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Steve Lost 50 Pounds and Got His Life Back!

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ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! I feel better than I have felt since Junior High School and I had to buy new clothes!!!!!
Thank you so much. My name is Steve, I am 47 and have been a firefighter paramedic since the mid 1980′s. in 2012 I got a stent for Christmas which was a huge wake up call. The only problem was all the information out there as to what diet to go on was confusing. The department I work for sent me to a Doctor that specializes in firefighter and police officers for my return to work physical. He hooked me up with your website and book and I haven’t looked back!
Since January 14th of this year I have lost 50 pounds,5 inches off my waist  and I just started working out Easter Sunday!! So most off the weight loss was strictly due the diet or the new way to eat as I call it!!!! I also am no longer taking medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, or RLS. Again Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This past weekend I sat in the recovery room with one of my crew members after  he had chest pain at work. After his cath the cardiologist came into the room told him he had some blockage, that his lipids were high and asked him if he had heard of the Engine 2 diet! That was awesome, I now have my 4th convert!!!!
Just wanted to let you know how much your team has helped and to give all of you a big THANK YOU!!!!!!! please pass this on to every one at engine 2, Rip and his Father.
Thanks for saving my life!

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  • Tina

    Great job, Steve!!!!

  • Vanessa Gray

    Good job Steve! Congratulations!

  • GeaugaGirl017

    Even his mustache looks younger – go figure?!

  • Ging

    How wonderful for you! Thank you for sharing. Very encouraging.

  • beth

    Thats awesome! I am just starting out and am so glad to hear your story!

  • Dee

    That’s great! My husband and I just started reading the book and following the recipes filling more energetic then ever. I have been dealing with weight problem for 22yrs. ever since my two major surgery’s. Steve thank you for sharing your story, I needed to motivation.

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