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25 May E2 Success Story from Cleveland, Ohio

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The Engine 2 team wishes everyone a happy and healthy Memorial day.

Connie with her one of her three daughters

Connie with one of her three daughters

Here’s a big, hearty, and joyous shout out to Connie Sheetz from Cleveland,  Ohio. Connie grabbed the bull by the horns and started getting healthy from the inside out. With four children, two of whom are young twins, Connie is proof positive that anyone can do Engine 2 and become plant-strong, plant-smart, and plant-savvy. Way to go, Connie!!!! Keep it up!!!

What can I say, the diet was definitely hard, but when I got the results (lost 9 pounds, total cholesterol down 61 points to 143, LDL down 53 to 86) after my 28 days, it was well worth the effort. I really had to reinvent the wheel, I was eating so much dairy, meat and oils, especially dairy. But after a couple weeks- I got into a groove, and ate a lot of my favorites over and over: oatmeal, fruit and cider for breakfast, spinach and non-fat hummus panninis for lunch, and a lot of rice and beans for dinner with veggies. One of the biggest differences I noticed was how my energy level was more steady. Before I crashed and burned and then ate sugar and fat to build me up cycling like this all day, but after about 4 days on Engine 2, I wasn’t craving caffeine, sugar or fat at 4:30pm to get me through the witching hour with my kids.

I am glad I went hard core for 28 days because it did two things for me. It forced me to come up with other food choices-not saying I’ll just have a little mayo on my sandwich, you had to come up with other options. The other thing this program did, was force me to come to terms with how much I was eating for comfort and pleasure vs. eating to fuel my body. Before Engine 2, I was a 100% pleasure/comfort eater. During the month on Engine 2,I was about 100% fueling. I am going forward with the intention to eat most of my meals with fueling in mind. Thanks Rip, for the how-to-eat manual. I’ve known about the Esselstyn way of eating for over 20 years, but your book gave me the knowledge to implement it.

Connie Sheetz Searby

Thank you, Connie for sending us your success story. If you have a success story you’d like to share with the E2 community please email me at rip@theengine2diet.com.

I hope your Memorial day burger is a healthy one!!!!

I hope your Memorial day burger is a healthy one!!!!

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Rip Esselstyn

As a firefighter for the Austin Fire Department, he helped people and saved lives. As a friend to other firefighters, he transformed the way Austin ’s Engine 2 firehouse ate in order to save a firefighting brother’s health. Now, as the author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip is teaching people the irrefutable connection between what they put in their mouths and their ability to reach their ideal weight and their ideal health.

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