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Engine 2 Super Bowl Parties – Who’s In??

Wendy Solganik, writer of Healthy Girl Kitchen blog who has submitted a number of amazing photos of E2 recipes, is challenging her readers to throw plant-strong Super Bowl parties this weekend.  What a brilliant idea!

Please check out her site for her call to action where she’s wanting to hear about other people’s plans, recipe ideas, etc.

Great Ideas just in from WFM Healthy Eating Specialists and Marketing folks around the country:

Bonne Anderson of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina suggests appetizer recipes from the Engine 2 book including the cannellini dip, the guacamole, the homemade hummus and the southwest salsa.  She says, “The southwest salsa (because ingredients are cut as matchsticks) actually comes out like this amazing slaw.  A nice veggie platter surrounding the hummus and cannellini dip should do it!”

Photo Credit: Jenny Wagner, Las Vegas

Audrey Gamez, of Atlanta, Georgia said, “I would also do the Chili recipe in the E2 book. What a perfect food for tailgating, plus it could easily be made into chili veggie dogs, chili veggie burgers or chili home baked fries. Or even the old “frito pie” if you did it over home baked corn tortilla chips with cilantro and onions on top to garnish instead of cheese.”

For something new and different — check out this plant-strong dessert recipe from Renee Mahon, of Bloomfield, Michigan:

Avacodo & Raspberry Pie

Mash two ripe avocados and splash 2T of orange juice over the top

Melt 14 oz of grain-sweetened chocolate chips in a double boiler with:

1 T vanilla

1/3 c “milk” — try 365 Soy or Almond

Once melted, mix with the avocado — either with food processor to make smooth, or leave it rough.

Once combined, pour over fresh raspberries in a pie pan. Put more fresh raspberries on top & refrigerate until it hardens.

It comes out super firm. Renee suggests cutting into small wedges because it is so dense, firm and yummy!

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2 Responses to “Engine 2 Super Bowl Parties – Who’s In??”

  1. Wendy says:

    Fantastic idea, if I say so myself! Thanks Rip!

  2. gwen says:

    hello Rip
    are your reciepe/diet recomended for type 2 diabetic/borderline patients

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