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Ultimate Plant-Strong Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are here and we know everyone is in full swing of gift shopping! Why not give some plant-strong gifts this year? The gift of health and wellness is definitely one that keeps giving. We’ve put together an ultimate holiday gift guide, with the best of the best in plant-strong giving.

*We will be giving away a copy of our new DVD, Kitchen Rescue! Just leave us a comment below and tell us what you’r dream plant-strong gift would be!

Books on health and healthy living:

Of course we have to start off the list with Engine 2 Diet! Perfect for anyone on your list.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The book that changed Bill Clintons life and has saved thousands of lives since it came out. There are also great recipes in the book. Perfect for anyone thinking about their heart. It’s also by Dr. Esselstyn, and we happen to really like that guy.

China Study : This a must have book for anyone interested in nutrition and science. It’s a great book for someone who is just jumping into plant-strong nutrition.

Complete Idiots Guide to Plant Based Nutrition Our friend Julieanna has written a great, easy to use book with lots of great recipes!

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Dr. Neal Barnard Another great book that takes people on a three week journey in changing their diet. Also has great recipes.

The Pleasure Trap : Have someone on your list that loves psychology? This is the book for them.

Dr. Neal Barnards Program for Reversing Diabetes Perfect for anyone with diabetes or who is interested in diabetes research. It has a great recipe section. Great for people with PCOS as well.

Breaking the Food Seduction: A book for people struggling with making healthy food changes.

The Cancer Survivors Guide Foods the Fight back. : Fantastic book by PCRM about fighting cancer with food. Has a recipe section.

Forks Over Knives Companion Book: A short book that covers the topics of the movie! Great recipes.

Plant-strong cookbooks!

Happy Herbivore : The original! We love this book and use it almost every day.

Every Day Happy Herbivore : Speaking of every day! Lindsay’s new cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

The Get Healthy, Go Vegan cookbook by Dr. Neal Barnard

The McDougal Quick and Easy cookbook: Dr. McDougal has great and simple fat free recipes.

The New McDougal Cookbook

Unprocessed: Chef AJ has a book filled with unprocessed recipes. She uses no oil, processed flour and no extracted sweetener! She has lots of treats for your holiday get togethers!

Plant-Strong DVD’s:

Just in time for the Holidays! Forks Over Knives presents Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue! Be sure to pre-order so you get the lowest price. It should arrive right before December 25th.

Eating : This is an older DVD made famous because Steve Wynn (Vegas billionaire) bought a copy of it for his 10,000 employees! After he watched it, he went plant-based over night.

Forks Over Knives: This should be on everyones list! The movie that is changing the lives of so many people around the world!

Jeff Novick’s Fast Food : Need to learn how to cook great meals for less than 5 dollars a day and in under 10 minutes? This is the DVD to purchase.

Calorie Density by Jeff Novick

The Pleasure Trap : Based on the book – great lecture on DVD.

A Diet For All Reasons : One of the original movies on plant-strong health.

Tackling Diabetes : Dr. Neal Barnards popular PBS documentary on reversing diabetes.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease : Over four hours of Dr. Esselstyn’s lectures and advice!

Should I Eat That? : Another great dvd by Jeff Novick.

Jeff Novick’s complete video series

John Pierre’s digital downloads : We love plant-strong fitness expert, John Pierre! He’s got some great digital downloads available.

To Your Health! A great documentary that sums up all the reasons to be plant-strong!

Got the Facts on Milk? A funny take on why the breast milk of other animals is not good for you!

Fit Quickies! Lani has a great series of downloads all about getting fit!

Kitchen tools:

Silicone bakeware set : No more spraying oil on your bakeware!

Slow-Cooker: For soups and more. We also like to slow cook lentils in our slow cooker.

Measuring cup: For those of us who follow recipes.

Double Crock Pot : We just think this is really cool… cook 2 soups for the day or a soup and another dish side by side!

Cutting board: For all those veggies and fruits!

Mason Jars: One of our E2-ers had a great idea! Get some mason jars and fill them with dry plant-strong things like brown rice, lentils, nutritional yeast, oats, beans. Put a fancy ribbon and a little material on top and maybe attach a recipe to each jar. It would go great with a copy of Engine 2!

Hand Blender: We like it because they are called “immersion blenders” :) get it?

Multi-cooker: This all in one cooker kind of does it all. We like the pressure cooker function the most.

Blender : No need for a fancy blender. We know, we’re going against the grain here. But we’ve had our good ol’ 29 dollar blender for 2 years. We make soups, oat flour and hummus in it!

Baking liner for cookie sheets: No cooking spray!

Salad spinner: Because we like some clean kale.

Have fun in the kitchen!

Flower cupcake molds: Obviously you aren’t eating cupcakes, RIGHT? But SO cute for mighty muffins!

Silly Feet baking cups: Okay, we got these for the kids in the family, but truthfully? We like them just as much as they do.

Matroyshkas measuring cups: Got these for the Aunts last year, they LOVED them.

..and spoons (also got these for them)

Saw pizza cutter : Manly plant-strong pizza deserves manly saw pizza cutters.

Table saw knife: Again, REAL MEN EAT PLANTS! We also cut our veggie loaf with saws.

Pastasaurus : It’s a dinosaur, it’s a pasta spoon, it’s for plant-strong whole grain pasta! This would be really great to give along with some whole grain pasta and plant-strong tomato sauce. We are like the plant-strong Martha Stewart!

Accessories and Apparel

Only kale can save us now! Thermal long sleeve. : This is one of our favorite shirts, ever. It’s perfect, and every person that loves kale will love this shirt, which means EVERY one will love it.

Only kale can save us now! T-Shirt: same deal, short sleeves.

Herbivore Hoodie and in purple.. : We really like these warm hoodies. (YES Austin get cold)

Kale poster : This will go great in your office or kitchen. Also great for dorm rooms for those plant-strong teens and young adults.

Eat more kale! : This guy is fighting a big horrible fast food chain that sells horrible unhealthy things that make people sick. Support him and get a t-shirt or 2 or 3 or be like the entire Esselstyn family and do a family photo with everyone wearing the “eat more kale” shirt!

Plant-strong kids!

I like vegetables book: For younger children, great way to introduce vegetables.

Eating the Alphabet : Another great book for young kids about all the different kinds of plant-strong food.

Planting a rainbow : Eat a rainbow of food every day!

Mameshiba plush beans! Okay, we might be a little obsessed with these beans. The whole team has one, and we love them. They are really cute and fun and cuddly! For the kids of course – Rip definitely does not cuddle with his chili bean. Not at all. But for a price, we might be able to get a picture, just saying :)





Firefighter costume : Because like our buddy Oren, sometimes you just like to be a firefighter.

Firefighter rain boots : They don’t make adult sizes :(

Firefighter cookie cutters : We would not be upset at all if someone wanted to send us plant-strong firefighter cookies.

Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! : This is an adorable kids book.

Food Face Plates: Play with your food! Encourage your kids to do the same.

Kid chopsticks : For plant-strong sushi.

Kid utensils : These are really fun utensils.

Vegetable tote bag : Because toting around veggies is cool.

Fruit tote bag: Fruit is also cool.

Air-Fork-One : Get it? Air-fork-one? Do you think the President has one?

Plant-strong workout!

Fit-bit : Our team member, Natala LOVES her fitbit. She wears it everywhere, during the immersion she was able to track all of her steps each day, every day she hit at least 15,000 steps! It tracks steps, miles, calories burned and you can wear it to bed and it will tell you how many times you woke up and the quality of your sleep! It does not do dishes our laundry, so it does have some flaws.

Bob Harper workout : Cheaper than joining a gym, and really effective.

Yoga Mat gift set : This is great for people who are just starting out their yoga practice.

Resistance Bands: Perfect for strength training at home.

Leslie Sansone walking DVD: This is a great video for anyone who has some physical limitations in working out.

Rocky! Soundtrack : Come on! Who doesn’t love Rocky?!

Medicine ball : Great for in-home workouts. Really great strength/cardio.

Jump Rope: This is really all you need.

Plant-strong food

Live in Austin? Why not get a gift certificate to Greenling for Engine 2 meals!

Also in Austin – gift certificates to Casa de Luz and Counter Culture for plant-strong food!

Remember that mason jar idea? Fill your jars up with plant-strong dry food and give the gift of health!

Flax seed

Nutritional Yeast

Dry lentils

Dry beans



And finally, the best for last…

Want to give the most awesome gift ever? How about an Engine 2 Immersion? A weekend to completely transform your health, or the health of a loved one. Above all, we hope that you give yourself the best gift of all, the gift of health.  We want everyone to finish 2011 plant-strong and start 2012 plant-stronger.

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Engine 2 Team
The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!
  • http://n/a Marcus M

    I really need to apply this new lifestyle to my daily living. Not easy yet, but not giving up hope.

  • Engine 2 Team

    Don’t give up hope Marcus! We are here for you!

  • martha

    Dream plant strong gift- besides the new Dvd – Food processor! :)

  • Mark

    all of the above would b the most dreamy grand prize!

  • Julie Southwell

    What a great list! Have read and re-read several of the books and really appreciate all the help from Engine 2 as I navigate this journey. Plant strong!

  • Aggie

    Your list is great, so many ideas. My dream gift would be the Engine 2 diet book since I just keep renewing it at the library. Your book and website have opened up a whole new way of eating for me it is so exciting. Thank you.

  • Beth

    I love my Happy Herbivore Cookbook! I also have the Fork Over Knives DVD and book. And lastly I got the Idiots Guide to Plant Based Nutrition. Now I got my Plant Strong Weapons and I will be able to eat plant strong forever! I would recommend this list to anyone who can’t decide what to get. They are all very simple to understand and I love the recipes in these books – not complicated at all and VERY yummy!

  • Beth

    Wait a minute – I forgot that I have the Engine 2 Diet book too. I love this book!!! Easy to understand and great recipes. I can’t wait till you come out with a cookbook. My favorite recipes from the Engine 2 Diet book are the Homemade Hummus and the Black Bean Burgers. I am making these all the time – thanks for the Engine 2 Diet book.

  • Vickie

    You had some great ideas for gifts. My dream gift would be a selection of flavored vinegars from The Olive Tap.

  • Shirlie Brill

    Wow being very green to becoming plant strong and loving to learn the wealth of knowledge and health benefits, I really appreciate this long list of plant strong gifts. I love the idea with the mason jar and recipes as from my experience of just getting into a plant strong lifestyle is that most people want to know how to cook or use a plant strong food item they’ve never used or heard of before to make it taste good. I would like to add to the shopping list a food dehydrator to make great things like kale chips.

  • Denise DeSerio

    I would love a food dehydrator!

  • Jen

    A Plant Strong Cruise would be my dream gift….exercise, seminars, cooking demos, visits for local plant strong cuisine :-)

  • Misty Turner

    My plant strong dream gift is to get a pressure cooker for cooking raw beans, brown rice and making large pots of vegetable strong soups! I love learning more to be the healthiest I can be! ;-) Thank you Engine 2!!

  • Sheila

    I suddenly need a bigger kitchen ! Lol …… 3 days in and love all the meals . Ok a bigger kitchen may be asking too much but a great new set of pots pans skillets etc would be awesome !

  • Ron Coley

    The new DVD would help me get the new year started off RIGHT!!!

  • Andrea C.

    These are all great gift ideas! I would love the DVD to help me stay on the right track and get creative plant-strong ideas!

  • Deb

    I would love to have the Engine 2 cookbook or The Idiot’s Guide to Plant Based Foods. Thanks

  • Dina O’.

    wow, I am pretty plant-strong already according to this list….but a pressure cooker is on my list esp. to cook beans.
    I have added a sprouting kit to my wish list to add even more plant strong nutrients to my day

  • Pamela Kast

    New pots and pans! I cook on weekends to have food for the whole week while working….I can’t see myself doing anything else now…Processed Food! YUK!

  • veggie365

    My plant strong dream gift would be to be able to attend an immersion! In lieu of that I’d also love a food processor, a Vitamix or an immersion blender! However, every year we ask family and friends to donate to our local Humane Society instead of giving us gifts – this is where we adopted our sweet fur-baby and so it has special meaning to us! Happy Holidays! :-)

  • Sheena

    Thanks for sharing your list:) I would add “Eat to Live” for a book. I also used a cheap blender for around two years but my high powered blender is so wonderful.

  • Tiana

    Any of the cool shirts. I am a teacher and the kids see me eating “weird” veggies and fruit all the time and ask me what I’m eatting and why??? Then I tell them I’m plant strong and what that means. I used to sell crap to the students and buy the crap they were selling. Now I only sell water. And tell the students why I won’t buy their candy. Brainwashing the youth of america to a plant strong diet little by little. :D

  • Amanda

    I would add the kind diet and crazy sexy diet. :)

  • Monique

    Love the idea of filling mason jars with healthy stuff. You could put bows on them, find an old crate, line it with tissue or other pretty basket stuff, and fill it up with lots of jars to make a whole meal (include a recipe card too)!

    My favorite gift? I would so appreciate an Immersion for Christmas! :)

  • Sherry Masser

    I have nearly everything on the list. Have to get the kale apparel. Thanks Rip. I am in love with your whole family.

  • Whitney

    I’d love to read The Pleasure Trap. I did the 28 day challenge back in September and I need some motivation to start a plant-strong diet again and stick with it.

  • Sara Gaulke

    I’m bringing plant strong dishes to the table for my family’s holiday dinner this year! I can’t wait to teach them all how to eat healthy and love their life! Thank you for all the gift suggestions; everyone on my list will receive a healthy, yet loving, wake up call for Christmas :)

  • Denise

    My wish for a plant strong gift – a second freezer!

  • Jeannine Elder

    My dream plant-strong gift would be a house with my very own vegetable garden!! But living in the most expensive city in the world for real estate that’s not likely to happen. In more realistic terms, I vegetable steamer and other kitchen gadgets such as things that make chopping veggies quick and easy would be nice, and of course Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue DVD :)

  • http://www.myhappyhomestead.wordpress.com Leanne Whitaker

    Great ideas! I love the list of books, videos — I’m going to start looking for more of them to watch/read. My wish for a plant-strong Christmas gift…an entire kitchen remodel with new cabinets, countertops, appliances, and cookware… out with the old and in with the new all around. What could be better motivation for keeping the plant-strong lifestyle going??? :)

  • Tanya

    I recently became vegan almost 2 months ago. My dream plant strong gift would be to have all of my family and friend’s support. Many think I am crazy and that my body can’t make it without animal products. I am going to keep going no matter what, but my dream would be that they all support me even if they don’t agree with me.

  • Michael McCandless

    I would love it if a plant based diet reversed Type 1 diabetes for myself and two young girls. Since I can’t have the impossible I will go with a Cuisinart food processor to add to this list. I’m going to start a plant based dient the first of the year and my first purchase will be a Cuisinart.

  • http://milanorunningmom.blogspot.com Fawn (milanorunner)

    My dream plant strong gift? A new blender! One that can make my green smoothies. My current blender has issues with power and occasionally sparks. Something that can handle kale, swiss chard, spinach and a green apple would be so lovely.

  • Lynne

    Thanks for this comprehensive list. Now I have even more ideas for gifts. Looking forward to Kitchen Makeover DVD.

  • Natosha Lambeth

    Great list! My dream gift would be some kitchen organization…especially for all those fruits and veggies in the fridge.

  • http://vegucatedinvancouver.blogspot.com/ Krystle

    WOW! That’s a very comprehensive list! I love it. I’d love to get any plant strong gift, but I’d really love a Vitamix. I’d also really love to get some mason jars, empty or filled with goodness.

  • Carol Kenny

    Look forward to a plant strong holiday season!!

  • Dawn

    I would love the new DVD as well! besides that it would probably be The China Study book to get me started!

  • Dawn

    I was told by a friend about this. From a confirmed meat eater to more plant based. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I believe this program will make more progress for me than anything else. I am eating more soy, tofu and vegies. Who knew Kale was so good? Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Maggie

    My husband and I would love to have a copy of your DVD! Just bought your book and watched Forks Over Knives…we’re pumped! Eventually I’d love to get your daddy’s book and The China Study….we’re ready to start IMMERSING :) ourselves into wonderful health! God bless and thank you again for the sacrifice and service y’all have given!!!

  • MW

    everything would be a great and of course the time to read and use it all. Happy holidays!!!

  • Sandy Whisman

    Hey great list! I would really love to have a copy of the new DVD Kitchen Rescue! Thanks so much!!

  • Anita Williams

    I would love to attend an immersion! That would be my gift or the Engine 2 Diet book or any cookbooks. I have started the plant base diet after reading How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Diesease. I had my first stent implant as a 31 year old healthy weight female and since have had open heart surgery and triple bypass. No one had informed me of the plant based diet and the extreme success of Dr. E. I have been on the diet for 2 months and can not wait to see my cholesterol level with my next fasting lipid screening!

  • http://aliciasjourneyof1000miles.blogspot.com/ Alicia Leeman

    My dream plant strong gift would be an Austin Fire Dept. team participating in the Race Up Boston Place stair climb/Fire Fighter Challenge demonstrating real men eat plants. (Plus, then I could get Rip to sign my E2 book) Check out the link and please consider it: http://www.lungusa.org/associations/charters/new-england/events/climb/race-up-boston-place-2012.html
    Whole foods is an event sponsor it would be the perfect venue to promote plant strong living. ;) Wink wink nudge nudge.

  • Rosemary Johnson

    I would love a gift membership to our local organic farmer’s coop so I have lots of veggies next spring/summer/fall and I would be supporting a local farmer!

  • Judd Lee

    My wish is for more family and friends would see the importance of a plantstrong diet, and the resources to provide for a cooking/consulting to inform others. One Love

  • Lynnette

    My dream gifts would be immersion blender so I don’t have to clean out the blender when making soups, and an electric pressure cooker to cook beans and not need the canned ones when I’m in a hurry. Real dream would be to attend an immersion and bring family along too.

  • Dee Brite

    My dream plant strong gift would be a Vitamix. They are so versatile but unfortunately WAY out of my budget.

  • Caroline

    My ideal holiday gift would be a spice grinder. Since discovering your website, I ordered several books How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Diesease, and Engine 2 Diet book, and I really loved the cooking sections and all the links to different contributors who have sent me off in a different cooking direction. I love the food and its making me feel great. i laughed so much about the trip to Disneyland. Thats me! all my food now comes out of plain paper bags – pulses, grains fruit and veg (oh and theres the freezer stuff) so my indulgences are a great mail order baker, and spices. I loved adding cardomon, cinnamon and mint to my fruit salad this morning, and theres so many differnt types of chilli I never knew. I add garam masala to my chick pea salad. To grind spices and inhale the fragrances would be a great gift to a plant strong buddy.

  • Al

    I know where my xmas bonus is going!! I’m sure my wife will want all of these!

  • Robin Derbes

    Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease DVD, slow cooker and E2 immersion in Boston :)

  • Mary Arnquist

    My dream gift would be to attend an immersion. Having said that, I would love to win this DVD for my daughter. She is 24, newly married and her blood sugar is creeping up. On second thought, an immersion for her and her husband would be even better!

  • Amy

    You guys at Engine 2 continue to inspire with this spectacular plant strong gift list. I think my holiday won’t be complete without the Table Saw. That’s magic.

  • Cori

    My dream gift would to have help from a pro to figure all of this out.

  • Sharon

    My perfect gift would be an E2 immersion in 2012!

  • John

    My dream gift is my own personal plant strong chef.

  • mary stockert

    would love the kitchen rescue and to your health dvds

  • Susan R.

    My dream plant strong gift would also be a Vitamix. I’ve always wanted one but just couldn’t make the financial commitment.

  • Terri

    My dream would be silicone bakeware or viking pans.

  • Meg

    I would LOVE to receive the best gift ever of an Immersion – or a Whole Foods Market in Upstate NY! What can I say – I like to dream big!

  • Barb

    My dream would be a person or book who would help me organize my kitchen into a plant strong area that would contain the tools and foods, spices, etc. I need to be a successful plant strong cook and, of course, consumer of this great way to eat. :)

  • Laura Peters

    I am hoping for a Multi-Cooker for Christmas. I have been plant strong for a little over a year and have never felt better. My cooking issue is getting rid of oils. I am trying very hard to leave them out, using water and vegetable broth. I really think the Multi-Cooker would be a big plus!

  • Kim Del Rance

    I bought the Prevent and Reverse heart Disease book after seeing Dr. Esselstyn on CNN special with Dr. Gupta because the Cleveland Clinic saved my life after my first heart attack at age 46. I had a second one 21 months later and have made major changes since then. I hoe an immersion comes to Florida so I can bring my mom so she can see how good it would be for both of us. My best gift would be for her to come with me to one, but we cannot afford to travel now. Please come to UF-Shands, Dr. Bavry (cardiologist) at Shands is from the Cleveland Clinic. I hope a link can be made to bring you here.

  • Stephanie

    The best gift I could receive is for all of my friends and family to start eating a plant-based diet like me so they would not have to be overweight/obese, or battle cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc. It would be nice to have some support for myself as well instead of skepticism and criticism!!!

  • jan bonnivier

    It is hard to know where to start! I am wanting a Kindle so I can download all the cookbooks I want at my fingertips! When I began this journey 11 months ago I had no idea it would change my cabinets/fridge and freezer/appliances/cookbooks, so little by little I have had an overhaul!

  • Teresa Heple

    my dream plant strong gift would be to have my attendance to the Immersion in San Francisco paid for. Nice Gift!!!!

  • Bev

    Love ALL the resources, but, I think the best gift is living another healthy day thanks to our plant strong/plant perfect nutritional choices. Happy health everyone!

  • Connie

    My plant strong gift would be to have an immersion in my home town and my family attend. :-)

  • elaine roede

    There are so many great gift ideas on this list, but I would choose the “Engine2Diet” book, the “Breaking the Food Seduction Book”, and the Engine2Immersion. I think that one would be able to make a life-style change forever to a plant-strong way of eating with all of that information.

  • Patrick Nottingham

    Dream plant strong gift? How about Julieana moving into my spare bedroom and preparing all my meals for a year???! (Well, you did say dream.)

  • scott

    Definately need the dvd and a new food processor!

  • Amber

    A ticket to an immersion!!!!

  • leslie linder

    a dry mix fixture for my vitamix! :0) then I’ll be unstoppable. already pre ordered the kitchen rescue and engine 2 book for my dad by the way

  • http://teresatakescharge.wordpress.com Teresa

    My dream plant-strong gift would be an opportunity to attend an immersion. I’m still struggling to make this work–not that it is hard, but just that I am so entrenched in habits that took years to develop and I want them to change overnight. Attendance at an immersion would be so helpful. Hopefully, if I’m a good girl with my finances, I can figure out a way to give this gift to myself.

  • Jen

    My ultimate plant-strong wish would be to get a high-power blender for great smoothies!

  • http://www.monkeyThreads.etsy.com Gayle P

    I really want a new food processor to help with many of my plant strong recipes!

  • ani

    My dream plant-strong Christmas gift would be a new blender and the Forks Over Knives DVD and book.

  • Susan Wernet

    I’d love an Engine 2 Diet book, as I keep renewing it too, from the library!

  • Meaghann Johnson

    Love the list that you all put together many great things, But ultimately what I would really like to like a week “boot camp” with a teacher to really help my feel confident in the kitchen being plant strong!

  • http://naturerabbi.com Rabbi Ann White

    my dream plant strong gift would be for all the world to live this lifestyle.

  • mairead

    Most certainly a ticket to an immersion would be my dream! =)

  • Terra Devi

    I have everything I need and am living a plant strong life now. I would however love some t-shirts to spread the word!

  • Kate

    Wow, what a great list!! As a “striving” vegan, I’m always looking for inspiration and E2 is one of the communities I keep up with! As for the perfect vegan gift, I’d have to say cooking classes! (And would absolutely LOVE the DVD :)

  • Elizabeth

    I would love another copy of the book to give to a friend and I would really love love love to have the dvd. These gift ideas were amazing though. Thank you so much.

  • Leah cody

    Really want to win this!!!

  • http://www.dynamictouchmassage.com Kathy

    Thanks for Rescuing the Kitchens of the World! I want nothing more than to share this info with EVERYONE so they can be healthy and happy!

  • Char Brayton

    Love the concept & looking toward to better eating and better lifestyle for life!

  • matthew kaster

    With a list like that all my bad accuses for not being fully plant strong have too be thrown out the window :) Thanks for doing what you are doing !

  • http://www.bullheadurgentcare.com Sandy Lubinski

    I bought a buch of Forks Over Knives movies to give away:)

  • Dawn Banks

    I <3 this list!!!
    Just got an e reader so everyone wants to know what books I have..
    I already have several..
    My favorites are Engine 2 and Tgd China Study!!
    But the plant strong gift I want isn't on this list;)
    I want a nice stash of organic seeds for my organic garden..
    Now that's plant strong!!!

  • Christy Hester

    I would love a new food processer and juicer. anything to help with getting more plant food in my family is a miracle worker.

  • Melanie Howells

    Kitchen rescue! Of course!!!!

  • Vickie Williams

    I have many of these items but I still don’t have the engine 2 diet!

  • Rebecca Ghukasyan

    I love how this list keeps growing and growing! If only my pocketbook was growing at the same rate! LOL! Thanks for creating this page!!!

  • Sandra Leigh

    You know, when I started looking through the list, my first thought was: What could I possibly need? Then I realized that I don’t actually have the Engine2 book yet (How did that happen?) — but then I saw the EAT MORE KALE and ONLY KALE CAN SAVE US NOW apparel, and now I can’t make up my mind. How about “any of the above?”

  • http://sherriet.blogspot.com Sherrie

    For the past few years I’ve been baking or cooking holiday presents. No one knows how healthy any of it is except for the family, and that’s only when they see what I’m making while I make it.

  • Stormy

    I would love to give it to some of my family members.

  • Trrullyy

    Iron pots and wok so that you add additional iron to your diet.

  • Kim

    My dream plant strong gift would be a private chef! How nice would that be! The new DVD though would be a great help to keeping plant strong!

  • Keri Arpino

    I would love a personal chef who can help me learn how to cook plant strong recipes in a way that will get my whole family on board.

  • http://kattastik.wordpress.com Kat O.

    Difficult decision! I truly would love a blender for Christmas. And the kids books! They’re not so excited about my decision to change our family for the better.

  • http://veggieteach.wordpress.com Jude

    Dream gift a Vita Mix blender.
    A copy of E2 Kitchen recscue for my friend who is trying this way of eating out.
    Runner ups- vegan slow cooker cookbook, Happy Herbie’s cookbooks.

    The personal chef sounds great too!!! LOL

  • Liz

    I’d really love a set of top-of-the-line stainless steel nonstick cookware!

  • Denise Welsh

    It’s all good….esp the best for last :)

    Thought of the day….
    If it is made BY a plant eat it. If it is made IN a plant don’t eat it.

  • Steve

    Getting my 14yo son to eat plat-strong.

  • Cathy Lewis

    Love the Mason Jar idea. Add a recipe for beans and rice, a spice packet and I’m done with gifts for neighbors!

  • Joe

    You had me at PLANT!

  • Eric

    Good Stuff ~Had to laugh at the table saw!

  • Leslie Ann Schwarzer

    My dream plant-strong gift would be this package:

    1 Engine 2 Diet (book)
    1 Forks Over Knives DVD
    1 Forks Over Knives book
    1 Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (book)
    1 The China Study (b00k)
    1 Kitchen Rescue DVD
    1 Happy Herbivore Cookbook
    1 each of the Kale and Plant Strong t-shirts
    1 DVD of Rip’s exercise routine

    Totally comprehensive gift; no excuses left

  • Betty McEnaney

    I’m loving this. 60 days in and I feel great. I’m going to have to treat myself to the Eating DVD…maybe my husband will join in.

  • Betty McEnaney

    Bo Muller-Moore if still fighting Chikfil-A. He hasn’t won yet. Eat More Kale needs our help to fight the battle. Google Eat More Kale for more info.

  • C. Hendrick

    I would love a blendtec or vitamix.. But I love Christmas time regardless, a time to appreciate all family and friends. It’s a beautiful thing. Happy holidays everyone!

  • Beverly Alexander

    I am so grateful that I came across Dr. Esselstyn and Rip. I was a big fat rolypoly before, and although I ate “healthy” – all whole grains, etc. – I just kept getting fatter and fatter.

    Thank you.

  • Patrick

    Dream gift would be to attend an E2 Immersion, but would take DVD as a good start. I’ve been trying to convert, but the holidays aren’t helping and I’m only doing it during the week. I usually have about 2-4 meals a week that contain dairy or a meat. I’m hopeful that in the new year to be 100% following the lifestyle.

    Maybe the DVD can help me ;-)

  • http://egoh.com Eric Goh

    Vitamix is a must have. It’s expensive, but will pay for itself, especially with its 7 year warranty.

  • Jill M. Mayes

    Thank you for ALL the great plantstrong gift ideas! You all take such good care of us.

  • Barbara B.

    I dream of having a food dehydrator. I’m very fortunate to have most everything else that I need to make plant strong meals…and a significant other who wants to share this way of life!

  • Jennifer C.

    I’m not asking or needing much this holiday season, I feel blessed with what the world has provided me already.. My husband and I (12 years together) have finally decided we both wanted kids. All I want for Christmas is a positive pregnancy test!

    Thanks to the Esselstyns for proving to this world that a plant strong diet is not only the healthiest, but will also save your life!

  • Rachel

    I’d love to win this video because I’m struggling with being consistent with a plant strong diet and it would be great to see how a whole family made the change. My family isn’t on board with this so I’m going it alone which has been very challenging.

  • Aaron!

    My dream plant-strong gift would be to meet any of the amazing authors or chefs.

  • Cecilia

    I would love a pressure cooker. I’d love to be able to cook beans faster!

  • Teresa

    Hhmmm my dream plant strong gift…that the message of better health through whole foods be heard by all.

  • jennifer f

    great list so far . My wish list include a good blood pressure monitor

  • Marsha Schauer

    I just started moving to a plant-based diet. I make the most delicious lentils, and I adore roasted beets. I would love to win the cookbook for more instruction. I’m trying to convince my family of this way of eating especially with a DIL who is young but riddled with cancer. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/jrhicks Jeffrey Hicks

    Tickets to the 2012 immersion of course!

  • LIsa Johnson

    Just found this web site today. My biggest hurdle is to know how to prepare and cook the food. It seems overwhelming. Really need A DVD to show how to prepare food, cook meals that taste good.

  • Dorothy

    My gift would be a fridge full of organic fresh produce and a copy of Engine 2 Diet and Kitchen Rescue DVD.
    Happy Holiday Season and thank you for your good work to help people get healthier.

  • Charlie Moore

    My dream plant-strong gift would be a copy of all of the Health and Healthy Living books, and Plant-Strong Cookbooks listed for our local high school library. It’s such an injustice to not expose our youth to a healthier way of life before their health problems begin.

  • Jonathan

    Plant-Strong for 3 months after viewing Forks over Knives. Totally grateful for counter-cultural insight into a truly sustainable healthy lifestyle!
    Thanks for the documentary, the book and all of the resources.

  • Vicki

    Thank you for putting together such a wonderful list! My dream gift is to attend an Immersion.

  • laura rawlings

    I want to gift my brother with this book. In 3 weeks he has lost 12 lbs, his BP has dropped from 180 to 137 and he feels so much better. He is totally enthused and motivated. Like many people, he wants some more specifics and this book would be great. I bought him Engine 2 which is what started him on the right path.

  • Kirsty Karkow

    My dream would be to see people take responsibility for their own health; have them realise the huge part that diet plays and apply themselves to becoming more fit ina every way! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

  • jacky brown

    I think the gift I would like most would be to attend an immersion, or a scholarship for Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition Certificate. :-)

  • Amy Mitchell

    My ultimate plant strong dream would be to have my family and my husband’s work ( a firehouse) on board with this lifestyle!

  • MaryC

    A “subscription” to a local CSA…this would be so wonderful, especially as we are expecting and are getting busier by the day. I think we’d love the surprise and challenge of new veggies each week!

  • Karen

    So many great ideas from everyone. I’m going to go with a biggie…I’d love a VitaMix…I’ve wanted one for so long. Love visiting their website to see what you can do with this wonderful piece of equipment.

  • Fred Clemons

    My dream plant-strong gift is a gift to myself as well as my family. It was only about 10 weeks ago that I started being plant strong! I cannot thank Rip Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Thomas M. Campbell II, Dr. Colin Campbell, & the Engine 2 team enough for what they have done in their efforts to promote healthy living! I have been able to close to 30 pounds over the last 10 weeks as well as stop all diabetic, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure medication since starting a vegan lifestyle! I have also increased my exercise! Planning to run my first 5k in February! I feel mentally and physically fantastic! Happy holidays everyone! Kitchen Rescue would be a gift to pay it forward to my closest friends and family to promote a healthier lifestyle.

  • http://www.sarahbflanagan.com Sarah F.

    I love the idea of a double crock pot because I’m always making soups for the week – especially now that it is winter. Although, my salad spinner just broke…(can’t say that is my dream gift, but it is actually on my list :)

  • Kimberley Hodgdon Landsman

    My plantbased dream gift? Well, it is easy. i’m unemployed. my husband is veg but not vegan. although he’s kind he doesn’t get that I’d rather starve then eat nonvegan food. which is what i’ve been doing. he doesn’t buy vegan items and his idea of vegetarian is whatever is cheap. so our fridge/cupboards, what little we even have, is white bread type crap. I’m hungry. hungry! the answer here is, VEGAN FOOD. A BIG BOX OF IT. :)

  • Katie Simons

    A discount on Kale Chips!

  • http://cupadeecakes.blogspot.com Chad

    We have been on the Engine diet now for a few months and my dream gift would be a new food processor to help with all the cutting and chopping of the fresh fruits and veggies we have been eating! I enjoy eating them, the prep time is KILLING me!

  • Nikki

    I’ve been plant strong for over 2 months and already lost 30 lbs! I don’t even want yucky processed or fatty foods anymore! And I overhauled our kitchen so we don’t have any processed foods, the kids were not happy at first, but they are getting used to it. My wish list for Christmas is a vitamix blender. I am still using the one we got as a wedding gift almost 15 years ago! lol

  • http://www.janhatchett.com Jan

    Just watched Forks over Knives last night and have been checking out the Engine 2 Diet website this morning. I am definitely ready to make some changes. My suggestion for a great, plant healthy gift: a family sized pressure cooker! It would be a life saver for cajun beans and rice on the days that I forget to put the beans in the crock pot!

  • Mary

    My dream plant-strong holiday gifts would be attending an E2 immersion program (how amazing would that be???) and a vitamix blender (I have be dreaming of one for so long now).

    Thanks for posting this gift guide. Great ideas!

  • Simone

    I would love a pressure cooker and immersion blender!

  • Chana

    What a list! My dream gift would be a pressure cooker with a cookbook to teach me how to use it.

  • Kathy

    My dream gift would be a very cute personal chef to teach me new recipes in my plant-strong journey. Oh darn! That wasn’t one of the options… LOL! I would settle for a multi-cooker and think a juicer would be a wonderful gift idea too!

  • Joanne

    All I want for Christmas is the Engine 2 book!

  • http://www.starlingwatersystems.com Keri

    I want cooking classes – I want to be shown what to do and how to do it. A dvd would be swell! I need to learn.

  • Holly

    My plant strong dream gift would be a soy milk maker! Like Soyajoy. You can process organic soy beans, almonds, rice any bean to make milk. With the milk, you can make homemade organic tofu. I think this rocks! Who wouldn’t want to be able to make their own tofu and almond milk? Have a great holiday!

  • melissa mutter

    I would love to have a vegetable steamer and a Ninja Pro in addition to the McDougal cookbook.

  • http://www.dreambodymom.com Vanessa

    My dream gift would be to take a cooking class by a vegan chef! That way I can learn how to cook vegan. ;0)

  • MW


  • Sarah

    My ‘old” plant strong dream gift actually came true about an hour ago. My mother called to let me know that she and my dad are thinking about “eating the way I do” for a few months to see how it goes. They are travelling across two states for a two week visit so I can teach them! I am so excited, yet worried that I’ll mess it all up since I have only been doing this myself for two months! How often does someone get a chance to save the lives of two of the people they love most?

    So my “new” plant strong dream is to be able to help them get the tools that have already changed my life :) Of course this list of resources is a huge help!!

  • Cathy

    What a great list. Exactly what I want to fill in the gaps in my collection and plenty to share with friends. Thank you!

  • Scott M

    Any of the above would be good.

  • sasha eveland

    I would be happy with any of the gifts! in the winter time its hard to give yourself a treat let alone another person because money is tight…especially the holidays!

  • Catherine M

    I am wishing for a vitamix. Great suggestions above!

  • Annette M

    I have enjoyed many of the items on this list from the E2 diet book, China Study and Happy Herbivore cookbook. My Plant-Strong Dream would be that Plant-Strong lifestyle will spread like WILD FIRE and have more people waking up happy and healthy again!!

  • Lisa

    Dreaming of an immersion class-my sister went a few months ago and it was life changing.

  • Michael

    My dream plant-strong gift would be to have the opportunity to invest my time in promoting health and wellness in my community. Thank you all very much for providing me the resources to help me in this dream.

  • Bob

    Interesting, fun list! My dream gift would be vegan cooking lessons.
    Thanks for doing such important, great work.

  • Kyle Plattner

    I am happy to see the new DVD, I would really like to get my hands on this. It would be much appreciated in our kitchen.

  • Jo

    The Engine2Diet is what got me started. I’ve been plant strong for 6 months and have seen amazing results so far! Next up to read is The Happy Herbivore. The DVD sounds great, too!

  • Jean

    The China Study is what got me started on my new path. Then Forks Over Knives. I am now vegan for almost 10 months. I am 50 pounds lighter, blood pressure normal, cholesterol down, and I am feeling much better. My dream gift is to attend the nutrition course at Cornell so that I may pass this information on to those around me. My friend and I plan on starting a support group in our area.

  • patricia zambrano

    I do believe in a vegetarian diet, but I do need more guidelines to take me through becoming a long follower of a vegetarian/vegan diet.

  • Sheri Armour

    My dream plant strong gift would be to get all of Jeff Novicks dvds! He seems like a really fun guy to listen to and I would love to watch his fast food dvd!

  • Trilby

    I would love to have an Only Kale Can Save Us Now t-shirt! In addition to the Awesome Engine 2 DVD of course!

  • http://www.stephaniemarks-ryan.com Steph Marks

    My dream plant strong gift would be a spirooli. Zucchini spaghetti! YUM!

  • Melissa

    I already have the Engine 2 cookbook so I’d have to say I’d love a VitaMix for Christmas!! I hope Santa’s reading these comments :)

  • Rheyn Allen-Williams

    My dream gift would be for everyone I love to live plant-strong, too!

    …But if I had to pick an object, a hothouse to grow fresh produce year-round here in Michigan. :)

  • Dan

    An Excalibur dehydrator would be fantastic

  • Brandon

    Attending engine 2 immersion seminar

  • Lori

    In addition to everything on this list, I would love a VitaMix!

  • Marcy

    My dream plant-strong gift would be this DVD. I’ve been unemployed for over a year, and I now have to use food stamps. I had tried to adopt a plant-based diet a year ago with some success, but ultimately had a number of not-great results (throwing out food!) and wound up going back to a less healthy omnivorous diet for convenience and economy. In the meantime, I have gained far too much weight, and my cholesterol numbers are really high. I want to get healthy, have more energy and look better so I’ll be more employable.

  • jacqueline fitzgerald

    My dream strong gift would be for my autistic grandson and myself to be free of our heart disease.it would also be to prevent my other family members from ever getting any.