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Saving Time With Char: Tortilla Time, Engine 2 Style

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It’s pretty amazing to me that I have been plant-strong for nearly four years.  In the beginning, I was overwhelmed and not sure where to turn or what to do.  There was a complexity that seemed out of my grasp.  But, well into my 28 Day Challenge, something erupted in me, and I decided to never go back to the Standard American Diet.   With that tenacity came a determination to make fun, delicious, and quick plant-strong meals.

Back in the day, Engine 2 foods were not around.  At the time, I learned to shop rather well, and relied on many brands that were well established in the plantbased arena.  But, I gotta say, I am in love with the E2 food line.  As a consumer, I feel a sense of trust in the product, its ingredients, and I appreciate all the info that comes with each package.

Recently, I’d been to my local Whole Foods Market, and was disappointed to find the tortillas out of stock.  Last week, I got smart and I ordered a case.  I knew that they would freeze well, AND I could take advantage of the 10% case discount.  There are several varieties to choose from, my favorite is the brown rice.

Compared to another brand of brown rice tortillas, Rip’s contain no added oil!  And they have more protein and less sugars.  Plus, you get safety tips from Rip, like “use tongs when turning.”  All smart.  I like to microwave my tortillas for 15 seconds (I use the circular paper liners from the package to cover the tortilla) to ready them for rolling.  They are very pliable and easy to roll into a nice, tight burrito.


What else can you use them for?  Well, I am glad that you asked…

-Cut a tortilla into 16ths, place on a lined cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees between 8-14 minutes.  They’ll look crispy to you!  Perfect for dipping hummus, or other veggie dips.  The friendliest and healthiest tortilla chip around.

-Cut a tortilla in half, then into ¼ inch slices, kitchen shears work best.  Place cut tortillas on a lined cookie sheet and bake until a golden brown.  These will make a fabulous garnish for salads, soups, or just plain nibbling.  You’ll get about 48 pieces.

-Hands down, these tortillas make the perfect pizza!  I find that if you bake them directly on an oven rack, they will get crispy.  Remove from oven, and then, cover with pasta sauce and your favorite salad.  Stays so crispy.

-Wraps and such are super good.  Just take Rip’s advice and heat the tortillas.  I love filling them with hummus and veggies.  They roll beautifully and keep everything held together.

-Dessert Chips are fun with these tortillas, too!  Take a kitchen brush, and lightly coat with maple syrup.  Sprinkle on some cinnamon, cut into pieces and bake.  Perfect as a side accompaniment to “banana ice cream,” or a cup of tea.

-There’s the ever famous “tortilla basket” maker.  If you do not have one, here’s a trick.  Dampen a tortilla with water, then…turn a cupcake tin upside down.  Stick the tortilla between the crevasses.  Sometimes, I have filled with dry beans to keep the tortillas shaped and in place.

I could go on…but, I’m leaving you some time to run to Whole Foods Market and pre-order your tortillas.  Lots to makes with these.  And, save the bags when you are done, they are great to re-use for lunch, leftovers, and more.

Although, when you use Rip’s tortillas, leftovers never seem to happen!

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Your Homemade Tortilla Basket Maker

About the author

Char Nolan
Char Nolan is a blog contributor and Engine 2 Extra Coach. She's been plant-strong for almost five years. From Philadelphia, she works in the plant-based whole foods arena, and is also the "vegan features writer," for the "Town Dish." She's lost a great deal of weight from being plant-strong, practices yoga, and is always dabbling in her kitchen to create new, plant-strong recipes. Armed with a degree in public health, Char also holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from e-Cornell.

5 Responses to “Saving Time With Char: Tortilla Time, Engine 2 Style”

  1. Amy Fields Whitworth says:

    I am really happy with the Engine 2 products as well. Recently, we were vacationing and finding the Engine 2 hummus was perfect. We love eating the plant strong way and on vacation it is a little harder to find the food that you want. So thanks, Engine 2!

  2. Cindy Plachinski says:

    These are totally on our shopping list!

  3. Lynnette says:

    I love the Engine 2 Products. I haven’t tried the brown rice wraps yet, but definitely will. These are some great ideas. The case purchase is a good idea because WF is 3hrs away. How much space do they take? I have a small freezer. Looking forward to finishing mini-challenge and adding these back in. Very tempting during the challenge!

  4. Kirsten says:

    I never tire of your tips! Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. You ROCK!

  5. just me says:

    I’m going to try these. I miss flour tortillas.

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