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12 Apr FAQ: What about pro level athletes?

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FAQ: I am a pro-level athlete/participate in 30 hours of fitness a week, what should I eat?
*note, if you are working out between 1-2 hours per day you should not have to increase much in your diet, if you find yourself losing weight (and you do not want to lose weight), simply increase your calories a little bit, there is no need to add any powders/shakes/extra ‘nutrition’.
“For daily nutrition if triathletes are engaging in a large amount of training they need to seriously increase their food intake, especially if they are eating plant based. One of the biggest mistakes athletes make when they initially make the switch to plants is not consuming enough calories. They think they are eating the same amount of food (volume wise) but they are falling short of their calorie needs since most plant food is much lower in calories. As Jeff talks about in his calorie density lectures, depending on what you’re eating you may have to eat twice the volume of food to get the same amount of calories. I would tell people to let their weight be their guide as to whether or not they are eating enough.
During races, the goos, gels, drinks, etc have their place. Hammer nutrition makes a clean, plant based gel and drink. When triathletes are racing and their heart rates are high we don’t want to take blood away from the working muscles to digest stuff in the stomach so we need to be mindful to fuel ourselves with nutrition that won’t be too taxing and yet gets the job done. This is where the gels, drinks, and sometimes bars play a very important role.”
Books to check out: Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra.
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  • Johnny Bob Smith
    Posted at 10:41h, 28 October

    My son plays college football. He is an offensive lineman. Lineman are just not “light weight” people. He has seen my belt size decrease dramatically recently and knows i feel soooo much better and he sees the validity of the plant stong living but believes he needs to consume enough protein in shakes / supplements in order to build muscle for lifting. He is a freshman currently and so has several years to play yet, and muscle strength to add. I am not sure how to advise him.

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