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31 Dec Let's start 2010 with a plant-bold bang!

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Jump in!

Jump in!

Engine 2 is wishing you all the best as the new year unfolds.

Protect your #1 asset…your health!!



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Rip Esselstyn

As a firefighter for the Austin Fire Department, he helped people and saved lives. As a friend to other firefighters, he transformed the way Austin ’s Engine 2 firehouse ate in order to save a firefighting brother’s health. Now, as the author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip is teaching people the irrefutable connection between what they put in their mouths and their ability to reach their ideal weight and their ideal health.

  • Patty Moynahan/Jim Grubbs
    Posted at 19:24h, 02 January

    Hi Rip,

    I just today discovered yr book via a New Yorker article about John Mackey of Whole Foods. Congratulations on obvious success w/ the book!

    I used to swim w/ Bynam at the Hills and the Weiss sisters, both for several years, in the days when you were in the fast lane and I was in the slow-to-middle lane). Then I married an old high school buddy, and we’re now living in Virginia.

    My husband, Jim, and I are in our early sixties. For a couple of yrs, we’ve been thinking about eating a plant-based diet. Your story and book have inspired us to give it a try. We’re pretty fit and active, but there’s always room for improvement. We have reserved a copy of yr book at the Denver Whole Foods (where we’ll be for the next week, babysitting grandkids), and look forward to giving your program a try.

    Best wishes for continued success. You are doing good work for the planet!

    Patty Moynahan

  • Steve Hulsey
    Posted at 11:48h, 06 January

    I downloaded the e book on my Kindle and read with great interest. I had already become interested in a healthier diet by reading Jillian Michaels book and was a follower of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, Tom Venuto. The problem with all of these books (for me) is that they just don’t construct a meal plan that is easy to follow. I have lost weight on packaged vegan foods that are micronutritionally balanced but found it impossible to maintain. I am 58 years old, desk job, burnt out on the gym, at least 50 lbs overweight and have all great stats with no real physical problems (other than a mild case of arthritis). I guess what I’m saying is, “How do I get this party started”? Grab and go foods are best for me. Anyone have a 28 day meal plan that might help?



  • Terrie
    Posted at 23:10h, 13 February

    I live in Egypt where the original cuisine of beans and veggies has been replaced by lots of palm oil cooked meats, etc. Getting back to basics is easy since beans and veggies are plentiful, just not the order of the day.
    Fast food outlets and the “western” way have taken over here too.
    Young people want to be hep. High blood pressure and cholesterol are now words used as never before. Diabetes and cancer are the norm now and not the exception. Your articles and comments made me realize that I need to re-evaluate and get back to the land, so to speak. Thx

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