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22 May Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler

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A SEA change in the consumption of a resource that Americans take for granted may be in store — something cheap, plentiful, widely enjoyed and a part of daily life. And it isn’t oil.  It’s meat.

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Ami Mackey for Engine 2
Ami Mackey

Ami Mackey is the Curator of Creative Content at Engine 2. She is also a food coach at Engine 2 and has been plant-strong since 2011. When she isn't attending to all things Engine 2, she is the Program Director at St Louis All City Boxing a nonprofit youth program. She has earned certificates from eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition from NASM.

  • April
    Posted at 23:51h, 28 May

    I think it is awesome you are helping get this info in front of people. It’s quite disturbing how blind ‘we’ go around shopping for something that should be so important to us, and due to our ignorance and just laziness we are hurting ourselves, in more ways than one!!!

    We cannot keep our eyes shut to the repulsive reality of what goes on behind the meat market. Something must be done and I think there seems to be a massive meat-less movement coming that has to cause some kind of change…something has to happen!

    We (my family) have cut back our animal protein significantly due to cancer and high blood pressure in the family (not our immediately young family). And through these unfortunate illnesses we have seen the truth in what we are eating and what I was feeding to my children.

    We (as parents) have an opportunity of a lifetime to change our young children’s pallet for healthy foods so they can teach their families and so on. Through our adventure we have seen other families get on board the “Engine2Diet” way of living and are loving it.

    We purchased a high powered blender to our health. That’s the only reason. So many places have lead me back to a blender and it’s so easy to get children to drink their greens and other veggies along with fresh fruits…and that’s just the beginning. This is not a fad, but a lifestyle change well worth the investment. Whether a family buys a blender or chooses to grow a garden…do something that will teach children (and some adults) or will help influence others to see the truth.

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