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28 Sep One Week

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A lot can happen in a week.

This week we have been running a 7 day immersion program in Texas. People from all over the country have come to learn how to become plant-strong.

It is always hard to describe these experiences to others. The week is jam packed with riveting lectures by the top educators in plant-strong education, food demos, inspirational stories, tons of great food at every meal, workouts and a lot of fun thrown in the mix. We go from about 6AM-9PM each day. The week is intense, emotional, joyful and powerful.

Each immersion that we do, we see results very quickly. We have in just a few days seen many reduce their medications drastically, some who have been able to drop their medicines completely. People go from being completely unsure to being 100% on board in the matter of a couple of days. The transformation is one that is almost impossible to describe.

We are incredibly honored to be part of this life changing week for so many people. We might just have the best jobs on the planet!

We’ve been a little off the radar this week, we’re in pretty remote location. We’ll be writing a lot more about the immersion and featuring some stories of people who were able to turn their lives around in just one week.

(our immersion group)

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Natala Constantine
  • Pamela Minett
    Posted at 15:33h, 28 September

    So inspiring!!!!

  • Elana
    Posted at 15:58h, 28 September

    Awesome! You guys are amazing!

  • Ana
    Posted at 16:00h, 28 September

    Have you ever had much interest in having an immersion in Canada? Will there be more events like this on that my husband and I could attend?

  • Kate Murray
    Posted at 10:04h, 29 September

    Indeed, the E2 Team is changing the planet, one immersion at a time!

  • Eddie Q
    Posted at 14:03h, 29 September

    I’m wondering why 7 day immersion
    program has been named. The word immersion is a strong word that
    correlates with baptism. I was a very religious person before till I was
    enlightened to ascertain that there is more to life than wait for great day (go
    to heaven) to come. There are more things to do in life like sharing time and energy
    to help others change their health life style. I’m not against any religion at
    all and I’m only describing myself to where I am now. Instead of the word immersion
    change it to enlightened, involvement, or engaging so that will
    sound a neutral word.

    • Suzi
      Posted at 14:38h, 29 September

      If you look up the definition of the word, you will find common uses other than baptism.
      b : absorbing involvement
      c : instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions that are native or pertinent to the object of study

      You obviously have some baggage with the word, but I do not think that is a common perspective.

  • Miss Jay
    Posted at 00:29h, 30 September

    Come on over to San Diego, Ca… This would be awesome!!

  • JT
    Posted at 11:19h, 03 October

    yes! please come to san diego or publish your immersion dates far enough ahead that I can clear space on my calendar! thanks

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