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02 Dec Good news from Carly and Oren!

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Every Friday we share some good news. Today we hear from Carly and her son Oren! We thought this would bring a smile to your face. We think that Oren is one cool kid!

Dear Rip and E2 team,

First, I want to say thank you for the incredible work that you do!  While I am not new to a plant strong lifestyle, the FOK film, book and E2 diet book has given me a renewed perspective on my chronic health conditions.  I am recommitted and grateful for the information.

On another note, my 5 year-old son Oren is OBSESSED with firefighters (and the Beatles).  Last year he had his birthday party at our local firehouse (this year is at the park and a Beatles themed).  I wanted to share with you this fun picture he begged me to take!

He watches the scene from FOK where Rip is going up the pole saying, “real men eat plants.”  He walks around saying that all the time!

Thank You,


P.S. – note that his “air pack” is made out of an empty oats container 😉  That was daddy’s ingenuity!

We are thrilled to see a plant-strong kid! GO OREN!

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Engine 2 Team
Engine 2 Team

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