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Name our next book!

Hey E2ers!
I have a new book coming out in April of 2013 and we don’t have a great title yet. The new book contains two parts, just like The Engine 2 Diet. The first part is 35 arguments why plants rule (and meat eaters don’t), from “plants are plentiful in protein” to “real men and real women eat plants”. The second part of the book contains 150 plantastic plant-strong recipes. Any great title ideas? If your title is chosen, you will receive an Engine 2 goodie bag that will blow you away!! And you’ll be a Engine 2 Hero for life!!!
Thank you for being part of the Engine 2 family and for being plant-strong! Let’s change the health of this country together!!!

About the author

Engine 2 Team
The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

236 Responses to “Name our next book!”

  1. Tammy says:

    “Plant State of Mind,” “PlantNation,” “E2 – Facts and Food”

  2. Matt Keller says:

    Title options:

    “Plants Save Lives”

    “Plant Based Diet – It’s Easy”

    “Going Veg without going crazy”

    “Hooked on Plants”

  3. mary ellen gumerson says:

    So call the book LAST CHANCE TO LIVE
    If people don’t change the way they eat NOW it could be.
    Just finishing the Certification course at CORNELL on Whole Plant Based Nutrition and the evidence is overwhelming. no more than a 10% protein diet recommended. How do we get the FDA & USDA to listen to the fact’s?

    • Mel Parker says:

      Could you contact me? I’m interested in learning more about the Certification course you’re taking.

  4. Dan Spaeth says:


  5. Becky I. says:

    Name next book “Health & Fitness: ON FIRE!”

  6. Jess says:

    I thought it was going to be something about zombies! ;) LOL! You guys cracked me up on twitter yesterday.
    How about The Engine 2 Guide to becoming Plant-Strong?

  7. Star Norris says:

    Engine 2 Diet
    Be Plant Strong

  8. Harmony says:

    Keeping the engine running!

  9. Karrie Kirby says:

    How about simply PlantStrong.

  10. Glenda says:

    “Plant-Strong” “Change your diet, change your life.”

  11. Jill says:

    E2-revved up

  12. Alina Roche says:

    Plant-Strong Made Simple
    Plants for Life
    Be Strong, Plant-Strong

  13. Amy Repoff says:

    Here are a few I came up with but I know someone will come up with something better. Best wishes on the new book.

    Plant Strong: Protein without pain
    Plant Strong: Delicious food for life
    Healthy and Delicious: Get well for life

  14. Amy Repoff says:

    Or even Engine 2, second alarm?

  15. Nichole Johnson says:

    Living healthy and living long
    Why you should choose to live plant strong

  16. Chris says:

    E2 for Dummies
    E2: How to fix our healthcare system, naturally
    E2: Plant Strong versus Big Business (meat, dairy, drugs)
    E2: Changing your health one bite at a time

  17. Tina Lemna says:

    Putting out the fire with a plant based diet.

  18. I still like the name I told you in Providence, “Live-it, not Die-it, living the plant strong life.” :) Pick me!

  19. Aaron says:

    “Engine 2-Rekindle”

  20. Plant Your Health
    Plant Your Inner Health Garden
    Plant Your Way to Health
    Plants: Your Way to Health

  21. Susan Jeune says:

    E2 (squared)—written as a superscript.

  22. Gretchen says:

    Engine 2: Real men and women eat plants!
    E2 – eat plant strong

  23. Kim Carrothers says:

    Start Your Engine
    2 day

  24. Jo says:

    Engine2 Lifestyle – Bigger and Stronger….Just like us :)

  25. Jayne Russell Larkin says:

    Fuel & Rev YOUR ENGINE, TOO

  26. Heather Trupia says:

    I like the word you used in your description.. “Plantastic”!
    Plantastic: Eat Your Way to Health!

  27. Karen T. Pfeiffer says:

    The Engine 2 Diet – Plant Strong for Life

    Engine 2 – Not a Diet, A Lifestyle

    The Engine 2 Diet – The Healthy Choice for Life

  28. Elizabeth Bretthauer says:

    Oh wow… some of these are really good! Love “Plant One on Me”, Dan!

    PlantStrong for Life
    PlantStrong Living
    PlantStrong for Health
    Plant Life
    Health in Plants
    Or, I think Rip says it best with “REAL MEN (AND WOMEN!) EAT PLANTS”

    Also, could I request that the e-reader version have a hyperlinked table of contents for all recipes? I have E2 Diet on my kindle app for ipad and I constantly have to either search for a word in the recipe I’m looking for or scroll through all the pages rather than finding the recipe in the TOC and then jumping right there. Just a thought, thanks! :)

  29. Craig says:

    Plant Stronger
    Real People Eat Plants

  30. Steve Borough says:

    E2U: (Engine 2 University) A plant strong course to save your own life.

  31. Mario Gerhardt says:

    Plant Start your Engine!

  32. Rita Maria says:

    Eat Plants to Live
    Real People Eat Plants
    Want to live? Eat Plants!

  33. Rita Maria says:

    Enjoy Life. Eat Plants.

  34. Planting the seeds for better health

  35. Cindy Kaufman says:

    Plant-based Living: Your Source for Accurate Information and Inspired Eating!

    A Plantastic Life: The Guide to Being Successfully Plant-Based!

    The Plant-Based Club: You are are not weird and you are not alone!

    The Truth About Plant-Based Eating: Dispelling All the Myths!

  36. Mari Cohen says:

    Plant Based Energy to Fuel Your Life

  37. Bev Martin Hahler says:

    How about Engine 2 Diet – The sequel?
    Or How to be a E2 hero?
    Or E2 Diet – Live long and prosper!

  38. Naomi Ninneman says:

    Plant Power: How to Eat Plant Strong for Health and Happiness

  39. Felicia V says:

    “Plants rule, animals drool”
    “Better than a burger”
    “E2-Fueled by plants” or “E2-running on plants”
    “Strength by plants”
    “Taking over with plants”
    “Move over meat, I’m plant-strong”

  40. theresa says:

    Engine 2 Diet/ plants to the Rescue!

  41. Sue Bair says:

    Engine 2 Take 2: Ripped

  42. Chris says:

    Engine 2 – The Beet Goes On!

  43. Deitre says:

    The Plant Strong plan: healing the world one veggie at a time

  44. theresa says:

    maybe Engine 2 Diet/ plants 2 the rescue!

  45. Jennifer Collier says:

    Plant Strong Protein Power

    Plant Protein; its got what you need

    Plant based protein; getting back to basics

    engine 2 diet : productive and powerful plant based diet: why and hows

  46. Alison boorman- sears says:

    Plant strong to live long

  47. Liz says:

    Diet (word Diet crossed out with a big X)
    Way of Life
    Part II

  48. thatcrazyvegan says:

    Plant Strong the E2 Way: Facts and Fantastic Recipes

  49. Keleigh says:

    Veg Out!

  50. Kay says:

    PLANTastic Living

  51. Rich Exley says:

    Engine 2 Diet- Bunker Gear for your life

  52. Katie says:

    I have to agree with most;

    “Plant strong”
    E2′s guide to maintaining a
    plant strong lifestyle

    Have Plant strong designed to look like fruits and veggies

  53. Cori says:

    E2: Kale Rules!

    E2:Eating Plant Strong For Your Life

    E2:We Don’t Need No Stinking Meat!

    E2: How to Kick the Meat Addiction

  54. Susan says:

    E2-A plantastic defense against the inferno of disease

  55. jeanna robinson says:

    “Plant Power” – The E2 Route To A Powerfully Healthy Life!

  56. Lori Williamson says:

    Plants to the Rescue
    tags: (save yourself, save the animals, save the planet) or (Rediscovering health one bite at a time)

  57. Quinta Peterson says:

    Plant Rules Beet Meat

  58. Lisa says:

    E2 for Life Plantistic!
    The E2 Plantistic Diet
    Plantistic E2 Diet
    Live Strong with E2 Diet

  59. Suefro says:

    “Fired Up”
    E2D second shift


    “Jaws of Life”
    Extricating Animal Products from your Diet

  60. Change your health with plants!

  61. Lori Williamson says:

    The Root to Health
    (how being plant strong can save your life)

  62. Laurie S says:

    Heart Attack Proof

    (Live Long, Feel Great)

  63. Lori Williamson says:

    Chasing the Rainbow

    (how eating colorful plants will improve your health)

  64. Five Alarm Foods: This books could save your life; Ladder 1: 28 (or some other number) steps to better health; Plant Strong EMT (Every Meat is Toxic) and other rules to live by; Real Men (and badass women) eat plants: Plant strong success stories; Bunker Gear: Turn outs and turnips; Emergency Health Help: Hoses, Tanks, and Hooks should be used by firefighters not cardiologists; In case of emergency: break every food rule you’ve known up til now; Stop, Drop, and Roll: three things that may happen to you if you don’t eat a plant based diet; Fire Drill: Action Plan for plant based survival in a meat lovers world; AFD (on a maltese cross) words underneath: American Food is Dangerous

    OK, that’s about all I can come up with for now……


  65. julie slate says:



    [whoops, stuck on ED PSA]

  66. Michele P says:

    The Human Machine Survival Manual

  67. Michele P says:

    Bullet Proof

  68. lara acampora says:

    *it’s not easy eating green…til now!
    *lean, green, eating machine recipes
    *fire up ur kitchen…
    *ez e2 recipes
    *live long, eat strong…plant strong

  69. Michele P says:

    Plant-Strong 180

  70. julie slate says:

    Blow your horn PLANT STRONG blow my horn

  71. Michele P says:

    Get Real

  72. Joe Lohmeier says:

    The Engine 2 Inferno – Burning down the arguments against a Plant Strong diet

  73. Sarah says:

    I would take out the word Diet…

    I actually like your blog name…the Daily Beet

    Plant Strong for Life:Making Plant Strong living work for you!

    Choose Life with Plant Strong Living

    HT guide to plant strong living

  74. Sherry Masser says:

    Plant Strong – ReEngineered
    E2-First Aid for Life
    Re=Start Your Engines

  75. Kelly Jones says:

    Engine 2 = Facts + Food (squared) – based on E=mc(squared) with veggie picture shadowed behind “Facts” and utentils shadowed behind “Food”
    Engine 2 = F2(superscript): Facts & Food
    Engine 2′s Handbook for Health
    Engine 2′s: Facts on Food & Recipes for Life

  76. Dennis Smith says:

    name the new book, “Engine 2 Diet, Second Alarm” This will put out the call that we need more assistance to put out the blaze that is the “SAD” and help make mankind more Plant-Strong!

  77. David Meyer says:

    Plant Strong Diet for Superior Long-Term Health and Wellness
    “If fire fighters can do the plant-strong lifestyle…then anyone can!!!”

  78. The Good Looking Guys’ Guide to Eating Plant-strong

    The Good Looking Guys’ Guide to Staying Good Looking

    The Engine 2 Diet, Recipes for a Healthy Life

    The Engine 2 Diet, Get Fired Up!

    The Engine 2 Diet, Recipes to Fire You Up

    The Engine 2 Diet, Recipes to Flame Your Health

  79. Courtney says:

    I’m all about simplicity, and ‘plant strong’ is a sort of tagline that y’all use a lot, so “Eat Plant Strong”
    “Eating Plant Strong”
    “Go Plant Strong”
    “Living Plant Strong” (or “Plant Strong Living”)
    “Being Plant Strong”
    “The Plant Strong Life” (or “The Plant Strong Lifestyle”)

    Or maybe something like, “Plant Powered”

  80. Veronica Lamb says:

    This is how “real” men and woman eat!

    Tickle your tummy the E2 way

  81. jessica says:

    Something Better to eat

  82. Vikki says:

    Plant People Save the World.
    Plant People Change the World
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Eating Plants, But Were Afraid To Ask.

  83. Brenda says:

    Eat Plants, Lose Meat Fat!

  84. tina holtzclaw says:

    omg: only medical groceries or Calming the Fire or Rescue Yourself

  85. LeeAnn Ramey says:

    Call it “Engine 2 LIFE.”
    As a graphic designer, I think it is important to utilize equity you have in existing Engine 2 logo and since 1st book is Engine 2 DIET, 2nd one is Engine 2 LIFE. That allows the equity you’ve built with 1st book, web, etc to promote the new book. I would change cover color from red to …green! Then your 3rd book could be “Engine 2 _____” and a different color so they all have cohesive look. You could always add descriptive tagline under the title.

  86. Annie Flaherty says:

    Deaux Plant Power

  87. Christine Khoo says:

    The E2 Diet Truth or (“or” crossed-out and “and” written in)Dare Challenge: Learn the Truth about Food and Dare to be Plant-Strong

  88. Avital says:

    We want YOU!

  89. Lisa Irwin says:

    E2 – Not a Diet… a Lifestyle.

  90. mack says:

    I don’t like the word ‘diet’ either as it does imply something temporary to a lot of people ….

    RIP NOT R.I.P.
    ENGINE 2 – FROM SOUP TO NUTS …. the Plant Strong Lifestyle
    ENGINE 2 – PLANT STRONG .. putting ENERGY back into you and the planEt (with ‘e’ being inserted in to the top in different font)

  91. mack says:

    Engine 2 – THE BEET GOES ON

  92. Stephen says:

    Engine No 2 Diet: The Tree of Food Knowledge

    Engine No 2 Diet: The Next Branch

    Engine No 2 Diet: Climbing the Food Ladder

    Engine No 2 Diet: Plant Strong, Plant Stronger, Plant Strongest

  93. Debby says:

    Engine 2 Diet: You’ve Got The Power To Be Plant Strong
    Engine 2 Diet: The Power To Be Plant Strong

  94. Suefro says:

    E2D – smile and say “trees”

  95. Dan says:

    E2 : Plant Strong
    Life Changing

  96. Suefro says:

    E2D – CPR
    Complete Plant Revolution


    Heart 2 Heart

  97. Suefro says:

    E2D – Exposé and Examine

  98. Patricia Hansen says:


  99. Patricia Hansen says:

    I agree with the comment about keeping Engine 2 in it to maintain continuity. So…

    Engine 2: Food From the Ground Up

  100. Tammy says:

    How about something like “E2 – second course” or “911: How Plants Can help YOU Save YOUR life” and have the ’911′ made entirely of veggies?

  101. Gayle P says:

    E2 For a Plant-Strong You

    • JoycieB says:

      wow, Gayle. I just wrote mine which is so close to yours and I swear I didn’t read it first! We are just on the same wavelength!

  102. JoycieB says:

    E2 4 U: More Strategies for a Plant-Strong Lifestyle!

  103. Cat Zirkle says:

    Plant Strong Eating Habits that Cure Disease

    I believe to get the normal consumer to want to read this information, you got to get in their face with some serious words like “cure”. The word “diet”iIs just scary because most think it means to take away.

  104. Chad says:

    Some more suggestions:

    E2 Thrives Again

    PlantStrong – Live Strong

    Plants Rule – Meats Drool

    Eat PlantStrong – Get Ripped!

    Engine 2: Plant Strong Search and Rescue

  105. lani says:

    PLANTastic Life

  106. Suefro says:

    Rip 1
    The Gastronomist

  107. Terri says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen….Start Your Engines!

  108. Tammy says:

    “Hale to Kale”

  109. Tammy says:

    7 year old’s input “Having a Healthy Happy Life” with a speech bubble with Rip saying “not dying of cancer or heart disease.” [all this based on his experience of meeting and listening to Rip this past week at Whole Foods.]

  110. Tammy says:

    “E2… Living a Whole Foods, Whole Life”

  111. Michele says:

    Plant Power: The Engine 2 Way to Vibrant Health

  112. Bev says:

    E-2 To the Rescue

  113. Wanda Tomlinson says:

    My name suggestion is “Plant Ahead – E2 Diet Continues”

  114. Mary Jane Byman says:

    Engine 2 Rescue Diet

  115. The Protein Myth: 35 science-based arguments for a PlantStrong diet

    It’s the food dummy: how to reverse disease, obesity, and a shortened life span with plants.

    Food Bourne Epidemic: why the SAD is making you obese, impotent, and diabetic.

  116. K.M. Hall says:

    Plants to the rescue ….

    E 2 diet : The First Responder – how a plant strong diet can save your life

  117. julie slate says:

    Engine 2
    High and Mighty

  118. Jim Pollock says:

    “RIP IT”

  119. Cindy says:

    Not just for the brontosaurus anymore~

  120. Steph says:

    Engine 2: The Lifestyle That Will Save Your Life

  121. Kara Glenn says:

    Engine 2 : Eat Your Way To Health

    Engine 2: Plant Health, Wealth & Happiness

    E2 : Eat Plant Strong To Live Long!

    More later. Need kale to think.

  122. Holly Sutton says:

    “Everything you always wanted to Know about Whole Plant Based Foods, But were a afraid to ask…….

  123. michelle says:

    Rip, when you were in Rhode Island, you mentioned a title, and we all went crazy over it. I wished I wrote it down, as it was perfect..I hope you remember it….

  124. Linda says:

    E2 : Power Plant

  125. Marcia says:

    Plant Strong

  126. Stacey says:

    I like a lot of these. Some people are so creative. How about:

    Save the Planet; Save Yourself; Eat Plants

    Poop Daily, and Feel Awesome- Go Plant Strong

    Feel Better than You Ever thought was Possible

    Plants Rock! Be Plant Strong, and You will too!

  127. Kate says:

    No suggestions but I’m having a great laugh over some of the ones listed.

  128. Anu says:

    Engine 2 Diet: Plant Strong Revelations and Recipes

  129. Deana D says:

    Plant-Strong for Life

  130. elaine o'connell says:

    My title thought is:
    No Beef – Be Plant Strong

  131. Lesley says:

    “Be Your Own Hero”
    “The Engine 2 Guide To Rescuing Yourself”

  132. Theresa Rij says:

    Ideas for your new book title:

    1. The Cure
    2. Eat! Plants! Live!
    3. Eating to Cure Food-Borne Illness
    4. Plant Strong & Living Long – The Book

    My favorite is #2.

    Whatever you title the book I’ll buy it!

  133. Ellen Ritt says:

    E2: The plant perfect way to regain your health

  134. Karen says:

    The Engine 2 Lifestyle: Lose weight, Get Ripped, Reverse Disease

  135. Sherry says:

    The Engine 2 Lifestyle Makeover
    (Live plant strong for a lifetime of good health)

  136. Plant Yourself Strong

  137. Allison says:

    Live long…..Plant-Strong!!

  138. Colleen says:

    Since I’ve been listening to Whitney Houston lately:

    Plant Strong: Where Broken Hearts Go

  139. Dan Carrothers says:

    Engineered to Pump you Up

  140. Mare says:

    Not A False Alarm: Plant Strong to Live Long!

  141. Steve says:

    Do Your Health a Favor

  142. Sara says:

    Beet Up Meat!

  143. Ginny says:

    Try this for your title:

    Five Alarm Foods

  144. Art "Plant Strong" Smith says:

    How To Change Your Numbers…and Save Your Life
    Life In The Green Lane
    Healthy Living For The Soul
    HELL (Healthy Eating to Live Longer) Up Close

  145. bo says:

    Engine 2 – Power Plants

  146. Karlie says:

    Plant the seed of health.

    Chew on this: why plants surpass meat.

  147. Larry says:

    Engine 2 Diet- Second Alarm

  148. Karlie says:

    Replant: switching from meat corruption to plant stamina.

    Plant prime.

    Plant stamina.

  149. Deanna says:

    Fire up your Engine!

  150. Rileen says:

    Beet over meat

    Plant To Succeed

    The Plant Prescription: Taking back America’s health from the farming(killing) factories

    Meat is so yesterday

    Why eat animals when you could be healthy instead?

    The seeds of survival

    E2, Enabled – how the engine 2 diet/lifestyle empowers you, and 150 recipes to help you live it

  151. Cathy says:

    Engine 2 Plant Strong Rescue

  152. Adam says:

    “Engine 2: Live Long Plant Strong”

  153. Adam says:

    “Engine 2: Healthy Living from Plant to Plate”

  154. Donna says:


  155. Karlie says:

    Power plant: why meat is harmful and why you should switch.

  156. susan fresia says:

    Engine 2 Diet:Second Helping is my suggestion.

  157. Mari Cohen says:

    The ENGINE 2 DIET:
    Plant Based Energy to Fuel Your Life

  158. Karlie says:

    Planted: give meat a rest and feel your best!

  159. Your mother was right: It’s all about the vegetables!

  160. SueF says:

    Plant yourself in good health

  161. Ginny says:

    Rev Your Engines!

  162. Josee Gagnon says:

    How 2 keep your Engine runnin’ smoothly.

  163. Sue in Tennessee says:

    PlantStrong: Is It Really This Easy?

  164. Stu says:

    Your Engine 4 Diet or The Engine 4 Diet

  165. Mary says:

    Engine 2
    Reasons & Recipes For A Wholistic Lifestyle

  166. Judy says:

    The Plant Strong Path-
    Way to a long, strong, healthy lifestyle

  167. Lisa says:

    Engine 2 for Life

  168. ewlake says:

    PLANTy to Talk About – PLENTy of Plant-Strong Eating Tips and Recipes

  169. Brandy Bushman says:

    You’re a What? : Learn How 2 Eat 2 Live.

  170. Kay Maston says:

    Title: Eat 2 Fit!

  171. jill commins says:

    Engine 2 Diet Volume 2
    This way you can write book after book and I can gave them on my shelf like encyclopedias. Love the red and gold I would keep that the same.

  172. Emily says:

    A Plantastic Voyage
    Plant-Strong for Life
    Live Plant-Strong
    Plant Nation
    This Is Your Body On Plants
    Plants Do A Body Good

  173. Frances Mitchell says:

    PLANTKIND a play on the word Mankind

  174. Frances Mitchell says:

    PLANTKIND: How Plants Affect Mankind

  175. Mary Coram says:

    “Plants Rule and You’ll Drool”: The Nutritional Lifestyle Change to Transform Your Health and Your Waist Without Losing Taste”

    “Simply Plant”

    “Engine 2 Health Fire”: Putting Out Dangerous Diseases with Plant Based Nutrition

  176. Sharalyn Fichtl says:

    E2 II
    Meat The New plant-strong You

  177. Mary Coram says:

    “‘Beet’ Me to Farmer’s Market” (E2 Redux Plus)

  178. Sue Miller says:

    Start Your Engines: E2 to the Rescue


    Start Your Engines: E2 Revolution


    E2 and You: Plant-Strong For Life

  179. Alexis McConnell says:

    Seeds We Sow

  180. Amanda says:

    Extinguishing the Myths and Rescuing Your Health

    Plant Strong for Living Long

  181. Mary Faron says:

    Engine 2: Powered By Plants

    (I also like someone else’s Engine 2 LIFE suggestion)

  182. Mary Faron says:

    Also, Engine Act 2: Powered By Plants

  183. Tim Salin says:

    Plants Rule the why and how

  184. Kim says:

    STOP DROP & ROLL! (OR Plant) Get FIRED UP Repair and reverse our addications, before you CODE. Get back to the basics and learn the importance of eatting the RIGHT way.

  185. Betsey Stauffer says:

    1. Plants Are Plentiful
    2. Eat Without Meat

  186. Jen says:

    Rip’s Recipe for Health

  187. Darlene says:

    My suggestions for the book title are:

    “Have Plants ~ Will Eat” “Engine 2 ~ Eat 4 Life” “Plant Strong ~ Live Long”

    or “Live Long by being Plant Strong”

    Good Luck. I’m sure it will be great by what ever name it goes by!!

  188. Kris says:

    Looks like many of mine are already here . . . so . . . this is the remaining one on the list

    Live Long Plant Strong

  189. Teresa says:

    Green Hero – Engine 2′s Simple Steps For a Healthier Life

  190. Russ says:

    Engine 2 The Rescue! Put out the fire of obesity and bad health!

  191. Brooke says:

    Get Real, Eat Plants
    Get Real Plant Strong

  192. Monica says:

    Plant Powered: Why you should eat plant strong, and how to do it.

  193. Rachel Gardiner says:

    Living Plant-Strong!

  194. Dino R. says:

    My book title suggestions are:
    Engine 2 diet: and then one of the following subtitles below.

    No heavy lifting required.
    No experience required.
    The bipartisan way to better health.
    It’s good to be green.
    Hardcore plantasy.
    Green emersion.
    You can’t go wrong with plant-strong.
    Green is the new black.
    Green up!
    The Jolly Green diet.
    Green, clean and lean.
    P.S. (Plant-Strong) I love you!
    Green health, inner wealth.
    Dino R.

  195. Al Anderson says:

    Engine 2 – The Firefighter’s guide to better nutrition
    Rescue yourself from heart-disease, Erectile Disfunction and many forms of cancer.

    Engine 2
    The New [plant strong] American Diet
    Lose weight and feel great

    Real Men Eat Plants
    Live Longer & Stronger

  196. Rob Packard says:

    Engine 2 -THE RESCUE AGAIN!
    Fighting to improve your health with food

  197. Judy Chaffee says:

    Stop, Drop, Reap…
    By-line: The Texas Firefighter’s Emergency Plan For You!

  198. Clare C. says:

    More Engine 2: The Ladder to Health

    Engine 2 Saves Your LIfe: Plant Happy, Plant Strong

  199. Brian says:

    “Plant Strong!” I think the exclamation point is essential.

  200. William Ewe says:

    From a Fellow Firefighter – NJ

    Engine 2 Diet’s – 2nd Alarm

    Plant Facts and Recipies that Rescue

  201. Cathy says:

    Putting out the Fire: Relieve Inflammation and Reverse Disease with the Engine 2 Diet

  202. Clare C. says:

    Engine 2 by the Numbers: 35 Reasons to Go Plant Strong, 150 Recipes to Make it Easy and Fun

  203. chickpeafreak says:

    “Engine 2 to the Rescue”
    “Got Plants?”
    “Hail to the Kale [and other plants too]”
    “The Real Slant on Plants”

  204. Rich Travis says:

    ‘The Little Engine 2 That Will Continue To!’

  205. Mariah says:

    E2: Going Green For Life!

  206. Mariah says:

    E2 : Approved!

  207. Sandy Kimerer says:

    How about these:

    Carnivore to “Plant”ivore -”# of “steps to save your life

    Mom was right all along- Eat your Veggies

    The Meat Eaters Death Trap & How to Escape It

    Kick the Carnivorous Habit!

  208. Gwen Taylor-Patricio says:


    even something like this

    E2DII: Raging
    E2DII: Taming The Flames
    E2D2: Raging
    E2D2: Taming the Flames

  209. Gwen says:

    After taking another look at The Engine 2 Diet and listening to some of your youtube videos, a simple title came to mind….

    The Engine 2 Lifestyle.

  210. chris gaiero says:

    Eat Plants for Life.

  211. Heather Borders says:

    E2 Diet: It’s just like a mini mall. Just kidding.

    How about
    E2 Diet: The Intended Evolution
    E2 Diet: The Intentional Evoloution
    E2 Diet: Animals: They just aren’t that into you
    E2 Diet: Evolution, Take 2 OR Evolution Do-over

  212. Libby says:

    Someone else probably already thought of this, but it came to mind while lifting weights at the gym last night… I looked in the mirror and thought:


  213. Nancy says:

    You already had the title:

    (and Women)
    Eat Plants!

    Too bad the cover of the book cannot do a video of you demonstrating the difference of men who eat plants and men that do not.

  214. Michelle Engle says:

    Be Plant Strong and Beat Your Food Addiction

  215. Colleen says:

    Plant Strong: How to Redefine and Redescover Food

    Plant Strong: Why It’s Not A “Fad”

  216. Debbie K says:

    The Engine 2 Decision- Why plants rule and Meat Eater’s Don’t

  217. Chris says:

    Be/become plantstrong with Engine 2 –
    150 new recipes to fire up your life

  218. Juliana O'Brien says:

    Plant Strong: How to Get What You Want By Eating What You Need

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