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But, I Broke My Foot!

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While I was in Sedona, at our Engine 2 7 day Immersion, I broke a bone in my foot. It was a pretty careless mistake on my part, and I learned my lesson, I should not jump down from high surfaces. I am pretty diligent about working out everyday. I don’t do anything crazy, walking, some circuit training, it’s an important part of my day. I workout for a lot of reasons. Gain strength, help with bone density, and it helps with my panic and depression. 

When I broke my foot, I was feeling pretty down. For a few days, I didn’t workout, and I was starting to feel it. I thought I had a good excuse, I broke my foot! Of course I can’t workout. However, I quickly realized that there was really no reason I could not still workout. I called Rip (he’s great at giving me a boost of encouragement when I need it) and he told me that is why he LOVED being a triathlete. If his shoulder hurt, he could run, if his knee hurt, he could swim. I’m nowhere near a triathlete, but I understood what he was saying – do what you can do, and don’t make excuses.

So I went to the gym. I started with a weighted ball, and sat on the edge of a bench, just tossing the the ball up and down, and doing some trunk twists. I moved on to workout bands, and worked my legs and arms. From there I moved to crunches. I then figured out how to use the stationary bike, with my big boot (for my broken foot) on. From there it was onto weighted leg raises, for this I just sat on the edge of a workout bench, placed 10 pound weights right above my knees, and just lifted my knees, like I was marching.

It ended up being a pretty decent circuit overall.

It is funny to me, that despite how many years I’ve been working on my health, I still can get stuck in a rut, and I can still believe that things can get in my way. Rip always reminds me to not let things get in the way of my health. Maybe it’s a broken foot, maybe it’s a busy schedule, maybe it’s a personal crisis. What I’ve learned is that the more times I figure out an answer to the obstacles, the stronger I become. It makes the next time a lot easier to move into action rather than be stuck in inaction.

While I’m on the subject, I wanted to take a moment to talk about working out while you are overweight. I find myself at times being a bit too ambitious in my workouts. This has caused some injuries over the past few years. It is important that if you have weight to lose, you are careful in how you move your body and the stress you put on it. Always make sure you are in a solid position (especially in your form while lifting weights/doing squats). Ask someone for help if needed. My biggest advice though is to start slow. This isn’t a marathon, and you don’t have to do a lot to get good results. Start with walking, just 10 minutes a day, 3 times per week. That’s it, no need to do more than that when you start.

As you feel more comfortable, add a little more. My goal is to break my workouts into 3 sessions per day. Sometimes I will do 3, 30 minute sessions, sometimes 3, 15 minute sessions. When I started doing this, I would do 3, 5 minute workouts per day.

I believe working out is more about the habit than it is anything else. So my advice is to get into the habit first, worry about the rest later. Carvel out the 10 minutes, 3 times per week to start and then see what happens from there. Even if you just stay there for a few months, you are on the right track.

After my foot heals up, I’ve decided to give everyone an honest look at how various forms of exercise work when you are overweight. So I’d like to get your feedback! What kinds of things should I try? Should I check out hot yoga? Crossfit? Water Aerobics? Boxing? Zumba? What would you like to know about?

Just don’t say pole dancing. I’m pretty sure that would end badly.

About the author

Natala is the director of communications for Engine 2 Diet, she is also one of our coaches on our support site, Engine 2 Extra. A few years ago, Natala was at the end of her rope. She was on almost 15 medications daily, had out of control Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, issues with nerve damage, and was morbidly obese. She was just over 30 years old. She decided to take her life back by becoming plant-strong. She has lost over 200 pounds, got off of all of her medications and now has great health numbers. Natala plays the violin and studied music therapy. She became passionate about plant-strong nutrition, received her Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University, a certificate in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and is currently pursuing a degree in nutritional sciences. Natala is also a featured speaker at our Engine 2 Retreats she talks about the reality of our nations obesity epidemic as well as providing practical steps to becoming a healthier person.

3 Responses to “But, I Broke My Foot!”

  1. Andrew Ehrnstein says:

    I used to work in a bronze foundry and after several weeks of overtime and digging foundations on my “off” time, found I had tendonitis. I still wanted to lift weights a few days a week, and so I asked the trainers at my gym what I could do. I still found ways to change things up and strengthen muscles that needed it so I could recover from the tendonitis. Repetitive motion can be difficult on the body. Changing things up and being mindful as you exercise always seems to be better for the body.

  2. Susan H says:

    I’ve been exercising with exercise videos for about fifteen years and I love the convenience of them. There’s a whole world of fitness videos available that aren’t available retail or through Beachbody. If you think you would be interested, I could point you to some different online resources.

  3. Terri Cole says:

    Natala, thank you for sharing your journey with us! You are such an inspiration to me. I am still a fat chick, but I weigh 50 pounds less than I did when I went vegan! Now that I have refined my diet to the whole-foods, plant-based way, I know I can lose the next 50! Your words are always so encouraging. Thanks again!

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