Meet Christian Ledesma, Plant-Strong Teacher

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Meet Christian Ledesma

Husband and Father

Plant-Strong School Teacher

Rip first met elementary school teacher, Christian Ledesma in May, 2013, when Rip was visiting P.S. 244 in Queens, NY.  Christian was the wellness teacher at the country’s first vegetarian-based school..  Rip had to check the school out to spread some plant-strong goodness, and he and Christian forged a friendship at that time..

Later that summer, Christian attended PlantStock 2013, here’s a recap in his own words based on his experience with plant-based rockstars at PlantStock!!

E2:  What was your biggest take-away from PlantStock?

CL:   My biggest takeaway from PlantStock was that it is never too late to change. I heard many stories from participants, ranging from young “experienced” vegans to “newbies” in their 70s. Regardless of where you are on your health journey, it’s never too late to change or recommit to Plant-Strong living.

 E2:  How would you describe the overall climate of PlantStock?

 CL:  The overall environment at PlantStock reminded me of a family reunion with a side of college campus. You catch up with people, you meet new people with similar interests, and you’re constantly learning – from the experts and from the participants around you. I loved being at a place where everyone at least understood where I was coming from. There was a genuine interest from others about the other’s health journey.

E2:  What were some new things you learned that helped you better understand the concept of being “Plant-Strong?”

CL:   Having read a lot of plant-strong and plant-powered texts, I knew a lot of the basic information about the science behind nutrition and heart health. What was new to me was the information provided by Doug Lisle about the psychology around food. I was able to use the information from PlantStock about nutrition and the psychology of it all to help lead a workshop for parents about how to keep their students healthy. I was able to better explain why the brain chooses certain foods that may not be the healthiest choices. I was also able to use the information I learned to better explain our healthy school lunch to kids.

E2:  How would you describe the food at PlantStock?

CL:  The food at PlantStock was ridiculously amazing! If there are any people wavering on whether or not to go full Plant-Strong, the food would do the job. It was a great way to prove to those naysayers or doubters that eating Plant Strong is delicious. Every single meal and snack was superb.

E2:  Why is this a great event to attend?

CL:   I think everyone should attend this event. If you’ve read Rip’s or Dr. Esselstyn’s books, you should attend. If you’ve never read the books but want to learn more, you should attend. If you want a stronger foundation for being able to express what you know about health and nutrition, you should attend. If you are an educator, parent, spouse, sibling, child, grandparent, or just a random health-driven person, you should attend. And bring a friend or family member. You’ll have plenty to talk about afterwards and you’ll be able to travel the journey together. I highly recommend this even to educators and parents – educating the next generation is key to our planet’s health and theirs.

Rip recently met up with Christian in Minnesota, where Christian now resides.  The bonds created from plant-strong living run deep and solid.  For anyone who is “on the fence” about attending Rip’s retreat, we think that Christian pretty much explains (heartfully) why the event is so great…and important. Plus, you’ll meet new people who will be your friends for years to come.

This year’s PlantStock takes place at the Esselstyn Family Farm in Claverack, NY on Aug 15-16.  To learn more or to register, go to:

We’ll see you on the farm in a few weeks!

Rip will be waiting for you!