Making Change is Hard

(photo credit: Erin Nekervis)

Making a Change is Hard.

If you’re new to a plant-based lifestyle, there is SO MUCH to learn!  All those aisles in the grocery store suddenly have rules to apply and reading labels to find hidden oil or sugar or milk is both time consuming and frustrating.

We are so excited to tell you about a new technology that allows you to filter the entire grocery store through the lens of the Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue guidelines.  And it’s completely FREE.

Visit the Pinto website or download the mobile app in the App Store.  Once you sign up for a free account, you can select the Engine 2 Profile as your dietary preference and then search for groceries that meet our guidelines.  You’ll see all sorts of options from Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Kroger and more.  And the database is growing all the time!

See below for an example of how Pinto works.  Once you select Engine 2 as your filter, type bread in the search field.  Pinto will show all breads that meet our Seven-Day Rescue criteria and will color code them based on how well they fit the plan.  Blue is “best in class”, Green is great, Yellow means it almost fits, and Red is off plan.


Search Results for Bread

The filter knows bread must be whole grain, oil-free, low in sodium and no added sugars in the top two-thirds of ingredients. Now you have a list of products to purchase or request in your local store!



Click Items for More Details

Select one of the products to view complete nutritional content including ingredients, GMO status and more.

BONUS! If you are a Whole Foods Market shopper, Pinto has customized the Engine 2 database so you can view what grocery products fit our guidelines and are readily available IN YOUR LOCAL STORE. Enjoy!