Before my husband transitioned to a plant-based diet it wasn’t super difficult. The first seven years of our marriage he ate his way and I ate mine, but the difference was, I did all the cooking and I wasn’t about to cook animal products, for anyone.

When he was motivated, he’d make something to add to his meal that I had already prepared but over time, that motivation waned and he just ate whatever I created for dinner.

Like a lot of our plant-based community members, he watched Forks Over Knives and a few other documentaries (on his own time) and decided that he wanted to give eating plant-based a year. Six years later, he hasn’t looked back.

He will tell you that his decision to experiment was partly because of the information he gained from those films and partly because of me. I run ultras and was recovering much faster than he was after some of his mountain biking events. “Hmmm, the wife might be onto something after all…” 😊

Without jumping up and down and screaming from the roof-tops like an overly excited (plant-based) child, I commended him for his choice and vowed that I would help him along the way. In the beginning, I would pack his lunches (leftovers from dinner usually) or I would make sure he had a colorful and nutrient-packed meal after one of his crazy bike rides.

He lost weight, his cholesterol and blood pressure lowered and his recovery time off the bike greatly reduced. He felt great.

Next challenge? Getting him to attend Plant-Stock with me! That finally happened in the fall of 2017 but it was at Plant-Stock that he was strongly encouraged to eat KALE … with breakfast. “Say what now?” Yup! Every morning fresh steamed kale (or spinach) was set out for us and my husband went for it.

Plant-Stock 2017

Now I love steamed kale. I can eat it plain. I can eat with balsamic vinegar. I can eat it all day long but for him, it was a lot of kale.

Breakfast at Plant-Stock – see the kale!

He grew to love it but he definitely prefers a “sauce” of sorts on top. Enter my Kale-Yea Easy Sauce. I’ve been steaming kale in a pot using 1 inch of water forever. It’s just the fastest easiest way to do it, but what pained me most was draining off all that liquid green “gold” after the kale steamed! “Noooooooo!!! Save those nutrients!

I hated to pour valuable nutrients down the drain and thus came up with this “sauce” which I hesitate to even call a true recipe because it can be manipulated in so many different ways.

So I give to you, my Kale-Yea Easy Sauce! Have fun with it. Change it up with spices that you like and then head on over to the Engine 2 Plant-Based Community Group on Facebook and tell me what you think!

Stay Plant-Strong!


Kale-Yea Easy Sauce


1 bunch of kale (leaves stripped) & 1 inch of water

½ cup Nutritional Yeast

½ to 1 tbsp. Mrs. Dash Table Seasoning (or seasoning of your choice – try curry or a mix of chili and cumin is great too. We like it peppery so Mrs. Dash is perfect for us).

½ tsp. turmeric

Ground black pepper

Add an inch of water to a pot and then fill the pot with de-stemmed kale leaves. I often use the bagged kale from Trader Joe’s.

Place the lid on the pot and turn on the heat to medium-high. Let the kale steam for 5 minutes.

While the kale is steaming take the nutritional yeast, Mrs. Dash (or seasonings of choice), turmeric and black pepper and add it to a bowl or even a mason jar.

When the kale has finished steaming, drain the liquid into the bowl or mason jar that has your dry ingredients in it. Careful! Pour slowly, a little at a time, stirring until you get the consistency you want. Stir or add the mason jar lid and shake.

Strain off any remaining liquid that may be in the pot with your kale and then top the kale with your sauce and mix. Voila!