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12 Jan Healthy as a horse?

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Today we have a rather unique success story.

“I know you’ll think this is a crazy connection, but soon after I started E2, a friend of mine in England showed me videos of her horse who had developed a lameness called “stringhalt.” He’d become unridable and she her vet wasn’t giving her much in the way of options except an expensive surgery or euthanasia.

I’ve never met this friend or her horse in person, but as a veterinarian (of small animals, none the less) who was elbow deep in kale with E2, I was intrigued and started looking into a possible nutritional link to stringhalt. And there is a one. A BIG one.  In a crazy way, stringhalt is due to the equine version of the SAD in heavily-muscled horses, caused by eating too much starch (grains) and not enough grass hay in horses that are genetically predispositioned to it (more than half of draft horses and many quarter horses).

I am happy to report my friend’s horse is now completely sound after 3 months on his new “Equine E2” diet.  Thank you. The “six degrees of separation” phenomenon is pretty amazing. As is E2!”



Thanks for sharing Laura. We are glad your friends horse is doing well now!

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Engine 2 Team
Engine 2 Team

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  • Carlanna Leung
    Posted at 12:13h, 12 January

    What a wonderful story and very perceptive of Laura to think there might be a nutrition answer .

  • Star Norris
    Posted at 07:45h, 13 January

    I love this story. I’m so glad that Equine E2 diet saved his life.

  • Jose
    Posted at 13:14h, 15 January

    Interesting, because I suffer from tendonitis in both hands and arms. I’ve had tendon reconstruction after they popped in my left hand. My calf muscles swell and become so stiff that I limp and drag my feet. Years ago I had minor surgery in my front calf muscles to cut open the facia so that my tibialis anteerior muscle could expand and I could walk without pain.
    Drs. have never given me a straight answer. Could it be that, perhaps, this is a nutritional problem as it was with the horse?

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