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Details Magazine Skips Over Science in "Diet Wars" Article

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“In the end, there’s no clear-cut evidence to suggest that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters or that Paleos are more hearty than hegans, but that doesn’t stop the evangelists from championing their diet discoveries.”  Kayleen Schaefer, Details Magazine

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Losing weight with a low-carb diet heavy in animal products may work, but it isn’t sustainable and has dangerous long-term effects on your health. You will lose weight and protect yourself against common Western diseases with a plant-based diet. The science supporting the life-saving benefits of a vegan diet is there in spades. We’ve got many medical study reports collected on the Engine2 site and will be adding more.

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2 Responses to “Details Magazine Skips Over Science in "Diet Wars" Article”

  1. vegpedlr says:

    Unfortunately there is a grain of truth in the longevity comment, since the longevity studies don’t show a huge difference. That’s because there are a lot of junk food vegans dragging down the results of the plant strong. What was really annoying about the article was the continued stereotype of vegans as “wimpy”. Why not mention the legion of plant strong athletes out there?

  2. Sharon McDowell-Larsen says:

    What the author doesn’t realize is that if we completely eliminated cancer and heart disease, longevity wouldn’t go up that much either. What impacts life span is to reduce infant mortality (which we have done a pretty good job at). Saying one diet is better or worse than another based purely on how long we live, isn’t necessarily a good measure of of any given diet.

    PS I am a plant strong athlete. I am 50, and raced as a pro mountain biker until i was 49. I, and two of my whimpy vegan guy friends, are doing one of the toughtest 100 mile mountain bike races this weekend in Breckenridge.

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