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My Engine 2 Retreats Experience: Carrie

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We just announced our Engine 2 Retreats schedule for 2014 and we hope to meet you in 2014! We’ve got an incredible line-up. 

Today we hear from E2-er, Carrie who attended one of our Engine 2 Events and has had tremendous success, and is still going!


“I did not have any expectations of what the retreat experience would be like. I had never been to anything of the sort. This experience was going to be a personal adventure and what could happen in a little ol week…….well…change of life!

I was not nervous or afraid to go but I was nervous and afraid of whether I would be able to keep up. Being over weight I was afraid there would be a lot of health conscious, fit, attendees and that I would be embarrassed. I had spent the year prior unable to walk due to surgery and have issues in that respect. Needless to say, it was not an issue, just a big happy family.

There were so many things I took away! I learned so much everyday but I still remember the word endothelial cells and what happens. I follow the nutrition advice given, everyday! I now know that a person does not have to eat every dish from the meal line up, and to loose more weight it is better to keep portions in check. In watching the the entire team  just let loose and enjoy life. Eating a healthy diet and exercise allows one to do just that.


I had the time of my life at the retreat, I would do it again in a heartbeat! There was so much information to digest it would be really nice to revisit at this point to reconfirm thoughts and questions and to share experiences with others. It was the first time I had the opportunity to conquer some personal challenges.

I’ve experienced so many changes! Of course anything having to do with food. I am a chef and a foodie, our previous way of life was to eat out at gourmet restaurants often. Every night I would prepare fancy meals with all of the sauces and trimmings. I am really having fun learning to cook all over, at work and at home. I now try to bring more exercise into daily life, I really battle this!

I’ve had so many great results.  I weighed 228lbs and now I weigh 175. Since the retreat I have lost about 40 lbs:). My cholesterol has gone from 163 to 123 HDL 55 to 35, LDL 91 to 65 and TR 149 to 117. I also went off of my blood pressure medication. I have gone down 4 sizes and now have the dilemma of shopping in new areas in the department stores, I did not realize how hard that would be!”

Congratulations Carrie!

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  • Leah

    Congratulations Carrie! This is totally inspiring! Thanks for sharing your personal story and an insight into how big of a difference it can make to do a retreat full of supportive new friends on the same journey! As someone who also loves to cook, I agree with you, re-learning and learning new recipes is so much fun! :)

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