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04 Jan Setting (New) Goals

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With the new year, many people set out to make new goals to accomplish. I for one, am all for goals. But my perception of goals has changed a lot in the past few years. My goals used to be lofty. I found a list I made a few years ago:

Goals for 2008

Lose 150 pounds
Start my own business
Run a 5K
Organize my time better
Re-organize the house
Workout more

How many of you have goals like that? Open ended goals without much direction?

When we create goals like this I think we can trap ourselves. We can’t just simply “lose 150 pounds” or “start your own business”. Often in goal setting we forget that there are 1000’s of little steps that get us to our goals.

This year, focus on those little steps. Instead of saying “I want to lose X amount of weight” say “I want to get in a 5 minute workout everyday” or “I want to eliminate foods that harm my health, starting with X”.

Try writing a list of single steps, and remember each journey is made up of 1000’s of small steps.


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  • Roddy Gordon
    Posted at 15:21h, 06 January

    Yes very true,how do you eat an elephant(or not) one bite at a time.

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