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Simple Shopping tips!

Many of have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. Today, we are sharing some of our tips for making Engine 2 work at the grocery store

  • Avoid speciality products. Even if you live in a larger city with a lot of shopping options, it is still important to keep things simple in the grocery store.
  • You can get all of your nutrition from simple ingredients and whole plant-strong foods.
  • Buy dry beans/grains when you can, they will last you a while, and you don’t have to worry about things spoiling.
  • If you’d rather not spend a lot of time cooking beans/grains stock up on low sodium canned beans, quick cooking brown rice, and other quick cooking grains (quinoa can be cooked in about 10 minutes!)
  • Have a good supply of frozen vegetables and fruit. This will make your life a lot easier when you find yourself with out any fresh vegetables/fruits to use. You can also purchase frozen brown rice in a lot of stores now!
  • Make a grocery shopping list, and put things in 5 columns, it should fall under: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, salt free spices. If your item does not fit into one of those categories, there is a good chance you don’t need it!
  • Go into the store, turn right. Start your shopping trip out in the produce section. From there ONLY go to the sections of the store that you absolutely need to go to.
  • Organize your food on the cashier belt at the store. This is going to sound silly, but if you organize your groceries the right way, chances are they will be bagged in a way that makes putting away your groceries a lot easier when you get home. So group all of your produce together, all of your frozen stuff and all of your dry stuff. When you get home, you will be glad you did!
  • Buy just enough! Be realistic about your grocery shopping, often we end up buying way too much of something we don’t really enjoy all that much.
  • Speaking of, buy what you like! There is a common misconception that we need a wide variety of fruits/vegetables. So people end up trying to get themselves or their family to eat things they might not enjoy that much. We are all for trying new things, but if you or your family just HATE cauliflower, don’t purchase it. Buy things that you love to eat. If you love spinach but hate kale, buy more spinach. If you love sweet potatoes, buy sweet potatoes. It will cause you a lot less stress, and you will enjoy eating A LOT more. As long as you are eating from those simple food groups, you are going to do pretty well.
  • Spend less time at the grocery store. Have an attack plan, a list, get in, get out.
  • If you are wanting to try out a recipe, be sure to write down what you need. OR better yet, purchase a kindle or other e-book reader and put your favorite cookbooks on it! That way you can carry it to the store, and all of the recipes you need are at your finger tips.
  • If you have kids, include them in the process, have them help with a grocery list, have them pick out a few recipes they want to try, and have them pick out a new fruit/vegetable for the family to try.
  • Check Amazon for ordering things like dry beans, whole grains, low sodium beans and even POMI tomato products! If you have Amazon prime you can get the items shipped to you in 2 days!
  • Most of all, when you are in the grocery store, start thinking “simple” rather than complicated!

What are your tips for simple shopping?

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Engine 2 Team
The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

4 Responses to “Simple Shopping tips!”

  1. Susan says:

    Great tips. Mine – don’t shop hungry. Even a little snack like a small handful of pistachios or a few almonds and a date is enough to stave off purchases based on feeling hungry which, for me, tend to be junky like chocolate cookies and salty chips. I also buy more produce then I can realistically eat or cook in one week if I’m too hungry in the store.

  2. Sue says:

    I don’t use coupons. I don’t even look at coupons. It’s too tempting to buy unhealthy junk just because it’s $1.00 off!

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks for the tips! I never though of using Amazon for buying food.

  4. Rachel says:

    Ever since starting the 28 Day Challenge, I have been planning meals for the week before I go shopping. My list has Veggies, Fruit, Grains, Beans, and Other – it is sooo nice to get done shopping, put everything away, and know that you are ready to go for an entire week!
    Been slacking a bit on that – gotta get back to it – such a relief when you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner tonight?
    BUT, the other thing I try to do is ALWAYS have different frozen fruits and veggies at the ready – it makes it really easy to pull something together when you’re not sure what to make!

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