Ann Answers Some Questions

Well, sort of.

Ann Esselstyn is really not a fan of Q & A type interviews, but when it comes to her son Rip, she reluctantly agreed to play along.  Thanks Ann!

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Rip: What do you love most about teaching people to shop, cook, and eat this way?

Ann: Everyone is so eager to learn and the fun part is—I learn, too.


Rip: What are your two favorite kitchen gadgets?

Ann: My zester and my citrus reamer are favorites. I have a refrigerator filled with bald fruit from zesting. The best way to get ALL the juice out of even juiceless limes is with the wooden citrus reamer.


Rip: If you could invite anyone to your home for a plant-perfect meal, who it it be and why?

Ann: I’d like to invite Char Nolan and that’s because I would love for her to cook the meal!

For me the most fun of all is when our whole family is home and EVERYONE is in the kitchen all cooking some part of the meal. So if Char couldn’t come, I would like to have Rip, Ted, Jane and Zeb, as well as their spouses, Jill, Anne, Brian and Polly. And then it would be fun to have all 10 grandchildren cooking with us, too.


Rip: Is there any vegetable you absolutely loathe? Which do you love?

Ann: After learning how fat laden coconut milk is, I truly don’t like anything with any kind of coconut in it or even a coconut taste. l know coconut isn’t a vegetable but I like ALL vegetables. How about you Rip? Are you beginning to like zucchini and eggplant? Tastes do change!


Rip: If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? (I think I know!)

Ann: Rice and beans…..but also my fabulous steel cut oats with kale and Shiitake mushrooms. Sorry, I chose two.


Rip: You’ve been lovingly dubbed “The Acid Queen” by Jane – what is your all-time favorite vinegar?

Ann: I like The Olive Tap’s Black Currant and Lemon White.


Rip: You’ve been making whole food, plant-based recipes for over 30 years. Essy (Daddy) has been the recipient of hundreds of your creations. What’s the worst thing he’s ever said about a meal that flopped?

Ann: He sort of gagged and choked on one way too vinegary salad dressing, and sometimes when I make things too hot—he can’t eat them. He is amazing because he really does eat almost everything I make with gusto.


Rip: What’s the best thing he’s said about something that’s been out of sight?

Ann: One dish he especially comments on whenever I make it is “Asparagus, Mushroom Pie with Lemony, Cheezy Sauce” from The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook. He says, “This should go in the cookbook.”


Rip: What woman do you respect and admire in the plant-based world?

Ann: Our daughter, Jane Esselstyn. Again and again she effortlessly makes the most creative, delicious inventions. We live next door and are often the nightly recipients of some new treat for an Engine 2 book or our cookbook. It is a mystery to me how she finds time to cook all the different dishes and keep track of it all. However, she is very critical of my creations.

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