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Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6!

It’s out! Plant-Strong™ Kids Week 6!

Many thanks to Lindsay from Happy Herbivore and Cathy from Straight Up Food for their recipe contributions!

Catch up with weeks 1-5:

Week 5

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  • Gwen

    Hey E2ers,

    Do you have a menu planner that kids can use. If not lets do it! One where they can fill in what fruit, veggies, grain etc that they want. We all win, they learn how to plan a meal, mom gets help with deciding what to make, kids are happy because they chose what what to eat!!!!

    • Rebekah

      One of the weeks has a tip to make menu-planning blocks so they can choose ingredients.

      When can we download the later weeks?

  • Carley

    Am I the only one having trouble pulling up the link? It gives me an error message saying that I am not supposed to be there. Error403?

    • dana

      Try again now Carly. I just pulled it up. It took several seconds to load but then popped up.

      LOVE this series!!! Thank you SO much for putting this together. My son is having a great time with it and learning a lot too. Thank you!!

      • Carley

        Yay! Thank you so much.

  • Suzy

    I just found this kids week! Going to start with my 9 year old who has focus, attention, impulsive, behavior…I could go on and on ;0 Anyone have experience or research that you can point me to about the positive outcomes for kids living a plant based lifestyle?
    Thank you!

  • http://katesgreatkitchen.blogspot.com Kate

    I’m sharing this with parents in my school.