3 Ways Your Plant-Strong Life is Changing the World


If you’ve been a member of our plant-strong tribe for some time now, you know about the potential health benefits you’ll receive by going plant-strong and eating a whole food, plant-based diet. If you’re new here, not to worry – here’s a peek at some of the average results found by participants in our seven-day immersions:

Cholesterol          -26 mg/dlplant-stock

LDL cholesterol  -24 mg/dl

Triglycerides       -23 mg/dl

Blood pressure   -10/5 mm/Hg

Weight                  – 3.0 lbs

And those are in just seven days!

But when you embrace a plant-strong lifestyle, you’re not just changing yourself, you are literally doing your part to
change the world. I bet you haven’t thought about it that way before! Here are three ways you are helping to change the world for the better, all by living plant-strong:

  1. You’re inspiring others. There are any number of reasons you decided to become plant-strong. Maybe you spotted one of my books in the bookstore and were curious. Maybe you or a relative suffers from heart disease, type 2 diabetes or another chronic health ailment and you found Engine 2 through a Google search.However you found Engine 2, you are here. You’re plant-strong and you are transforming your health and your life. You are feeling so great, you probably want to shout it from the rooftops, right? We hear this a LOT in our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge group on Facebook. People feel great, and they want their friends and family to feel great (while improving their health) too.Your friends and family may feel like they can’t give up their fatty burgers and greasy french fries yet, but you are still making an impact. By living and talking about your plant-strong life. Every time you tell a family member how great you feel (and what you’re eating to feel so great), or post a picture of you hiking, finishing a race or accomplishing something you never thought possible before going plant-strong, you are inspiring others. You are truly leading by example! Every time you pique the curiosity of someone through your own incredible story, or inspire someone to sign up and try a whole food, plant-based diet for seven days in our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge, you are changing the world…one person at a time!

    Oh, and don’t forget some very important people whose minds you’re also changing – your doctors! Whenever you go in with improving markers like weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and more, tell your doctors why you’re bringing about such powerful change. You might not just change their minds, but you could also ultimately positively impact their other patients. All by living your best, plant-strong life! And if you need help getting the conversation started with your doctor, download our “How to Talk to Your Doctor” guide (a resource we created together with our friends at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine).

  1. You are doing your part to save the planet. Eating those incredible plants every day can help “clean up” your insides for sure. All that fiber is helping to literally sweep away junk and debris that has been clogging up your system, and your squeaky clean new system is ready to absorb all the incredible antioxidants and vitamins in those super strong foods.But you’re not just cleaning up your body when you embrace plant-strong living, you’re helping to clean up the planet too! More than 15,000 people participated in our inaugural Seven-Day Rescue Challenge in January. By going plant-strong for just seven days, together we saved (thanks to the incredible facts and sources from the makers of Cowspiracy):
  • 115,500,000 gallons of water
  • 4,725,000 pounds of grain
  • 3,150,000 square feet of forested land
  • 2,100,000 pounds of Co2 equivalent
  • 105,000 animals’ livesThat’s a pretty major impact on our planet in just seven days – imagine the impact you can have in a month, a year or a lifetime?!
  1. You’re changing perceptions of retailers.  The reality is that dollars talk and food is big business. Just think about the hundreds of millions of dollars (if not more) spent to convince you that cow’s milk “does a body good” or that beef is “what’s for dinner.” Not to mention the bombardment of ads you receive for fast food, junk food and candy. It’s no wonder the Standard American Diet is making so many people so overweight and sick!But every time you choose the apple instead of the Twinkie or the whole grains instead of the refined junk you find on many supermarket shelves, you’re sending a very strong message. You’re speaking through your actions, your words and your personal health results, but also your dollars (and for better or worse, that’s what businesses hear the most).

I hope that you see just how big an impact you’re making not only on your health, but on other people and the world around you. Have a plant-strong story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Send us an email at info@engine2.com and let us know about the incredible things you’re doing to change the world through plant-strong living.

Peace, Engine 2, Plant-Strong!