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Guest post by Healthy Eating Specialist, Curtis! Simplicity, Making the Plant-Strong Lifestyle Work!

(did you know that Einstein was plant-strong?)

Simplicity: Making the Plant-Strong Lifestyle Work

So you’ve read “The Engine 2 Diet”, seen “Forks Over Knives” and maybe even taken the 28 Day Challenge at your local Whole Foods Market.  How can you make a Plant-Strong lifestyle work day to day? How can you always have delicious, nutrient packed, satisfying meals prepared to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle?

One huge key to success is to be prepared.

Health Starts Here

Go shopping and stock up on all of the foods that will keep you going Plant-Strong. Always keep lots of fruits and vegetables on hand for snacking and recipes, but in addition, keep your kitchen loaded with non-perishable ingredients to keep you prepared.

A basic pantry list would look something like this:

-Frozen Vegetables- your favorites!

-Frozen Fruits -

-Canned Beans- No Salt!

-Canned Tomatoes- No Salt!

-Whole Grains (quinoa, barley, oats, buckwheat, etc.)

-Brown Rice

-Whole Wheat Pasta (or Brown Rice Pasta)

-Dried Fruit- No sugar or oil added!

-Nuts- No salt!

-No salt added Spice Mixes- All of your favorites

-Low sodium vegetable broth

-Alternative milk- Unsweetened!

These items also happen to be some of the least expensive foods in the store so not only will you stay on track, but you will save a ton of money. If you want to take the savings to another level, buy dried beans from the bulk section instead of canned. Find a great versatile recipe that is quick, delicious, and satisfying.

The key to long term success living a whole foods, plant based lifestyle is to make it work day to day. By staying prepared, keeping meal preparation simple, and developing a healthy routine, living a healthy lifestyle is a breeze.

Be Well and Stay Plant-Strong,

Curtis Whitwam

Healthy Eating Specialist

Whole Foods Market, Tampa


Curtis Whitwam is the Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market, Tampa, Fl. Whole Foods Tampa regularly holds Engine 2 28 Day Challenges. For more information about Healthy Eating Classes and support please visit your local Whole Foods Market.

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The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

7 Responses to “Guest post by Healthy Eating Specialist, Curtis! Simplicity, Making the Plant-Strong Lifestyle Work!”

  1. Ronald says:

    The problem is the vegan eating can be very expensive at the same time. Also, the recipes tend to not be simple as well. Although books like the Engine 2 Diet and other books are a step in the right direction in our time starved world.

    • You should also check out Lindsay Nixon’s 2 cookbooks “Happy Herbivore” and “Everyday Happy Herbivore” and her blog. Her recipes are simple and very budget friendly. Believe me, I’m very cheap, errrr, I mean frugal. :)

  2. Mary mygreendiet.com says:

    I definitely agree the place to start is in a well stocked kitchen. Get the right stuff and get rid of the temptation. I would add raw local honey, and grade B real maple syrup to that list!

  3. Holly ward says:

    I agree this lifestyle needs to be easy & fun with regards to recipies. I just received pampered chef’s vegitarian cookbook in the mail…lots of easy recipies!

  4. Holly ward says:

    I found through the 28 day challenge I am allergic to soy. Any feedback would be helpful, thanks!

  5. Liz says:

    It sucks, but isn’t impossible to live plant-strong without soy. Fortunately there are a lot of non-soy alternative milks. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my favorite. My dad loves rice milk. Try a couple (always reading the nutrition label, of course) and see which you like best. Staying away from processed foods and meat analogs (veggie burgers, etc.) is key if you’re avoiding soy. Be sure to read ingredient lists carefully. A lot of products contain soy protein, soy lecithin, etc. Fortunately, a plant-strong diet teaches you to read nutrition labels pretty carefully …

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