A Surgeon Goes Plant-Strong


Hello Rip,
I would like to thank you and Dr. Esselstyn for the information that I have obtained from your family, books, and websites. It has changed my life.  I am a 43 year old general surgeon who lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. I am the father of a 3 year old daughter, Vivian and a 6 year old son, Jon.

My wife Kelly and I, have lead a fairly healthy lifestyle for years—or what we thought was healthy. Being in the medical field and general surgery, I see the end results of our unhealthy society.  My wife and I started a whole foods plant-based diet approximately eight weeks ago. Already, both of us have felt the positive effects of healthier eating.

I do not miss the burgers and fries! The food tastes better and I truly enjoy meal time now. I have lost approximately 30 pounds, my cholesterol has improved, and my energy is off the charts. I have always known that I needed to eat healthier, but the information that I have received from you and your father has helped me make that transition in a tasteful way.
Thank you for your information and guidance,
Matthew J Metz, MD



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