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Plant-Perfect or Plant-Strong?

This post was on the general forum yesterday under the topic; BACKSLIDING by GayleW.

This happened yesterday. I’m the only one in the family trying to eat fat free plant food. I’ve been diligently keeping a food log. All’s going well enough. Yesterday, being Memorial Day, I tried making some traditional picnic style foods. I made potato salad, using tofu and vinegar and herbs and spices for the dressing. I made cole slaw using as the dressing a mixture of almond milk, lemon juice, maple syrup for a little sweetening, and other spices. I made baked navy beans with black strap molasses, hickory smoked liquid, spices, mustard, etc. No fats so far. We had fat free vegan hot dogs. Ezekiel 4:9 buns. Very nice. I sent my husband to the store for an ingredient I needed and he came back with that as well as two bags of potato chips I did not ask for. I don’t keep them in the house because I have an addiction to three things: potato chips, pretzels, and crisp cookies. Those are not to be brought in. Jim was feeling rather in a festive mood. There he sat on the porch just crunching away. I was enjoying the afternoon, waiting for the baked beans to finish cooking when I was seized with desire for potato chips. I made my way over to the bag and dug in like a thirsty person crawling across the desert. And I couldn’t stop.

Like all of us, Gayle is very much human. I, too, have occasionally felt like crawling across the desert for some chocolate ice cream or a vanilla shake. The lesson that I would like to leave with everyone is this: Do not let plant-perfection become the enemy of plant-strong. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. Yes, I ask you to be as close to plant-perfect as possible over the course of the 28 day Engine 2 Diet. This is so you can witness first hand the dramatic effects that will occur on your whole body and your psyche (“Oh my gosh! I haven’t had meat or dairy for 28 days and I feel great, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and my cholesterol has gone from the attic to the basement). Consider how you ate before E2 and how you’re eating now. I bet the differences are a universe apart.

When you have a moment like Gayle’s, think of it as a special treat and DO NOT beat yourself up. Do not feel like all is lost and that you are a loser. I am here to tell you that EACH and EVERYONE of you on the E2D is a WINNER. Big time!!! Life is always teaching us lessons. Think about what you can learn from each experience and then call it good. Engine 2 is inclusive; we embrace everyone who wants to take the bull by the horns and become plant-strong. Forget about plant-perfect. So stop, drop, and roll in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes and douse the flames of Western disease. Ya!


Me about 30 minutes before going on The Today Show. I was super duper nervous.

Me about 30 minutes before going on The Today Show. I was super duper nervous.

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As a firefighter for the Austin Fire Department, he helped people and saved lives. As a friend to other firefighters, he transformed the way Austin ’s Engine 2 firehouse ate in order to save a firefighting brother’s health. Now, as the author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip is teaching people the irrefutable connection between what they put in their mouths and their ability to reach their ideal weight and their ideal health.

One Response to “Plant-Perfect or Plant-Strong?”

  1. lynn says:

    A member of this blog I have known since 1990. She has always been a vegan and has
    always striven to eat a fat-free diet. It is almost an obsession. She is the most
    fantastic vegan cook I know and uses fresh grown stuff out of her huge garden
    and in the winter, the preserved stuff out of her garden. As close a macrobiotic
    diet as I have ever seen. What is so frustrating is her high cholesterol level.
    Consistently high through the years. Can heredity trump diet???

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