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19 May The Susan G. Komen – KFC Contradiction

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Fried Chicken to Cure Cancer?

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Rip Esselstyn

As a firefighter for the Austin Fire Department, he helped people and saved lives. As a friend to other firefighters, he transformed the way Austin ’s Engine 2 firehouse ate in order to save a firefighting brother’s health. Now, as the author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip is teaching people the irrefutable connection between what they put in their mouths and their ability to reach their ideal weight and their ideal health.

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  • ks

    I can not believe that Komen sold out to KFC! Unreal!

  • Nancy S.

    I noticed the incongruity of this immediately. It makes me question the integrity of the Susan G. Komen foundation – what exactly is all their money being used for? Apparently not nutrition as a means to prevent cancer.

  • Mary

    That commercial really irritates me!

  • Kim

    I’m disgusted, thanks for the info. Now I know where NOT to donate my money for cance research. What an ernormous sell out.

  • Edward

    People need to realize that there is ALREADY A CURE for cancer!!!part of it being a plant-strong diet.Read ”Natural Cures THEY Dont Want You To Know” by Kevin Trudeau, its life changing.

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