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Saving Time With Char: Veggies en Papillote

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Saving Time with Char

Oo-La-La…Veggies en Papillote

Oh, I know, it sounds so fancy.  Broccoli en Papillote.  But, really, all you are doing is using unbleached parchment paper to steam vegetables in the oven.  And better than a quick and delicious meal?  Super-fast clean up!!  You will be like a whirling magician when it is time to clean up! Presto en Papillote.

All you need to do is take a 12 inch piece of parchment, place your veggie subjects on one side of the paper,  fold it in half, and crimp the edges together.  That is all!  And you are done.  Place them on a baking sheet and bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes.

If you want to get your kids engaged in the plant-strong kitchen, let them assemble their own veggies en papillote.  They will have so much fun.  And it is SO easy.  Frozen veggies also work very well, just pore in some frozen veggies, and season.  This is also a fun thing to do for parties.  Create a veggie bar and allow everyone to create a beautiful dish!

I also like to take half of a baked potato and cover it in vegetables, and then slather on some fat-free pasta sauce.  Wrap it up tidy as can be, place in a 350 degree oven, and steam for about twenty minutes.  All that’s left is to watch as the packages are unwrapped at the table to a chorus of “This looks awesome!!!” Suddenly your plant-strong main course is the focal point of a great dinner.   A stash of unbleached parchment paper, preferably white rather than brown, ensures the parcels portray an aesthetic and crisp look.

These parchment parcels function not just as a staple recipe, but as a functioning blueprint. Follow your fancy and…

• Vary the vegetables, adding baby bok choy or sugar snaps or bean sprouts or thinly sliced carrots or whole scallions or, well, you get the idea.
• Slip in other aromatics in place of lemon, snips of fresh herbs, lemongrass, or a slice of ginger.  I also love slices of oranges.
• Strew the vegetables with other flavorings, like finely chopped olives or sesame seeds.  The possibilities are endless.  Salsa is another favorite.

I would take caution when opening your plant-strong parcel, and make certain that it isn’t steaming too much when it is opening.  Easy.  So flavorful.  And no clean-up!

Quick.  Delicious. No Fuss.  And more time for you!

I always like the “more time for me” part.

About the author

Char Nolan
Char Nolan has been plant strong for three years, and it has changed her life immensely. She is a social media and marketing consultant, and lives in Philadelphia, PA.
  • tinker bee

    Hmm, my parchment paper does NOT crimp. Maybe there’s a difference between bleached and unbleached. Never noticed that there was more than one available. I did find parchment-lined foil. As long as the parchment really protects from the foil, that seems like the trick.

    • Kathy G

      Try this: just fold over a little section at a time and work your way around your bundle. When you get to the end, bend it under or use a paper cop to hold it in place. Just make sure your paper cup is metal – not covered in plastic;-)

  • GC

    This is great! I used to do this with defenseless fish….never thought of only veggies. It might be good over rice, too. Thank you so much.

  • linda

    I’m new to this veggie stuff, usually fight it, but i can’t wait to try this idea

  • Helen G

    Great idea! Do you need to add any liquid to help with the steaming process?

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