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Jonathon’s Story: What Happened in 3 Months.

A1C before and after!

Three months on our new plan I’ve been through highs and lows on the Forks Over Knives / Engine 2 plan / Plant-based eating plan. Some days I am discouraged that I haven’t lost more weight, others I am disappointed when trying to eat around others. A couple of days ago, I changed my outlook.

I am a late onset, type 1 diabetic. Over the last 7 years, my sugars run the gauntlet from controlled, to okay, to wildly out of control. Three months ago, my A1C was at 9.5. A1C represents a three-month average of your blood sugar level. The target for diabetics is below 7. She wrote the 9.5 and the big blue line. My Endo was a bit disappointed, talked to me about control and if I wanted to start on a pump. I mentioned starting an Engine 2 style of eating but she didn’t seem too interested. I left a bit down but still determined to see how well the ForksOverKnives and Engine 2 eating plan would work.

My next appointment included my yearly full blood work up including cholesterol and a bunch of other things that my wife can pronounce but I cannot. My doc walked in and seemed a bit more excited. She noticed I lost 20lbs over the last three months. She started talking to me about my blood sugar control and I mentioned having a number of lows over the last three months. Too low, feel faint She started typing away, frowning a bit, and asked me about the pump again. She then started going over my blood work. She started nodding and said that, “everything looked pretty good.” I reduced my LDL from 111 to 64, my cholesterol risk ratio was very good at 2.8, and my overall cholesterol was 118. All good. For some reason she seemed stoic about the whole list. She called her assistant in and asked her to do an A1C on me. A few minutes later, we received the results. I noticed that she perked up a bit and looked at me with a smile. She said, “Your A1C is 5.7.” I was floored, from 9.5 to 5.7 in three months?

My A1C was in the range of non-diabetics? YES! She said that in her years of practice she had never seen an established diabetic drop their A1C that much in three months. We went on to talk about the details of my eating plan. I mentioned that we use recipes from the Engine 2 site and kicked off our new plan by watching the Forks Over Knives movie. I spoke about other research we’ve done to make sure the whole family is okay on the plan. She started getting more into our discussion, mentioning that current studies show that a low-fat vegetable and fruit-based diet shows no drawbacks for children. She then asked how extreme I became with my eating.

I mentioned that if you asked me three months ago, very extreme. Now that I taste the food I used to eat, see the benefits, and notice our kids loving the fruits and vegetables, I don’t believe I am extreme.  I went on to mention that I cut out both refined and artificial sweeteners, try to live without sodium, and do not use oil. She seemed surprised but given the results, I should tell others about the changes we made. I’ve called my dad (who said he is now convinced), spoke with my mom, spread the story around our church, and surprised a few others with my story. Most people want to know more and ask for the Engine 2 site and the name of the Forks Over Knives movie. Our shopping lists and dining out places look different, but given the results, I believe our plan continues to move us in the right direction.

Congratulations Jonathon!

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19 Responses to “Jonathon’s Story: What Happened in 3 Months.”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Jon, congratulations on your results! This again is an awesome tribute the all the good that a plant strong diet can you…and you are walking, breathing proof! Keep up the great work…it’s very inspiring!

  2. Ami Mackey says:

    That’s great news Jonathon! Keep up the good work and keep spreading the news by being the example!

  3. JenO says:

    Awesome Jonathon! Great to hear that your entire family has adopted this – major acomplishment that you should be so proud of! Stick to your guns…appreciate you sharing your story as it is very motivating!

  4. Sara Mader says:

    That’s great! My father also has type 1 diabetes. He has had it for 31 years and has had all kinds of dietary advice from doctors and nutritionists. I asked him to cut out his 2 glasses of milk a day and replace with almond milk. He has done that and is vegan for breakfast and lunch. I think he still eats meat at dinner but not everyday and not much. His A1C was below 7 last time he went to the doctor as well! And he said that between breakfast and lunch his blood sugars are much more stable. (Additionally, he is on the pump and loves it). I am hoping for both of you that this diet continues to make a difference!

  5. Very inspiring, Jonathon! Impressive numbers!!!

  6. alisa says:

    That’s amazing! I love stories like this. Especially a T1 diabetic. Usually you hear about T2s. Great job!

  7. That is so exciting!!! Just the story I need to inspire me to get started on my Plant Strong journey

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Plant-strong rocks! Good luck on your journey to good health!

  9. Yvonne says:

    Very inspiring Jonathan!

  10. shirley says:

    Way to go, Jonathan! I’ve been plant-based for 4+ years and went from Type II Diabetic to No Diabetes !!! in just three weeks! Feels darn good, doesn’t it??

  11. plantstrongS says:

    Great job, Jonathon! That was very encouraging. Keep eating plant-strong!

  12. Colleen says:

    Rock On Jonathon! Thanks so much for sharing your success and struggles. They are a true encouragement!

  13. ROBIN says:


  14. Jennifer Williams says:

    That is awesome! Stay Plant Strong!

  15. Marg says:

    You are doing sacred work by honouring and respecting what your body is telling you! This is amazing!

  16. logib says:

    Great work, millions of people need to hear your story !!!

  17. Denise says:

    Great work! Seeing the numbers change really is proof that all of your hard work made the difference! Keep it up. Good for you for getting your family headed in the right direction.

  18. VC says:

    Great work Jonathan! This is day 1 of our 28 day challenge (rest of life). My husband is a type 2 diabetic and my 9 year old daughter with Down syndrome is overweight and unhealthy. This is a lifestyle change for the entire family. Your story gives me the hope to keep them motivated! Thanks for sharing!

  19. LP says:

    Hi Johathan! Congratulations! I am also a type 1, and wondering how you cover your additional carbohydrates? Are you planning ahead and covering 30 minutes or so before a meal? Do you have any tips for other type 1′s that are embarking on this plant based trek?

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