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Mercersburg Engine 2 Story in the News

Dr. Elizabeth George of Mercersburg — a small, historic town in southern Pennsylvania with around 1300 residents — is on a mission to help her community bridge the gap between healthy nutrition and physical wellness. Having witnessed an alarming increase in childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease in patients visiting her clinic, she wanted to do her part in helping Mercersburg make a change.

After reading Rip’s Engine 2 Diet and learning that he attended and swam for Mercersburg Academy in high school — she determined he was the perfect spokesperson to lead a PlantStrong community makeover in Mercersburg, creating a model for nutrition wellness outreach in small towns everywhere.

Pennsylvania T.V. station, WGAL, traveled to Mercersburg to discover what compelled dozens of people from all walks of life in Mercersberg to get PlantStrong with Engine 2!

See the complete video here.

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  1. Virginia Hewgley says:

    Thanks for your work and for your fantastic book!!! I had been eating a healthy, whole foods diet for many years, participating in a CSA and growing some of our own vegetables at a community garden plot. I was exercising 2-4 times per week. I was doing all the “right” things by western standards. Then why was I still 30 pounds overweight? I have been struggling with my weight all my life, but even more so since I turned 40 five years ago.
    I read most of Dr. Joel Furhman’s books about 1 year ago and began to implement the dietary changes he suggests. The weight started to come off, but very slowly. However, I found many of his recipes didn’t meet my taste standards (I love to cook and entertain) and my children, who are great at eating vegetables were complaining. I was finding the new diet unsustainable.
    Recently, someone recommended your book and it has been a godsend! Your recipes are practical and delicious, great for weekday meals. And you’ve got all the kid’s favorites–sloppy joes, enchiladas, fettucine alfredo, mac and cheese, etc. And I discovered that my problem has been olive oil, too many nuts and avocados, and not enough grains. I am completely off all the high fat plant foods now, not using any olive oil to cook, and eating more whole grains. I feel great and don’t even worry about the weight anymore; I know it will come off. I have so much more energy that I feel like being active. We are clycling 10 miles to school 2 days per week now. I’ve crossed “The Rubicon” and will never go back to consuming animal products. I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to figure it out (and I’ve probably read at least 100 nutrition books in the process and didn’t come across this information until now). Better late than never. The next 45 years are bound to be fantastic! Thank you for getting this message out and making it so accessible. Your book cuts through all the detailed scientific explanations and gets to the essential points necessary to live a plant strong life on a daily basis. You’ve also demystified the label reading process. I was missing the fat gram part. Now I don’t buy anything with more than 3 grams of fat per serving. I am very grateful for the work of your entire family. You lead by example and give me the motivation necessary to make this choice for myself and my family. With best wishes and gratitude, Virginia Hewgley

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