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Rip’s Plant-Strong Contest with Charlottesville News Anchor

In 100 degree heat!  Check out the news coverage:

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3 Responses to “Rip’s Plant-Strong Contest with Charlottesville News Anchor”

  1. Carla says:

    Thank you so much for visiting Charlottesville! My husband and I really enjoyed the whole evening. Loved the sheperd’s pie and dessert. We hope to see you back again and will bring more friends.
    Since December 5 people in our family have adopted the plant based diet and three others are flirting with it. You’re doing amazing work. Looking forward to seeing Forks Over Knives when it comes out on DVD. Thanks again!

  2. Gary Whitney says:

    I have been doing the engine 2 diet for about 4 months. I was talking with a health professional and they said a plant based diet lacks B-12, D-3, Omega-3 and Taurine.
    I had heard of all but theTaurine, where do I get Taurine other than meat products or supplements. Is this an issue?

  3. Tate McCracken says:

    Thanks Rip!! Loved your presentation in Charlottesville, hope you enjoyed your stay. My wife and I are finished with day 3 and rollin along!! Have a great one..Tate McCracken (firehouse cook station 12 ACFR)

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