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Saving Time With Char: Trick or Treat!

Saving Time with Char

Trick or Treat…Give me something good to eat!





Since the middle of the summer, stores have been packed with Halloween goods.  In my bad food past, Halloween was the start of a few months of bad eating.  It just ignited something in me, and fortunately, was extinguished when I came into the E2 world.

When my kids were little, we’d sort their candy and I would ration their stash.  They’d get something every day, and so would I.  My house used to be a popular spot on Wilde Avenue, but since becoming plant-strong, we are often bypassed for the traditional Halloween goods that my neighbors hand out.  Not having traditional Halloween goods is a great way to go.  There is no temptation for you, AND you are setting a good example for others.

Before you put on your Halloween mask and set out to get your treats, here are a few ideas which you might find handy to make your Halloween very plant-strong.

Dried Fruit:  Many REAL dried fruit comes individually wrapped.  We’re talking raisins, cranberries, etc.  Colorful packaging will be a real plus, or you can stick a few stickers on the mini-box to have it become more festive.

Instant Oatmeal:  Find an unsweetened, low sodium oatmeal.  The oatmeal will be perfect for breakfast!

Boxed Juice:  The four-ounce boxes are the perfect serving.  Bright and colorful boxes will delight your audiences.  Let the children pick their favorite flavor, have them involved in the selection process.  You want them to get excited about not having conventional treats.  You are the change!

Mini-Bottled Water:  A dentist will thank you for this giveaway.  Kids get thirsty while they are out trekking through the hills of your neighborhood.  You can get a case of 25, eight-ounce bottles, and whatever is left over, is not a temptation for you.  Decorate the bottle with a few stickers.

Crayons:  First, read the label on the crayons, as some use crazy dyes that are not safe.  A set of Crayola crayons, I think, is a great gift.  Kids today “color” on computers, help enhance their fine motor skills by coloring.  In or out of the lines, doesn’t really matter.  I have also handed out a “color sheet” that I made…it was a sheet of fruit and vegetables.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very popular with the coloring sheets.

Hit the Dollar Store:  The dollar-type stores have become rather eco-minded.  My local store has BPA-free water bottles.  That’s what I am handing out this year, water bottles.  Other items include team key chains, books, and more.

Things Not to Give Out

Nuts:  I always make Halloween a no-nut event.  With so many nut allergies, I like to tell moms that my giveaway is nut-free.  They are always appreciative.

Organic Candy Treats:  There are several “organic” sweet treats on the market, lollipops and the like.  Their first ingredient is “organic evaporated cane juice.”  It is still sugar!  Do not be swayed by the word “organic.”

Fresh Fruit:  Law enforcement tells kids to not eat fresh fruit.  People have done crazy things in the past.  My sainted father used to put return mail labels on the fruit so that the trick or treaters would know who gave out the fruit.

Like many of you,  I am an ardent label reader.  Those mini-pretzels look like a great idea, but they have corn syrup in them, not to mention the salt.  Head for the things that are safe to keep in your house.  Do not live by the motto, “Oh, one day won’t hurt anyone.”  For me the reality is that having “those foods” in the house just doesn’t work.

Carry a flashlight, wear reflective tape, know your neighbors, and make the evening fun for children.  Create new rituals for Halloween.  Get a scary noise machine.  Dress up so that when you answer the door, you’ll be as festive as the kids!

Happy Halloween!

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Char Nolan
Char Nolan has been plant strong for three years, and it has changed her life immensely. She is a social media and marketing consultant, and lives in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Lynnette

    Great ideas Char. I really needed these. We have been a PB Cup, M&M house in the past but I want to go plant strong this year without breaking my budget or completely offending the trick or treaters. Last year I sent the extras off with hubby & my college kids. This year I hope to avoid temptation all together.

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