; mother’s feed, nourish, and sacrifice themselves to take care of their families. And they do it without getting a pat on the back or a simple thank you.

That’s why this Mother’s Day I want to celebrate and give an Engine 2 style shout out to all the plant-strong mother’s out there who are towing the line and nourishing their families with the strongest and smartest food on the planet – plants!

So, let’s raise up a cup of steamed kale and toast all the mother’s across the land that love on their families and expect little to nothing in return.

In tribute to all the amazing, talented, and miracle-working moms out there, I want to share these plant-strong recipes from the meal planner with you in hopes they will inspire your family and help make your Mother’s Day memorable.

In addition, I want to offer you $20 off our Plant-Strong Meal Planner yearly membership, to help make life in your kitchen and grocery store easier.  Use code: MOMSROCK when you sign up. The E2 Planner makes a great gift – just use your loved one’s email address when you purchase. And our customer support team is always here to help, so reach out anytime by clicking the chat bubble! Hurry, the code expires May 20th!

So, Moms, here’s to you and the miracles you create each and every day. Thank you!
Peace, Engine 2, Plant-Strong!