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21 Oct Good news from John in Austin!

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We thought it would be great to start ending the week with some good news! Each week we’ll be featuring someones good health news. The media is filled with so much bad health news, it is time for that to change! If you would like to share how Engine 2 has helped change your health, please send us an e-mail: engine2family@gmail.com

Today the good news comes from John:

I’m 56 years old. Like any well read person, I’ve heard decade’s worth of claims from vegetarians and vegans about how a plant based lifestyle would cure all physical illnesses, save the planet and have all the world’s people holding hands and singing kumbaya.  Needless to say, I am skeptical of what any true believer has to say.

After seeing the movie Forks over Knives and verifying the scientific consensus behind the health claims, I decided to conduct a three month no-oil, vegan experiment.

It’s actually been four months now, rather than three.  I was so pleased, I decided to keep going. I’ve lost 70 pounds. My total cholesterol is now 109.  My hemoglobin A1c has gone from 7.8% to 6.3% (diabetics who understand this number will be very impressed).  I’m no longer taking insulin, Actos or Lipitor.

Like most mainstream American physicians, my doctor seemed a little skeptical that nutrition alone could do all of this.  Still, his advice was “Whatever the hell you’re doing, keep doing it!”

I am not an overly modest person. If deserved, I would love to pat myself on the back and congratulate myself for my incredible self-discipline.  The problem is that it hasn’t been hard.  I haven’t had the expected craving for that 16 oz. rib eye steak (at three months, I celebrated by having a small whole wheat crust, no-cheese veggie pizza).  I think that plunging 100% into a no-oil, vegan lifestyle is probably easier than trying to do it incrementally.

I plan to lose another 45 pounds.  If my hemoglobin A1c drops below 5.9% and remains there (my plan), according to accepted medical definitions, I won’t be considered diabetic.

Forks over Knives was my inspiration; the Engine 2 Diet has been my bible (which, I guess, makes Rip Esselstyn the prophet?)”

-John L, Austin TX

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Engine 2 Team
Engine 2 Team

The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

  • David
    Posted at 10:43h, 21 October

    I have been vegetarian and almost vegan for 6 weeks after watching FOK. I have to get more serious about the vegan part. Our whole family is now vegan, 4 kids. It is amazing how fast the kids have adapted to the diet. Keepin’ it going…

  • Valerie Cartwright
    Posted at 10:54h, 21 October

    Congratulations John L.! I got to meet the prophet, Rip, last night on Maui. He’s here to run the Xterra in Kapalua with Lance Armstrong. I got to share with him a similar story to yours, a co-worker with failing health, who in 2-1/2 months has dropped over forty pounds, reversed his heart disease and diabetes. Plant strong! Since reading Diet For A Small Planet nearly thirty years ago, I have toyed with being vegetarian. I’ve been vegan for eight months, ever since reading The China Study, and its been very easy. Now I feel I am faster than a speeding bullet and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

  • G Wright
    Posted at 17:57h, 21 October

    we started with Forks over Knives also, I had been trying to get my husband to start eating better, we had cut out most meats but didn’t know about the dairy. We are going on week 3 & Rip’s book is wonderful, love the recipes & the tips for what products in the store. Also my sugar count is in the high ninety’s after only 3 wks. We all need to keep at it, & John your story is wonderful.

  • Eddie
    Posted at 22:25h, 23 October

    Congrats! Today I finished the 28 day no meats, oils, when I began my cholesterol was 212 and at 3 weeks in I lost 46 points to 166. So, now I’m deciding to keep going. Finding this blog and others is a big help.

    So I’m interested in what others have to say about what happens after the 28 days.

  • MDL
    Posted at 09:29h, 24 October

    I’ve been concerned for years about my brother’s health, but I was skeptical when he said he was going on some new vegan (?!) regime out of a book by a fireman named Rip Esselstyn, fer crying out loud. Four months later, I am proud of my brother John–and intrigued about this strange Engine 2 thingee.

    Maybe my own testimonial will be on this site someday soon….

  • Deve
    Posted at 12:51h, 24 October

    Wow, that is amazing and inspiring! Congratulations! I started eating a plant based no oil diet after watching FOK and since 8/22/11 have lost 27 lbs. I feel great and have no cravings. My husband and 5 teens were also inspired and are eating the same way. Keep posting your stories – they are an inspiration to all of us.

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