3 Tips for a Spooky, Plant-Strong Halloween

For many kids, enjoying a fun and spooky Halloween is a childhood rite of passage. And for many adults, it’s a fun time of year to get dressed up, celebrate and enjoy the holiday with our kids. But, there is one big red flag associated with Halloween: Junk food. More specifically, candy, chocolate and generally things that are, well, not exactly plant-strong.

Never fear, candy isn’t what makes Halloween so much fun (really!). In fact, committing to a 100% plant-strong Halloween could likely be your best spooky holiday yet. These four tips can help you make the most of this ghoulish day:


  1. Make it a special Halloween at home.


    When you’re hitting block after block on Halloween trying to fill up that bag of candy as a kid, you don’t exactly get to enjoy the holiday, do you? Instead, stay home and make Halloween a staycation of sorts. Get dressed up, have the house decorated – play some spooky music in the background, then involve your kids and hand out Halloween treats together. Talk about your favorite costumes, and even make a game of it – have everyone guess how many PJ Masks, Star Wars or other costumes you will see throughout the course of the evening. Whoever is closest to the actual totals wins a prize!

    Since some towns have an early curfew for trick or treating, you could also do a mini movie marathon with your kids (or if you don’t have kids, with your friends and loved ones). Put on your favorite Halloween-themed cartoons or fun, goofy old scary movies and enjoy the spirit of the day!


  1. Hand out plant-strong treats.


    There are plenty of other fun Halloween treats than those that block arteries and cause tooth decay – rather than sticky sweets, consider handing out treats like Halloween pencils, glow bracelets or other fun little toys. You can often get small, fun Halloween-themed treats at your local dollar store, making this a healthy, inexpensive way to participate in the fun of Halloween.

    Raisins, mandarin oranges or “smooshed” fruit strips are an alternative to treats if you really want to give out snacks on Halloween as well.


  1. Take a different approach to trick or treating.


    Celebrating at home doesn’t have to be exclusive. Perhaps you can spend most of the night at home, but to get the fun of trick or treating, you can take your kids out and cover one block to get the fun of saying “trick or treat” and checking out cool decorations and holiday displays (you can even skip the trick or treating and just walk around in costumes to check out the decorations!).

    Not sure what to do with your kids’ candy haul from trick or treating, however limited? Some dentists will trade candy for cash, and what kid doesn’t like that? Check out your local news to see which dentists in your area have a similar program. Or, you could donate candy to a church or charity for those who are less fortunate. Explaining to your kids that you’re donating and have great treats at home and setting that expectation can help quell any disappointment. For younger kids, we love this idea: Leave your Halloween treats out at night, and have the Halloween Ghoul (Fairy, witch, etc – go with what will work with your family) magically “switch” them with plant-strong goodies, so that when your kids wake up in the morning, they have special Halloween treats JUST for them!


These new Halloween traditions can help ensure a fun, healthy, plant-strong holiday for many years to come!