3 Things That Surprise Some Guys About Plant-Strong Life

Talk to 10 different people at Plant-Stock this year about how and why they became plant-strong, and you’ll probably get about 10 different answers. That’s because there are many reasons, instigators and drivers that brings people to this lifestyle. It could be one (or several) health issue. A desire to live the cleanest, healthiest life without any health issues. A goal of reducing animal cruelty or helping the environment. Or a combination of any and all of these reasons. plant-strong men

In our own conversations and from feedback we receive at events like Plant-Stock or in our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge Facebook group, we have found that in particular, men have some preconceived notions about what it means to be “plant-strong.” Sometimes, these notions (you could even call them myths) keep them from going in 100%. But once they’ve tried the Seven-Day Rescue Challenge (After all, it’s only a week, right? Anyone can do anything for a week!), they understand what it means, and why there is no better way to live, than to be plant-strong!

We’ve heard a LOT of feedback from plant-strong guys throughout their journeys, and in particular, about a few things that tend to surprise most guys after they adopt a plant-strong lifestyle. These three are the most common:

* They really don’t need all that protein. This is probably the biggest myth surrounding a plant-strong diet, and despite reading science pointing to the contrary, many guys are surprised when they find out that they really don’t need all the protein that advertisers want you to consume. In fact, our bodies are designed to need 5 to 10% of calories from protein. Consuming a plant-strong diet will be more than adequate to reach that goal.

Most people worry about protein because they want to build or maintain muscle mass. Several industries have spent millions of dollars to convince you that you need exorbitant amounts of protein, and it simply isn’t true. Even worse, it’s often coming from toxic animal sources, so not only are you not helping to build more muscle, you are poisoning your body. Plants are the most pure form of protein available, and are fueling world-class body builders and athletes like Robert Cheeke, Scott Jurek, Rich Roll, Matt Frazier and others.

* The food is delicious. “I thought I could never give up [INSERT RANDOM ANIMAL PRODUCT MEAL].” We hear this one a LOT. Sugar, salt and fat are pumped into processed foods and are dripping from the Standard American Diet. There’s a reason for it: Sugar, salt and fat trigger your pleasure receptors, and are designed to make you want more. Yes, they are addictive! And food manufacturers know this, so they create a seemingly never-ending cycle of food consumption designed to keep you unhealthy and craving more. So when presented with a plant-strong diet and whole food, plant-based ingredients, many guys scoff at the notion: “I could never give up my [XX]!”

But once they do give those things up, starting with just the seven days asked of the Seven-Day Rescue Challenge, guys discover that not only could they give up those once-beloved foods, they are craving plant-strong foods! Hearty, guy friendly foods like quesadillas, pizza, pasta, burgers and “eat” loaf are just a few of the recipes you’ll find in books like The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet, and on many whole food, plant based blogs. There is no shortage of delicious, guy-friendly, plant-strong recipes out there. Go take advantage!

* They didn’t have to give up their “man card.” There’s a social stigma that is attached to eating meat. Once again, we can probably blame advertisers. The images of macho men grilling meat or pounding down (toxic) steaks is burned into the American consciousness (and many other Western cultures as well).

News Flash: Going plant-strong means an emphasis on the strong. I mentioned incredible plant-strong athletes above. You’d be hard pressed to find someone accusing Scott Jurek of giving up his man card! Or 300 lb Vegan (and former NFL player) David Carter. These are strong guys who are in the best shape of their lives. But not only do plants make you physically stronger, they help with your manhood as well. Frequently, problems in the bedroom are attributable to reduced blood flow caused by plaque and other junk clogging your arteries. We are frequently hearing feedback from guys who said life in the bedroom has never been better since going plant-strong!

Oh, and there are plenty of opportunities to man the grill this summer on a plant-strong diet. Burgers, kabobs, even pizza and quesadillas – there are SO many incredible plant-based dishes that grill up so well, you’ll want to take advantage all year long!

This year at Plant-Stock, we will have an incredible lineup of plant-strong men and women sharing stories, inspiration and tools to help you, wherever you are on your journey. From athletes like Tim Kaufman, Adam Sud and Josh LaJaunie, who have truly transformed their health and their lives through this lifestyle, to inspiring leaders like Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, Dr. Neal Barnard, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and more, there is ample opportunity to speak to and learn from some of the most incredible people I’ve met. I know you’ll find their stories as inspiring as I do and I hope to see you there! In the meantime, join our Seven-Day Rescue Challenge and give plant-strong life a test drive. You will feel great, and you’ll never look back!