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16 Sep Pant Strong! AND (breakfast) Recipe Round-up

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Yes, we said PANT strong! Today, Jane Esselstyn (Rip’s sister) has a featured post over on the Crazy Sexy blog! She’s writing up something a lot of people are interested in, and a subject many men seem to really, um, perk up when they hear about it. Jane wants all the men out there how to become “pant-strong!” Check out her post here!

And of course it is Friday, which means it is recipe round up!

We decided to focus on breakfast this week. We love breakfast!

Tofu scramble: (if you haven’t tried tofu scramble, give it a go!)

Happy Herbivore – Basic tofu scramble
Scrambled tofu with porcini mushrooms
Curry tofu scramble
Tofu scramble with potatoes
Ultimate tofu scramble
Tofu scramble and hash-browns
Migas Espaciales

Breakfast in a bowl:

Rip’s big bowl (as seen on ABC – Good-morning America !)
Slow cooker lemon blueberry oatmeal
Baked oatmeal
Almond joy oatmeal
Banana pudding oatmeal
Quinoa rhubarb breakfast bowl
Quick and easy hot quinoa bowl

Waffles and pancakes!
Blueberry vanilla waffles
Gluten free pumpkin waffles
Pancakes or waffles

Simple breakfast ideas:

  • Oatmeal w/2 sliced strawberries, 1 sliced peach, ground flax seeds
  • Quinoa w/ fresh blueberries, mango and ground flax seed
  • Soaked oatmeal (soaked overnight in non-dairy milk) with rasberries, sunflower seeds, blueberries, strawberries
  • Cold cereal , non-dairy milk, sliced up orange, sliced up grapefruit
  • Strawberries, blueberries, apples, dates chopped up + ground flax seed.
  • brown rice pudding: brown rice, non-dairy, vanilla, cinnamon, raisins, dates – heat up together.
  • white bean breakfast scramble: mix white beans, nutritional yeast, a little turmeric, spinach, mushrooms, tomato together in a pan (water fry) you can also add shredded potato for a hash-brown tasting meal.
  • sliced strawberries and bananas with sunflower seeds and ground flax
  • quick trail mix: sunflower seeds, raisins, dried chopped apples, dried cherries, dried peaches (make sure dried fruit has no oil or sugar added)
  • Applesauce (no sugar added) + 1 slice whole grain  bread w/ sunflower seed butter.
  • Potato breakfast taco’s – in a pan throw in some dice cooked potato’s, add beans and salsa, some spinach if you are feeling sassy – stick it in some corn tortillas.

What is your favorite breakfast?

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Ami Mackey for Engine 2
Ami Mackey

Ami Mackey is the Curator of Creative Content at Engine 2. She is also a food coach at Engine 2 and has been plant-strong since 2011. When she isn't attending to all things Engine 2, she is the Program Director at St Louis All City Boxing a nonprofit youth program. She has earned certificates from eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition & Fitness Nutrition from NASM.

  • William Daniel
    Posted at 11:45h, 16 September

    I was wondering if you have any recomendations on how I can significantly raise my NO level in my bloodstream to achieve all its benifits; ie dialate, increase the elasticity, and have its plaque reduction help clean out my system. I had a dstint installed three years past, am on your diet as completely as possible minus a few oils olive oil and wild Salmon oil. Thanks for any help. WD

  • Rinea Blanchard
    Posted at 14:33h, 29 April

    hi there, I love rhubarb, how can I incorporate this into my diet so I don’t miss out?

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