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Saving Time With Char: Potato Taco Time


Before I joined this plant-strong caravan, I never ate potatoes.  They’d gotten such a bad rap, and although I ate horribly, the potato just seemed too “fattening” to eat.  I know now that it wasn’t the potatoes, it was the stuff that covered it that really made it bad for you.  You already know how much I love the potato, and I think that it is really a plant’s best kept secret.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten the great time saving tip down, which is to bake a five pound bag of your favorite potato and use them for whatever your heart desires.  I am always looking for something new, and I am always on the hunt to lure family and friends into my plant-strong® web.  My “Eureka Moment” came on Sunday.  Believe it or not, I only needed fifteen minutes to prepare, are you ready?  The Papas Taco Bar.

This will be a fun dinner, and will encourage others to think about leaning into a plant-strong way of living.  Plus, you will have more time for entertaining.

In advance:  Get some small bowls and fill each with a topping.  Toppings can include, however, not limited to:  Chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, beans (of any kind), minced celery, cilantro,salsa, hot sauce, corn…I think you get the idea.  And, why not throw in some roasted red pepper hummus?  I’d also have some lime wedges on the table.

Prepare a head of iceberg lettuce, by removing the bottom core.  In a gingerly fashion, remove each layer, so that it rests at room temp.  Set aside and wait until dinner prep.  Leaving them at room temp allows them to bend more easily without breaking.  You can also use Romaine leaves.  I like the iceberg better, because it can be wrapped easily, and your fillings stay in place more easily.

Your pre-baked potatoes should be quartered, lengthwise.  Sprinkle them with chili powder.Put them under the broiler for about 6-8 mintues. They should get a bit crispy.  When they are done, you are almost ready for dinner.

Make your table look like the prettiest taco bar in the land.  Cute bowls, flowers, candles…

Take a lettuce leaf, a potato quarter, and fill it to your heart’s content with the glorious fillings you have put on the table.  A potato taco is filling and totally delicious.  Roll it to enclose the filling, and enjoy.  There is texture, flavor, and beautiful colors.  Eating plants at their best.  Not sure what could be better.

This is also a great meal to take to a potluck.  Let’s you create a great dinner, while allowing you loads of time to interface with others and tell them just how great your plant-strong vida is.

Power to the potato and its Papas Taco Bar.  If you’re thinking about Cinco de Mayo, this just might be the perfect dinner.

About the author

Char Nolan
Char Nolan has been plant strong for three years, and it has changed her life immensely. She is a social media and marketing consultant, and lives in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Kristi Bowman

    Good stuff Char, I might just have to give it a try. I’ve always been a potato lover so I’m so happy potatoes are now getting the recognition they deserve!

  • justme

    Now this IS original. I’ll give it a try. THX!

  • Leslie Conn

    Happy Herbivore queso (w/Rotel added) is great on taco potatoes!

  • Julie Spiegel

    Love it Char , thanks for sharing will be sure to try it with- oh wait now I need a good mock recipe for a margarita ;-)))) Arriba Arriba!!!

  • Kim

    That sounds wonderful Char – thanks for sharing!

  • Navavon Randall

    It sounds Awsome

  • Sherisse Hartley

    Great idea Char, yum!

  • Amy Gavin

    You are cute as a button, Char. Can’t wait to sub this for our weekly Mexican meal!

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