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Engine 2 is opening up 15 spots at a September week-long immersion to the public!

*Special Announcement!*

Engine 2 is opening up 15 spots at a September week-long immersion to the public!

Learn more about our immersions. 

Rip Esselstyn invites you to join Engine 2 in Texas Hill Country this fall for a week-long intensive immersion retreat, scheduled for September 23rd-29th, 2012 at the Retreat at Balcones Springs (www.texasretreat.com).  Featuring the all-star cast from our sold-out ‘Farms 2 Forks’ weekends, this 7-day/6-night life-changing week will give you an in-depth medical & nutritional education about why and how to adopt a plant-strong lifestyle.  In addition, the curriculum delves far deeper into the psychological and practical methods and practices for successfully implementing sustainable lifestyle changes. The immersion includes multiple lectures and breakout sessions led by acclaimed physician Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., famed nutritionist Jeff Novick, and renowned psychologist Doug Lisle.

Each day begins with a selection of morning workouts, ranging from moderate group exercise (led by Lance Armstrong’s former personal trainer Nathan Turner) to relaxing yoga to hiking for all levels.  After a beautiful hot plant-strong breakfast buffet, each morning will feature two to three thought-provoking and entertaining lectures from our esteemed speaker panel. After a bountiful plant-strong lunch, the afternoon will include two additional lectures, followed by 2-3 hours of free time. Participants can explore the bounty of outdoor activities at the Retreat at Balcones Springs resort, ranging from swimming, canoeing, or horseback riding to a 100-ft water slide and a zip line (and the famed Blob!).  In addition, tennis, baseball, and basketball facilities are also available for group activities.

Each evening will feature a hands-on cooking demonstration, followed by a gourmet dinner, and a nighttime activity (including motivational speaker Dick Beardsley and a special screening of ‘Forks Over Knives’).

All participants will be offered two complimentary biometric screenings, and will have 24-hour access to the Immersion Medical Director.  In addition, all participants will be able to schedule one-on-one consultations with any of our speakers, including Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., over the course of the week.

Comfortable accommodations are available on a double-occupancy basis, and the $3400 registration fee covers 18 meals (from dinner on the 23rd to lunch on the 29th), lodging, and all education materials.   Ground transportation and air travel to Austin are not included in the registration fee.

For more information, or to register for this extraordinary week of education and transformation, please contact Program Director Adam Reiser at 512.636.6990, or via email at adam@engine2.com.


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14 Responses to “Engine 2 is opening up 15 spots at a September week-long immersion to the public!”

  1. yankeegirl630 says:

    WOW, this sounds so AWESOME and I would love to go but money is such a huge issue!

  2. That video is powerful!

  3. A little too spendy for the little people.

  4. all I want for christmas…..

  5. Denise Wesalainen says:

    Sounds great but a little short notice. If you have this same program in 2013, I’m ready to sign up! Thanks!!

  6. Annice Laws says:

    Hmmmm, looks like the immersions are geared for the independently wealthy.

  7. Judy says:

    Wow, would love to do this. Took the 28 day challenge in January and have been trying to do right but cholesterol jumped 90 points after elimination of meds. I really need help refining my approach but too pricey.

  8. Dawn Smith says:

    Obviously not for the common people. I work for the State of Texas. They don’t pay that well.

  9. JenO says:

    I would love to attend, but agree too expensive. Perhaps a modified, more cost/time effective option could be made avail soon?

  10. Carolyn says:

    This would be soooo perfect, I would LOVE to go! I am on the verge of again trying to make the transition to a plant-strong lifestyle (I’ve tried a few times before and just couldn’t stick with it). But unfortunately I am in the same boat as the other commenters, I would have to drain my savings to pay for it, and I’m just not prepared to do that when I know I’ll be getting laid off in a few months…

  11. Laura Kinzbach says:

    ohhhhhhhh….the timing doesn’t work for us!!! My husband and I attended the immersion in CA and would LOVE to do this retreat….hopefully you’ll offer another one in the not too distant future! Thanks for all you do to educate, inspire, and support those of us on this path!!!

  12. Desi says:

    I agree that it’s expensive. Fortunately, I work for a GREAT company that is focused on employee health and happiness and they are paying ALL expenses for me to attend. They do this a couple times a year for many employees. :-)

  13. Monica says:

    Would LOVE to attend one but please schedule one in the summer of 2013. I am a teacher and we are scheduled to be out on June 12, 2013 – unless there are snow days then add a day or two! Cannot wait to hear about upcoming scheduled events! {The week of March 25th would work too ;-) }

  14. Yikes! That’s very expensive!

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