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Ultimate Plant-Strong Shopping Guide! Plus a Giveaway!


The final countdown has begun! Get your last minute, plant-strong gifts.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite plant-strong gift ideas. *Just a note, we know we probably left a lot off of this list. Be sure to get creative and have fun.

Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you’d love for Christmas, and you’ll be entered to win one of TWENTY Engine 2 stickers that we will be giving away!

Books on health and healthy living:

Of course we have to start off the list with Engine 2 Diet and My Beef With Meat! Perfect for anyone on your list.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The book that changed Bill Clintons life and has saved thousands of lives since it came out. There are also great recipes in the book. Perfect for anyone thinking about their heart. It’s also by Dr. Esselstyn, and we happen to really like that guy.

China Study : This a must have book for anyone interested in nutrition and science. It’s a great book for someone who is just jumping into plant-strong nutrition.

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Dr. Neal Barnard Another great book that takes people on a three week journey in changing their diet. Also has great recipes.

The Pleasure Trap : Have someone on your list that loves psychology? This is the book for them.

Dr. Neal Barnards Program for Reversing Diabetes Perfect for anyone with diabetes or who is interested in diabetes research. It has a great recipe section. Great for people with PCOS as well.

Breaking the Food Seduction: A book for people struggling with making healthy food changes.

The Cancer Survivors Guide Foods the Fight back. : Fantastic book by PCRM about fighting cancer with food. Has a recipe section.

Forks Over Knives Companion Book: A short book that covers the topics of the movie! Great recipes.

Whole: A complete, in depth look into nutrition.

The Starch Solution. Find out why potatoes are king, enjoy amazing recipes that center around some of our favorite foods.

Plant-strong cookbooks!

Happy Herbivore : The original! We love this book and use it almost every day.

Every Day Happy Herbivore : Speaking of every day! Lindsay’s new cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

Happy Herbivore Light and Lean: Lindsay’s latest cookbook has tasty dishes that are light but packed with tons of amazing flavor. It also has a lot of great, easy workouts.

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan cookbook by Dr. Neal Barnard

The McDougal Quick and Easy cookbook: Dr. McDougal has great and simple fat free recipes.

The New McDougal Cookbook

Forks Over Knives Cookbook 

Plant-Strong DVD’s:

Forks Over Knives presents Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue.

Eating : This is an older DVD made famous because Steve Wynn (Vegas billionaire) bought a copy of it for his 10,000 employees! After he watched it, he went plant-based over night.

Forks Over Knives: This should be on everyones list! The movie that is changing the lives of so many people around the world!

Jeff Novick’s Fast Food : Need to learn how to cook great meals for less than 5 dollars a day and in under 10 minutes? This is the DVD to purchase.

Calorie Density by Jeff Novick

The Pleasure Trap : Based on the book – great lecture on DVD.

A Diet For All Reasons : One of the original movies on plant-strong health.

Tackling Diabetes : Dr. Neal Barnards popular PBS documentary on reversing diabetes.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease : Over four hours of Dr. Esselstyn’s lectures and advice!

Should I Eat That? : Another great dvd by Jeff Novick.

Jeff Novick’s complete video series

Got the Facts on Milk? A funny take on why the breast milk of other animals is not good for you!

Protect Your Memory with Dr. Neal Barnard. 

Kitchen tools:

Silicone bakeware set : No more spraying oil on your bakeware!

Slow-Cooker: For soups and more. We also like to slow cook lentils in our slow cooker.

Measuring cup: For those of us who follow recipes.

Cutting board: For all those veggies and fruits!

Mason Jars: One of our E2-ers had a great idea! Get some mason jars and fill them with dry plant-strong things like brown rice, lentils, nutritional yeast, oats, beans. Put a fancy ribbon and a little material on top and maybe attach a recipe to each jar. It would go great with a copy of Engine 2!

Hand Blender.

Multi-cooker: This all in one cooker kind of does it all. We like the pressure cooker function the most.

Blender : No need for a fancy blender. We know, we’re going against the grain here. But we’ve had our good ol’ 29 dollar blender for 2 years. We make soups, oat flour and hummus in it!

Baking liner for cookie sheets: No cooking spray!

Salad spinner: Because we like some clean kale.

Instapot: Best way to cook food fast.

Yonana: The best way to make delicious plant-strong ice-cream.

Have fun in the kitchen!

Flower cupcake molds: Obviously you aren’t eating cupcakes, RIGHT? But SO cute for mighty muffins!

Silly Feet baking cups: Okay, we got these for the kids in the family, but truthfully? We like them just as much as they do.

Matroyshkas measuring cups: Got these for the Aunts last year, they LOVED them.

..and spoons (also got these for them)

Saw pizza cutter : Manly plant-strong pizza deserves manly saw pizza cutters.

Table saw knife: Again, REAL MEN EAT PLANTS! We also cut our veggie loaf with saws.

Pastasaurus : It’s a dinosaur, it’s a pasta spoon, it’s for plant-strong whole grain pasta! This would be really great to give along with some whole grain pasta and plant-strong tomato sauce. We are like the plant-strong Martha Stewart!

Accessories and Apparel

Our Engine 2 Store has a big selection of all things plant-strong. Fun t-shirts, stickers for stocking stuffers, books, hoodies and more. If you are an Engine 2 Extra member you can get an additional 10% off your order, get the code here. 

Only kale can save us now! Thermal long sleeve. : This is one of our favorite shirts, ever. It’s perfect, and every person that loves kale will love this shirt, which means EVERY one will love it.

Lettuce Turnip the Beet! One of Rips favorite shirts to wear!

Only kale can save us now! T-Shirt: same deal, short sleeves.

Herbivore Hoodie and in purple.. : We really like these warm hoodies. (YES Austin get cold)

Kale poster : This will go great in your office or kitchen. Also great for dorm rooms for those plant-strong teens and young adults.

Eat more kale! : This guy is fighting a big horrible fast food chain that sells horrible unhealthy things that make people sick. Support him and get a t-shirt or 2 or 3 or be like the entire Esselstyn family and do a family photo with everyone wearing the “eat more kale” shirt!

Plant-strong kids!

I like vegetables book: For younger children, great way to introduce vegetables.

Eating the Alphabet : Another great book for young kids about all the different kinds of plant-strong food.

Planting a rainbow : Eat a rainbow of food every day!

Firefighter costume : Because like our buddy Oren, sometimes you just like to be a firefighter.

Firefighter rain boots : They don’t make adult sizes :(

Firefighter cookie cutters : We would not be upset at all if someone wanted to send us plant-strong firefighter cookies.

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! : This is an adorable kids book.

Food Face Plates: Play with your food! Encourage your kids to do the same.

Kid chopsticks : For plant-strong sushi.

Kid utensils : These are really fun utensils.

Vegetable tote bag : Because toting around veggies is cool.

Fruit tote bag: Fruit is also cool.

Air-Fork-One : Get it? Air-fork-one? Do you think the President has one?

Plant-strong workout!

Fit-bit : Our team member, Natala LOVES her fitbit. She wears it everywhere, during the immersion she was able to track all of her steps each day, every day she hit at least 15,000 steps! It tracks steps, miles, calories burned and you can wear it to bed and it will tell you how many times you woke up and the quality of your sleep! It does not do dishes our laundry, so it does have some flaws.

Bob Harper workout : Cheaper than joining a gym, and really effective.

Yoga Mat gift set : This is great for people who are just starting out their yoga practice.

Resistance Bands: Perfect for strength training at home.

Leslie Sansone walking DVD: This is a great video for anyone who has some physical limitations in working out.

Rocky! Soundtrack : Come on! Who doesn’t love Rocky?!

Medicine ball : Great for in-home workouts. Really great strength/cardio.

Jump Rope: This is really all you need.

Plant-strong food

Live in Austin? Why not get a gift certificate to Greenling for Engine 2 meals!

Also in Austin – gift certificates to Casa de Luz and Counter Culture for plant-strong food!

Remember that mason jar idea? Fill your jars up with plant-strong dry food and give the gift of health!

Flax seed

Nutritional Yeast

Dry lentils

Dry beans



How about a gift basket of plant-strong food including some of the Engine 2 food line products? 

Last week, Engine 2 Extra Coach Char hosted her weekly December Monday night chat and everyone came up with some great plant-strong gift ideas. Here are a few: 

GIFT CARDS:  think of plant-strong places, like book stores, Whole Foods Market,   you might even want to think about gifting someone a yoga class, cooking class, etc.

MAKE YOUR OWN P-S RECIPE BOOK:  You can type it up, print it out, and take it to Kinko’s to have it “spiralized.”  You can give it as gifts.  ”From the Plant-Strong Kitchen…”  Generally costs about $3, outlets may vary.


One of the many great ideas included getting a cast iron skillet, and filling it with ingredients to make corn bread (remember the parchment paper!).

GYM GEAR:  Water bottle, socks, pedometer, watch, heart monitor, yoga mat, yoga brick, workout clothing

DONATE SOMETHING PLANT-STRONG:  Food pantries are lacking in healthy foods, take a haul of fresh produce to a shelter or food pantry.

MAKE YOUR OWN:  Give recipes and ingredients for making HUMMUS, SALSA, E2 LASAGNA, etc.  THIS IS A FUN IDEA!

Give the ultimate gifts of health: 

An Engine 2 Extra Membership: Engine 2 Extra is our support site. When you sign up (or get a membership as a gift for someone) you get immediate access to over 50 interviews with the top names in plant-strong eduction, exclusive videos, exclusive eBooks, coaching anytime you need it from one of our 3 E2 coaches, fun and new challenges no matter where you are in your plant-strong journey, a private E2 chat room that is open 24/7 and a lot more. Find out more and sign-up here. 

And finally, the best for last! 


Want to give the most awesome gift ever? How about an Engine 2 Retreat? A weekend to completely transform your health, or the health of a loved one. 

Above all, we hope that you give yourself the best gift of all, the gift of health.  We want everyone to finish 2013 plant-strong and start 2014  stronger than ever!

About the author

Natala is the director of communications for Engine 2 Diet, she is also one of our coaches on our support site, Engine 2 Extra. A few years ago, Natala was at the end of her rope. She was on almost 15 medications daily, had out of control Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, issues with nerve damage, and was morbidly obese. She was just over 30 years old. She decided to take her life back by becoming plant-strong. She has lost over 200 pounds, got off of all of her medications and now has great health numbers. Natala plays the violin and studied music therapy. She became passionate about plant-strong nutrition, received her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University, a certificate in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional sciences. Natala is also a featured speaker at our Engine 2 Retreats she talks about the reality of our nations obesity epidemic as well as providing practical steps to becoming a healthier person.
  • Jennifer Dyson

    My dream gift would be 2 weeks at True North :-)

  • Kyle Plattner

    The best gift would be to attend an Engine 2 Retreat with just my wife. We would cherish that.

  • Robbie Rocheleau

    I want a blender and a juicer.

  • margodolan

    I agree with Jennifer…2 Weeks at True North or a McDougall 10 Day program! Of course an Immersion Is a great idea too, I gave one to my daughter and her husband last year!

  • Wendy Wetzel

    My plant strong kitchen is pretty much intact… and as much as I love cooking (esp PS cooking, there is a certain zen about chopping vegetables…. ), I would love a PS personal chef after those 12 hr days at work… (but I’d love a retreat along the way…. )

  • Christina Adams

    Fantastic ideas for all budgets!

  • wendellsmom

    Thank you for changing my life! I’m about 1.5 yrs plant strong, and now I’m happily plant strong and pregnant with my first. I feel so happy that I am giving my child the best gift of all- health!

  • Sarah Angela Evans

    The best gift that I could receive would be all of these items and a week at a plant strong retreat! I have type 2 diabetes, just had knee surgery in November, add to my obesity the fact that I have Hypertension and I would make the perfect before and after for the Engine 2 diet!! Love ya Rip!! Help me!!!

  • Sheryl

    Right now I am hoping Santa brings me a spiralizer! I would love to make plant-strong spaghetti made out of zucchini! I would also like the Engine 2 Diet cookbook. That’s one I’m missing. I would also LOVE to be given the gift of time to spend at an immersion! Maybe in a few years when my kiddos are a bit older.

  • Monica

    I really want to attend one of the retreats!

  • Sandy

    Great list! I have lots of things on the list, but I really want a blender and an only kale can save us t-shirt.

  • DerekDRobertson

    The best gift for me would be able to encourage others to live a Plant Strong lifestyle and to get a phone call from one of them telling me I was the reason they switched to a plant based diet and are so happy they did so. I would also like to get a shipment of the Engine 2 Diet book to give to family and friends. Merry Christmas all and thank you for what you do.!!!!!!!

  • Kathy McLean

    Thank you WE need all the help we can get. God Bless you for what you do!!! Merry Christmas to Engine@

  • Vicki

    I have asked for the book Forks over knives for Christmas. Of course, going to an Engine 2 Retreat would be amazing also.

  • C.c. Chan

    I’d love to attend a retreat! Or just anything with a vegan/plant-based message from any one of my non-vegan friends/family. Awareness/support from new people each day would be the greatest gift of all :)

  • Rachel Haymond

    Oh boy, there are so many things on this list I would love! The biggest one would be to attend an Engine 2 retreat (and to bring a friend or family member with me!), and I have really been wanting to get one of your hoodies! A new cookbook and DVD from the list would also be fabulous. Thanks for putting this list together! Just put some new items on my wish list :)

  • Emmy

    I’d love the ultimate gift, a retreat!

  • Linda B

    Awesome list, thanks so much!!! Several things on there that I would love to get for Christmas or just my kitchen!

  • Suzy W

    Thank you for all you do, Engine 2 Team!! we celebrate Winter Solstice at our house and a simple gift on my wish list is the red bumper sticker that says…”Enjoy Kale.” Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Alice

    The top of the list is to attend Farm2Forks at the Esselstyn Farm!! Next would be an Instant Pot. :-)

  • betsey oestreich

    Going to an Engine 2 Retreat would be amazing!!

  • TheDegreePeople

    The double crock is not for cooking two dishes – it is for warming two dips. It is too small to cook a soup or any dish and it does not have a cooking feature. Only a warming feature.

  • Brenda Rowe

    That is a great list!! I had a hard time to choose but I finally decided I want silicone bake wear. I have been searching every where and they don’t seem to sell them around here. I use parchment paper most of the time but sometimes I have to lightly grease my pans. I really want an engine 2 sticker. So many people around here don’t know what I am talking about when I say engine2.

  • Sharon Farina

    Going to use these ideas.

  • Veronica Lamb

    Love this list! Some really great items!

  • brec

    There’s a pizza cutter on the list but… I have been unable to find an oil-free whole grain pizza dough.

  • Katie Dawson

    Any and all plant-strong cookbooks!

  • Sharon

    Wishing for better strength and commitment to this new way of eating…I struggle. Merry Christmas!

  • Rachel Kirby

    What a great list you put together! I would love a multi-cooker.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Gary J Wilkerson

    Excellent list of ideas! I’ve read some of the books, plus Joel Furhman, M D’s books,,, Eating dvd is enroute.. and had a InstaPot for 15 months… a multi cooker…

  • Jackie

    what an amazing list! I would love plant strong cookbooks (any)

  • Mary

    I bought forks over knives dvd’s for my girlfriends this year – so excited to give them

  • Kathi

    I would love a cooking class with my family! I cook all the time, but running a business, and city council meetings means they need to pick up the slack.

  • TB27

    My dream Christmas gift… To have my own plant strong restaurant so I could share healthy, delicious food with others.

  • John

    A couple of nice plant strong cookbooks and a fitbit would be great.

  • Lisa Brown

    I’d love a Fit-Bit!

  • Susan Dryden

    I would like to receive an iPad Air; and would love to go on the E2 Weeklong Retreat.

  • Jessica Easterling


  • Theresa Goodlander

    I would like a new kitchen stove…only 2 burners work on mine and not oven either. Very inconvenient.

  • Cathy Mack

    What a great list! There are some items I want to check out for myself! Thank you.

  • Kathy G

    What a great list! I want one of everything!

  • Carol Ⓥ

    i have a good bit of what is listed. would like the 21 kick start by Dr Neil Barnard. starch solution, a diet for all re reason and a few others i don’t have.

  • Shannon Kalmarzi

    I’d like to be able to find herbie apparel in large sizes. We all have to start somewhere, right?

  • Susan Baxter-Blum Sr.

    I know I am going to win!! I know I am going to win!!! Ha and I also believe in Santa Claus!!!! Merry Merry my wonderful beautiful friends!!!

  • Wanda

    Your list is great! A Retreat would be wonderful!

  • Don

    I would love a new body! I think the retreat would be a great start toward that goal.

  • Pam

    I would love for my family to get the meat and dairy out of their diets

  • Adrienne Kristine

    I’d love to win the China Study as well as the Engine 2 books. As a cancer survivor (retroperitoneal liposarcoma) who has been veggie since 1997, I would like more information on plant-based dieting and tips.

  • Michelle Rufenacht

    I am not sure what I would like. I need to tap into my willpower in order to succeed. I have watched the movies and read the books, but haven’t totally transformed. I guess I want a kick in the behind for Christmas (and a food processor) :)

  • Sherri VandenHombergh

    It would be awesome to win a retreat. I already bought one for myself but then my son could come with me!

  • Marcy Guthals

    What a great comprehensive list! Been wanting to check out The Pleasure Trap…

  • Sonya Lovine

    For Christmas, I would like…a masticating juicer in hopes of getting lean!

  • Denise Andrews

    I would love to be able to stick to this plant strong plan and not be weak.

  • William Arnold

    The list of books and cd’s are an excellent source of information. While I have read many of them, it is my goal to read (or re-read) all of them in 2014. I view it as an inoculation to ensure better health.

  • Robin Blanchard Caracciolo

    Love the Kale T-shirt!

  • Chris Gomez

    just finished reading The engine 2 diet…great book, already use forks over knives cookbook…thanks for the healthy info!!

  • Marci

    Wowza, an Engine 2 retreat would be the most amazing gift from Santa! Beyond that, I could sure use some new kitchen gear. Or an Engine 2 t-shirt. Yeah, that’d be swell. :)

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