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14 Aug Don’t Break The Chain

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A few years ago Jerry Seinfield revealed how he stays productive. It is a system he calls “don’t break the chain“.

This is a great way to stay on your plant-strong journey. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, they could be anything. Maybe your goal is to get 20 minutes of walking in everyday. Maybe your goal is to be oil free every day. Or maybe your goal is to be 100% plant-strong every single day. Whatever your goal is, “don’t break the chain” is a great way to keep track and stay motivated.

All you need is a calendar. Everyday that you meet your goals you put an X through the day. If you miss a day, the chain starts all over the next day. The goal is to try to make the chains as long as possible each time.

There are a couple smart phones apps that can help you:

Don’t Break The Chain

Habit Helper

And the website: Don’t Break The Chain is also helpful.

It’s a low pressure way to keep track of your progress.

Have you tried this method of setting goals?

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