Roses are red. Violets are blue. You are the best mother and I love you. When my kiddos were little, those words brought a smile to my face as I read their construction paper cards and opened their hand-print or foot-print projects from daycare that said Happy Mother’s Day on them.

Today my kids are a little bit older but they know that I still love a great homemade card over a store bought one and that I prefer homemade crafts over red roses.

Do you have a plant-based mom in your life but are not sure what to do for her this Mother’s Day? Look no further! Moms are not as complicated and as complex as you might think though we love to appear that way … it keeps the mystery alive.

Moms are all about simplicity.

Breakfast in Bed

I would love breakfast in bed if I wasn’t the first one out of bed most mornings and if I knew that the kitchen wouldn’t be a huge disaster afterwards. So if you DO decide to surprise that special mom in your life with a plant-based breakfast in bed, remember to clean up well so she won’t have to later. A nice bowl of oatmeal topped with ground flax, cinnamon, sliced banana and sprinkle of walnuts would be perfect with a side of raspberries. You could even place the raspberries on top of the oatmeal in a heart shape to show her you care about her and her heart.

Plants & Flowers

I do enjoy flowers but not the super fancy expensive ones at the store. Some of my favorites are from my backyard or the less expensive ones from Trader Joes. Some of my favorite gifts however have been when my kids gave me a plant in a pot they decorated themselves. This way, you can ask them for help in watering it throughout the spring to keep them interested in how plants and gardens grow! One of the best presents my husband gave me, was a bouquet of Kale in a vase. He knew the way to my heart and how to get me to smile. You could also start a small kale and veggie garden to show her how much you care.

Quiet time vs Family time

Moms wear many hats when it comes to the family. At any given moment we are taxi drivers, chefs, therapists, nurses, soccer moms, coaches, laundry experts, shoe finders, grocery shoppers – you name it, we could do it in our sleep. So give mom a pass and be the driver, do the laundry, navigate the kids activities so she doesn’t have to. Let mom just show up to that soccer game with all the water bottles filled and clean uniforms on. Offer her time to read or work in the garden if that is what she enjoys. For me, I know I love both quiet time and family time. Some quiet time on the patio with a book followed by a nice hike with the whole family is something that would bring me joy. Bonus points if you can get the kids not to fight or complain!

Empty the Dishwasher

Pretty basic I know but you may win an award if you empty it AND put everything back right where it belongs. Just sayin’ …

Make her Dinner

I know many people take their moms out to dinner on Mother’s Day or for brunch but when you eat plant-based and oil free as is the Engine 2 way, unless you know of a 100% compliant restaurant, the chances are, taking her out to eat will cause more stress than if you just made her a compliant dinner at home or better yet, buy her the Engine 2 Meal Planner so she can take the guess work out of planning all the family meals and can utilize the handy-dandy shopping tool to make grocery shopping each week a breeze!

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To help you out, here is a simple easy salad recipe from the Meal Planner for free! Whip up this easy flavorful Ensalada de la Casa for dinner on Mother’s Day to show her how much you care … just remember to do the dishes too!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Stay Plant-Strong!