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01 Mar Book Club! Plus a giveaway!

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Happy Herbivore had the wonderful idea to start an online book club. We loved the idea and thought we would join in the fun as well!

You can read all about it here.

The first month we will read the book: The Pleasure Trap by Doug Lisle and Allan Goldhammer.ย Each month we’ll be reading a book and posting thought questions each week (on Sunday) here and onย goodreads to discuss our progress of the book.

The Pleasure Book is one of our favorite books and one that we have read a few times now (and will read again for the book club!). It has been key in helping us understand WHY, despite all of the information we have, making good food choices can still seem difficult.

From the inside the cover of the book:

“A wake-up call to even the most health conscious people, The Pleasure Trap boldy challenges conventional wisdom about sickness and unhappiness in today’s contemporary culture, and offers groundbreaking solutions for achieving change. Authors Douglas Lisel, Ph.D., and Alan Goldhamer, D.C., provide a fascinating new perspective on how modern life can turn so many smart, savvy people into the unwitting saboteurs of their own well-being.

Inspired by stunning original research, comprehensive clinical studies, and their successes with thousands of patients, the authors construct a new paradigm for the psychology of health, offering fresh hope for anyone stuck in a self-destructive rut. Integrating principals of evolutionary biology with trailblazing, proactive strategies for wellness, they argue that people who are chronically overweight, sick and ailing, or junk food junkies aren’t that way because they’re lazy, undisciplined, or stuck with bad genes. The authors reveal that most are victims of a dilemma that harkens back to our prehistoric past-“the Pleasure Trap.”

Drs. Lisle and Goldhamer then call upon their clinical experience, scientific investigations, and a recentย revolutionย of understanding in human motivational psychology to provide you with solutions for the challenges of keeping on a healthful course-and how to make the most of your life.”

If you have just started your plant-strong journey or you have been on it for a long time, this will be a great read for you. And if you have already read it, we’d LOVE to have you join in the discussion.

To get things started we thought we would giveaway 2 copies of “The Pleasure Trap”. Simply leave a comment below and answer this question: How long did it take you to kick the cravings for your favorite unhealthy foods?

We will pick two winners, and you will get to choose a hard copy or kindle version of the book! If you don’t have kindle, you can get the app for free for your smart phone, or even for your computer!

Be sure to check back this Sunday for this week’s thoughts and questions!

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Engine 2 Team
Engine 2 Team

The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

  • Jered G.
    Posted at 10:14h, 01 March

    It took surprisingly little time for me to drop the cravings. I’ve been plant strong now for a little over 5 weeks and didn’t seem to crave the candy bars and such after about 5 days. In fact I was having this exact conversation with a co-worker last night and was telling her about plant strong.

    • Ruth Boncorddo
      Posted at 20:49h, 01 March

      I’ve had a few addictions. Coffee, and cheese were big ones. I went cold turkey and still crave cheese after four years. I know I won’t eat it because I know my body was getting sick everytime I did.

    • Vivian
      Posted at 20:49h, 01 March

      Me too! I have been plant-strong for 3 weeks now, and today I decided to try a slice of beef, and it was not tasty as I though it would be. In fact, the sides including Korean Kimchi and pickled beansprouts were much tastier! As for dairy, I have lactose intolerance and never liked the taste anyway so that was not hard at all.

    • Dan
      Posted at 17:23h, 02 March

      It also took me an unreal amount of time to kick some of my favorite foods! The very first day I went vegan, I stopped eatting those foods, and the things I thought would be hard to give up, were in fact the total opposite! I loved the transition, and found replacements very quickly ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin Schmitt
    Posted at 10:15h, 01 March

    I never realized that I was addicted to cheese. I used it at least twice a day. When I went plant-based it took almost 3 weeks for my desire for cheese to go away, now I can’t even stand the smell of it. I do not even think of it anymore. I am so happy!!

  • Ellery W.
    Posted at 10:15h, 01 March

    I still haven’t totally kicked them! It’s so hard to be constantly surrounded by temptations (I eat in a college cafeteria every day). But it really is much easier than I thought it would be to say no when friends offer unhealthy foods, even ones I once indulged in frequently. I just remember to tell myself that the temporary taste of these foods is not worth sacrificing my health for!

  • Mary Rock
    Posted at 10:15h, 01 March

    I kicked the cheese craving in a month. I went cold turkey.

  • Tara Eldridge
    Posted at 10:16h, 01 March

    It took about 2-4 weeks to stop craving junk for me. And soon after that my body wanted nutrition! I found myself craving fruits and veggies instead!

  • Jenny
    Posted at 10:17h, 01 March

    I started my plantstrong lifestyle about a month and a half ago and I have to admit, kicking my old habits wasn’t very hard. After watching the Forks Over Knives video and reading the Engine 2 Diet book the change was almost immediate! Have I had cravings? Of course! Have I given into temptation, sadly yes however, even Rip said in his book, you just have to satisfy the craving sometimes. Honestly, I’ve done pretty good since I’ve been plantstrong and now the only “cravings” I get is for broccolli! Living plantstrong has been amazing for me and I love it!

  • Lina
    Posted at 10:18h, 01 March

    There really is something about that magic 3 weeks/ 21 days. If I fall out of line for anything (food, exercise, whatever) I have to remind myself it will take 3 weeks to feel right and “back in the groove”

  • Catherine Davis
    Posted at 10:18h, 01 March

    I always thought I couldn’t live without cheese and butter. After reading Engine 2 I gave them up cold turkey and haven’t looked back. HFCS too (I an very sensitive to it). But oh those “whites”!!!!They are my kryptonite. Refined flour and refined sugar try to lure me back every day.

  • Maria Gilbert
    Posted at 10:26h, 01 March

    With the help of green tea and green smoothies I was able to kick the morning coffee routine, just went cold turkey! The book sounds interesting!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 10:26h, 01 March

    It took me a little over three weeks to kick my cravings. I was addicted to coffee and didn’t realize just how much cheese I ate. It was a huge surprise after the three weeks to see how much money I was saving! The other bonus was the way I felt. I’ve never felt better in my life and have no intention of changing my lifestyle.

  • Rissa
    Posted at 10:31h, 01 March

    After watching Forks Over Knives, Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue and reading Engine 2 Diet Book the change was easy for me. I don’t want any of that stuff in my body every again. There are ways to satisfy those cravings with healthy real food. I am just learning how to put everything together. It is trial and error to find out what my husband likes. At least he is on board though.

  • Julia
    Posted at 10:34h, 01 March

    Kicking animal products was easy for me, but I still have problems with fat and sweets. I don’t even keep any nut butters or sugar in my house any more and still can’t seem to say no to sweets all the time. I’ve gotten better, but it is a constant struggle. It was good to know I’ve done better lately as my glucose was down to 82 last week when I had blood tests and it had been 94-95 all of last year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BKB
    Posted at 10:37h, 01 March

    It’s funny….about a week after eating plant-strong, I didn’t seem to want anything that was fried (french fries) or sweet outside of fruit! I try to walk my talk on a daily basis, hoping that will convince others of the goodness of a plant-strong diet!

  • ak
    Posted at 10:39h, 01 March

    I just began my plant strong quest 11 days ago and I thought I could never ever ever live without cheese and olive oil, or any oil for that matter! But I feel so great that I don’t want to look back, even when my cravings for sugar start creepin’ on in… I don’t feel like I have kicked all the cravings yet, but I have hope that by the end of the 28 days I will no longer dream of cheese and ice cream!

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 10:40h, 01 March

    It took me about one month to kick my cravings for cheese. Before omitting it from my diet, I was definitely addicted to it in all forms. I was inspired to finally cut it out for good after exploring some articles and postings on pcrm.org, and I am so glad I did! And a plus: I realized how delicious cheese-less pizza can be!

  • Donald
    Posted at 10:40h, 01 March

    I never realized how often I used cheese but getting off all animal products has been fairly easy for me. The challenge comes in getting the rest of the family, especially kids, to embrace a plant-strong diet while keeping things fun. Sweets still are the most difficult thing for me to avoid but slowly keeping them out of the house is helping.

  • Claresa Mandola
    Posted at 10:44h, 01 March

    I kicked eggs last Labor Day but I still want them every Sunday. Brunch in NYC just isn’t the same. But I remain strong in my decision. I know it’s the right thing to do. And now I just do a little more research on where brunch will be and what I can eat ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheese and caffeine were tough too, but cravings went away after 2-3 weeks. Yay!

  • Karen Beckman
    Posted at 10:52h, 01 March

    I ate a minimum of a pound of cheese a week. YIKES! Dropped it cold turkey after becoming plant based. I wouldn’t even tempt myself by buying vegan versions of cheese. It took about a month to get dreams of different, wonderful types of cheese out of my head. Now I don’t even miss it.

  • Jen
    Posted at 10:52h, 01 March

    It seems like the first 3 days are the hardest, then it gets easier after that.

  • rachel
    Posted at 10:54h, 01 March

    I’m still working at it but I’m working on it. I gave up sodas a while back and it didn’t take too long but it was so tempting whenever I heard the pssst of a soda can opening.

  • Karen H.
    Posted at 10:58h, 01 March

    Dropping the meat was very easy and almost immediate. However there are some snacks that I’m still working on- especially the salty snack! I’ve realized that it’s more the crunch that I crave and not the salt. That’s pretty liberating!

  • Jenny
    Posted at 11:02h, 01 March

    It took about 2 weeks for me after starting plant strong. Forks over Knives, The China Study, and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead really made it easy. It has been 7 months now for me, and it is unlike any other lifestyle change I’ve ever attempted.

  • Chrissy @ Sassy Little Cabbages
    Posted at 11:05h, 01 March

    We gave up meat years ago and the craving went away immediately. When we gave up dairy, fish and all other animal products, the cravings were gone in less than a week. Now I predominantly crave raw vegetables and some raw fruits. Sushi was my hardest habit to drop, but I have found that vegetable sushi is even more satisfying because the raw sushi used to make me bloated but I never knew it until I made the switch! I also crave “Rips Big Bowl” with fresh berries every single morning!

  • J Al Anderson
    Posted at 11:17h, 01 March

    I am not sure that they ever will be entirely gone. Been E2 for a month now and I am shrinking out of the clothes from as far back as College. (E2 is going to cost me a lot of pants)

    Burgers and fries are not tempting anymore but I think that I could dig into some sausage biscuits if given an opportunity. Went to the Chinese place yesterday and found a lot of good veggies to eat but splurged on some sushi. Looking at my co-workers plates though made me wonder why the meats that they chose had so much appeal. They claim that they cannot give up meat but I sure could walk away from what they had on their plates.

  • Tricia
    Posted at 11:19h, 01 March

    I’ve been vegetarian for 23 years and in that time I’ve never craved meat, fish, poultry, etc. Cheese has been hard to give up though I realized the other day that I no longer crave it. Took me about a year for that. I STILL crave french fries, but instead of getting some greasy spuds, I now make my own oven fries and they are a pretty good substitute. I don’t ever expect to completely kick the cravings – but just try not to cave into them.

  • Peggy
    Posted at 11:19h, 01 March

    Been plant strong about a month, meat was easy, dairy harder, but have grown to love almond milk! After about 3 weeks, no cravings for sweets! No desire for meat. Forks Over Knives changed me! Bought copies for all my family because I felt they are worth it. Read everything I can get my hands on and would LOVE to read this book and join the club!

  • Nicole Partridge
    Posted at 11:23h, 01 March

    My biggest craving was always icecream. For years I fooled myself into thinking frozen yogurt was a much better alternative ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I satisfy that craving with a daily shot of greens in a cold thick smoothie made of kale, spinach, almond milk, ice and frozen banana. It took me about two weeks to kick the craving once I switched the craving! Thank you!

    • shebee
      Posted at 17:34h, 01 March

      My husband & I were ice-crem-a-holics to say the least…..neither of us had any self control when it came to icecream! We recently purchased the Yonanas machine….use frozen fruit & it comes out like soft serve icecream! We LOVE it & have shared t with many friends who apparently loved

      • shebee
        Posted at 17:38h, 01 March

        ooopsy….cont.from above….it also because they went out and purchased one for themselves! We love to share our new healthy way of living! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kim
    Posted at 11:29h, 01 March

    I’ve been plant strong for three weeks now and am still struggling with cheese and Diet Coke. I love Diet Coke, but there’s nothing nutritional about it so I quit cold turkey. I had some cheese the first week (went to dinner with some friends), but haven’t had any since. I watched what cancer did to my husband’s body and if I can prevent that from happening to me, I’ll do anything and everything I can. I am thrilled to have found the Engine2 diet and lifestyle. I am eating vegetables I never thought I would eat! Now I crave home made kale chips.

  • Julie Fabozzi
    Posted at 11:44h, 01 March

    It’s been a rocky road. I’m about two months plant strong. After Forks over Knives thought there was no way I would be eating the fast food junk. And I didn’t crave it all at about the three week mark as everyone else suggested. But when the cleanse stopped there was more temptation disillusion about what going back to “normal” meant. A very new normal. For me it’s all about discipline. If i have it prepared and easily accessible then it’s no problem. But if i’m craving a fix and nothing is there to fill the void sadly bad decisions are made. So i’m very interested in learning the science behind the pleasure trap to help manage those cravings.

  • Li
    Posted at 11:48h, 01 March

    It’s been a year. Some cravings disappear remarkably fast: 6 weeks. Others stay a while. Once in a while I’ll get a craving for something but unlike before going plant strong, I know the craving will go away. Previously it would stay until I satisfied it.

  • Kate
    Posted at 11:52h, 01 March

    I thought I was doing great. When I had to stop soy, wheat, oats, rye, and barley, I fell apart. I CRAVE bread-y type things and love tofu (for heaven’s sake, I used to make my own tofu weekly). I’ll conquer this as I conquered my desire for sweets and pastries.

  • John Garza
    Posted at 11:55h, 01 March

    I’m about a month and a half in. My wife, my kids and myself are all plant strong. I have lost 33 lbs so far! It’s amazing! I really have to say the cravings weren’t bad at all, but I would say dairy was the hardest. My wife and I decided that we either needed to change or be another statistic. Over the past 2-3 years I have lost quite a few friends and/or family members to cancer; includung my mom at age 52. That was the final wake-up call, and I am very happy we made the change! Thank you soo much Rip. The E2 diet was my bible to get this started!!

  • Debbie
    Posted at 11:55h, 01 March

    I am enjoying a plant-based diet and doing well. However (and this is a big “however”), I sometimes give in to my biggest temptation . . . ice cream. I will continue to fight the craving. On a positive note, I’m eating more veggies than ever before and developed a craving for them too!

  • Kathy Grant
    Posted at 11:58h, 01 March

    I’ve been plant strong since the first week of Jan. I have been amazed with how my tastes have changed. I really haven’t had cravings for junk food. I only seem to miss cooking with a little olive oil when sautรฉing onions and such. But I haven’t given in!

  • Denise Roberts
    Posted at 12:01h, 01 March

    When I tried to kick the craving I found it almost impossible….probably because I was thinking about the foods I was trying to avoid too much, and, I hadn’t filled the void with new healthier food choices. Once I completely eliminated all processed food, fast food, and the white stuff (flour, sugar, rice, etc) from my diet, it was only a matter of a few weeks before I didn’t crave them anymore, and I’m now at the point where none of that crap even tempts me anymore! I have absolutely no desire to touch any of it….YUCK!

  • Monica W
    Posted at 12:01h, 01 March

    I’ll probably never be cured of my sugar addiction, because it is everywhere.

  • A. Disterhoft
    Posted at 12:21h, 01 March

    My family and I have recently made the decision to have a plant based diet. We are in the process of trying to gain information and plan our meals. Temptations and cravings are everywhere! It’s going to be difficult at work and social events. We’ve watched some documentaries, ordered some cookbooks and found lots of info on various websites including yours. Are there forums or communities for support? I do not know another person who follows this diet…

    • Ashley Chisum
      Posted at 12:36h, 01 March

      A lot of blogs are great for support Happy Herbivore, Fat Free Vegan etc. Also, if you have a Whole Foods in your area they offer Health Starts Here 28 day challenges which are based off the Engine 2 diet. You can sign up to go and meet up with a group for cooking classes, lectures and recipes. Even if you can’t do the challenge speak with the Healthy Eating Specialist at your local store and see what else they are currently offering. Meet up.com is a great site to find vegan/plant-based friends in your community.

  • Kim Y
    Posted at 12:26h, 01 March

    It probably took me a good three weeks to diminish cravings. Sometimes I still get a sneak attack but it’s easier for me to ward off the cravings than in the past. Thanks for the great blog and chance to win the book!

  • Dalores
    Posted at 12:26h, 01 March

    I haven’t totally lost my cravings for bread. Its really hard sometimes.

  • Julee
    Posted at 12:27h, 01 March

    After I figured out that dairy was giving me daily headaches and migraines it was very easy to give up cheese! Its harder to not eat other things especially when eating out with family that doesn’t eat the way that I do.

  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:27h, 01 March

    It took me a good solid month to stop drinking milk.
    After the month I haven’t had an issue with cravings. Now cheese on the other hand is much more of a challenge!

  • Jose Quaresma
    Posted at 12:27h, 01 March

    I went plant-strong about a month ago, I do triathlon and I have been feeling really good since then! the last craving that I dropped was coffee, just stopped drinking 3 days ago (was drinking 2 or 3 a day). got some head ache on the first day, but have been feeling good since then, definitely having a much deeper sleep! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashley Chisum
    Posted at 12:30h, 01 March

    It took about two to three weeks but as soon as I gave in and had chocolate after the first month I destroyed a lot of my hard work and was craving it again! Now I am trying to get back to limiting my sweets, it’s so tempting to make all the delicious vegan desserts from my HH cookbook!!!

  • Heather W.
    Posted at 12:31h, 01 March

    I am not sure that the cravings will ever be gone. Some of the tasty, unhealthy foods that I used to eat, it’s hard to find healthy replacements for them when I am really craving something like that. Ah well, I keep reminding myself that I am healthier without them.

  • Ember
    Posted at 12:31h, 01 March

    I have not kicked the cravings yet. Cheese still calls me and ice cream screams to me sometimes. I hope to eventually walk past and not want a bite. I remember reaching that goal when I quit smoking. It is so empowering!

  • Amy Leitch
    Posted at 12:31h, 01 March

    still working on it! trying to be stronger than a chocolate bar is a very daunting task.

  • Karen
    Posted at 12:32h, 01 March

    It takes about 2-4 weeks for me. And then I can’t eat that stuff at all, or it all comes back with avengance! I still have some cravings that I find really hard to let go of though. But I love feeling better, sleeping better and enjoying life better ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tracy
    Posted at 12:32h, 01 March

    I haven’t kicked them, but I eat vegan versions of the junk I crave when I can’t help but give in.

  • Linda
    Posted at 12:33h, 01 March

    I have been plant strong for five weeks. Cravings for all of the wrong foods were gone immediately. In listening to my body, I found out it craved plant foods more than anything. I made up my mind to give all the junk up and haven’t looked back. LOVE how plant strong looks and feels!!

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 12:33h, 01 March

    The first week was very hard but each day was a bit easier and easier. By the third week, I was really enjoying eating healthful, plant based foods! I do notice more energy and vitality …. a spring in my step! And there are so many great recipes to try … I don’t think you can ever get bored with eating this way!

  • Brandi Ward
    Posted at 12:36h, 01 March

    I’m still working on getting over the cravings; it’s hard when family is still eating the old way, sometimes I feel deprived (mainly when it comes to cheese) and have to remind myself that the satisfaction is only temporary but the repercussions are life long.

  • Jen
    Posted at 12:37h, 01 March

    First few weeks were a challenge and some patterns have come back but not giving up is key! Group support like this is wonderful!

  • Alicia Travis
    Posted at 12:40h, 01 March

    I’ve been plant strong for 5 months now! My favorite unhealthy food is milk chocolate! Really after about a week of eating plant-strong, I stopped “craving” it like I used to. It used to get so bad sometimes, I would send my husband to the store to get some and we would joke that he was smart enough to just throw the chocolate at me and back out of the room slowly! lol Now I just make healthier choices when I’m feeling like I would like a little bit of chocolate and I’m at the store and all those candy bars are calling to me! I love Karen Campbell’s “Fast Cookies for School Lunches” in the Forks over Knives book and I really love Lindsay Nixon’s (happy herbivore) Chocolate-Zucchini muffins. The only bad part, my husband and kids love them as well so I have to share!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:42h, 01 March

    I never missed meat, as I was already a vegetarian before adopting a vegan diet. Getting rid of the cravings for cheese and ice cream took some time, but after a few weeks those cravings were greatly reduced. I eventually found that I had no desire whatsoever for dairy foods, and that I actually dislike their taste and texture.

  • Desirae Johnson
    Posted at 12:44h, 01 March

    I am a work in progress. It’s a daily battle to quit eating unhealthy foods. I struggle with it, and I still slip up. Trying to make some positive changes and learn as much as possible so that I will stop killing myself with food and I can start living a long and fruitful life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JoLynn
    Posted at 12:44h, 01 March

    It was pretty easy for me. Once I started eating healthier I didn’t really want baked sweets as much. Now when I bake I always cut the sugar in half.

  • Gayle
    Posted at 12:45h, 01 March

    Cheese was the final frontier for me. Once I decided I was done…and found out about nutritional yeast I never touched it again. It no longer smells good to me.

  • Charley
    Posted at 12:48h, 01 March

    It took me about 3 months. My taste buds just changed dramatically so the smell of them ended up being different. I can’t see myself ever going back, in my mind the link between animal and meat is clear now.

  • wendy (healthy girl's kitchen)
    Posted at 12:50h, 01 March

    It took me quite some time. When I did it, the book Engine 2 was not in my radar (it might have not been published yet) so I went about it in an unusual way. First I changed what I was eating to something less caloric (think regular dessert to Weight Watchers frozen desserts). But I was eating like two or three of those Weight Watchers things a day! That went on for a while and over time, I needed less and less of it. Then I discovered Engine 2 and was like, I can have frozen banana soft serve and dates instead of this chemical laden Weight Watchers crap, so I would eat banana soft serve every day for months. Then it started to become just a few times a week, then even less than that. Now, dessert is just a once a week thing or so, not the daily craziness it once was!

  • Cecilia
    Posted at 12:59h, 01 March

    The first week was the toughest – my body was achey – like it was detoxing (probably from giving up sugar), but it probably took about 3 weeks to lose the cravings.

  • Susan Eagan
    Posted at 13:00h, 01 March

    Thank you, for the opportunity to win The Pleasure Trap. My husband and I have been plant based since December. So far, I have been able to find substitutes for my cravings. My solution is to eat a little bit frequently, if I don’t ever get very hungry then I don’t really have cravings. As time goes on, I’m not sure if I will miss the meat and dairy or be used to not having it that I don’t want it. Only time will tell!

  • Tiana Duart
    Posted at 13:03h, 01 March

    Still working on it. It’s hard to resist some of the cravings

  • Donna
    Posted at 13:05h, 01 March

    I gave up adding salt and sugar to food over 30 years ago, so eliminating meat and dairy was easy. I had worried about eggs only because I didn’t know how to replace them but after making tofu scramble once, it was no longer a problem, tofu scramble is one of our favorite meals, and eggs are gone for good!!

  • Gaelle
    Posted at 13:06h, 01 March

    Meat – any type: day 1 & no big deal
    Switched to almond milk – no problem
    Miss the yogurt ( I love Chobani but have gone cold turkey & don’t care to eat soy yogurts)
    Cheese: well….I am French – this will take time!

  • Cathey
    Posted at 13:09h, 01 March

    It is hard to wrap your head around being addicted to a food but once you do, it is much easier to resist it.

  • Michelle
    Posted at 13:12h, 01 March

    In my case, the cravings are all gone the minute I realize what this is that I’m craving for. Take meat: My first meatless days I constantly felt like something was missing. Then I watched a few videos of animal slaughter and read some articles about what eating meat does to my body and I was disgusted by my initial urge to dig my teeth into THAT!

  • Kellie
    Posted at 13:13h, 01 March

    Four weeks into eating plant-based with no serious cravings along the way. It’s great to be exploring new foods, new combinations and new flavors. Really gave a kick to my old, boring way of eating. It helped to find a vegan alternative for cream cheese and that’s enough to satisfy my taste for a little dairy now and then. Feeling so good that there isn’t a craving I’d be tempted to give into. Health benefits outweigh any craving … I’ve no traces of my old respiratory allergy to dairy, my skin never looked better, and I’ve lost 7 pounds!

    If someone had told me two months ago that I could go without melting cheese on top of anything and almost everything, I wouldn’t have believed them. I find so much encouragement and great inspiration in the Engine 2 diet and other blogs. That’s helped make this big change so easy and refreshing!

  • Sam
    Posted at 13:16h, 01 March

    I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years, and I don’t remember the transition being difficult at all. No cravings for unhealthy foods because there really are so many substitutes out there and I fell even more in love with plant-based foods than I was already. That being said, I love baking. While I know my vegan desserts are healthier (and more delicious) than non-vegan ones, they can still be classified as “unhealthy”. Well, anything in excess can be unhealthy. But I really love desserts, and I have to be sure I don’t bake too often, because I’ll eat too much! I use more natural sugars but I still love a good cookie/cupcake/muffin etc, so maybe I still have those cravings?

  • Stephanie Mora
    Posted at 13:19h, 01 March

    My cravings for meat went away very quickly, as I never really loved meat that much anyway. I don’t crave dairy too much either, but if I’m at a party and there is something made with cheese, I have a hard time resisting it. Same with sweets. So, I’m still a work in progress, but I suppose we all are.

  • Becky Brown
    Posted at 13:30h, 01 March

    It took me about 10 days for most cravings…but about 3 weeks for the coffee. This book sounds very interesting and may be just the book we’re looking for in our new Meetup Group “Adventures in Healthy Eating”. We plan on searching out books to do a book club and then Meet Up for discussion and healthy snacks. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Vanessa
    Posted at 13:34h, 01 March

    Purely for health reason’s I was looking for a better way to eat & feel great!
    Being a butcher’s daughter I have always loved & craved meat. Sept last year I took meat & dairy out of my diet & straight away within 2 wks noticed how great I was feeling. No cravings what so ever & still 5 months later have no desire to change!
    SInce then I have been eating a whole plant based diet & am loving life.
    Watching the DVD has changed me forever!!!

  • Jacki
    Posted at 13:34h, 01 March

    I am still working on getting rid of cravings. The more knowledge I have about fighting these things, the better I am… help me please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott Cummings
    Posted at 13:36h, 01 March

    I went cold turkey a little over 1 year ago. I was a huge meat and junk food eater, and I attended Dr. McDougall’s retreat in Costa Rica with my wife who was vegan, but I was not. I was going to eat some meals with the vegans, but also sneak over to the regular restaurants and eat the meat and junkfood I loved. Well, I never snuck out, and ate vegan the whole week. After listening to the enlightening lectures about diet, I didn’t want to eat meat or dairy anymore, and I haven’t since. I still work on little things to keep improving my diet. It took me several more months to stop sodas and chips. But I have cut those out now for the most part. Now I’m working on limiting juice. It is always something, but that is what keeps it interesting for me. I love knowing that this new hobby I have is improving my health and potentially lengthening my life.

  • Kait
    Posted at 13:38h, 01 March

    2 years to kick cheese!

  • Lori
    Posted at 13:38h, 01 March

    About 2 weeks to kick the cheese addiction. Went cold turkey.

  • martha
    Posted at 13:40h, 01 March

    Slow process! Still working on some of them. Cheese took a couple years of work. Chocolate is still an ongoing battle.

  • Deb
    Posted at 13:44h, 01 March

    It took me about a couple of weeks to give up cheese and milk. Now I don’t even miss it.

  • Jason
    Posted at 13:46h, 01 March

    My wife and I took the whole family to a plant based diet about five months ago. It has been much easier than I ever thought it would be. I have never really felt cravings for any of the things we used to eat. Sure, I know I would still like the taste of a salty cheese covered pizza. But I don’t really crave anything from the way we used to eat. I think the way I feel, from eating healthier, is a big factor in seeing past any desire I would have to eat like I used to.

    My wife and kids craved cheese for the first couple of months. However, that has pretty much faded away.

  • Kim R
    Posted at 13:46h, 01 March

    I’ve been plant-based for about 3 weeks. It really only took me about 2 weeks to get over the cravings. I had already basically cut out meat before starting this. However, cutting out cheese was a challenge. After watching Forks Over Knives and reading Engine 2, I have no problem eating plant-based. Plus, I’m loving it!

  • Xanthe
    Posted at 13:53h, 01 March

    almost no time at all for the things i cut out cold turkey. much longer for things i tried to “phase out.” it’s so much easier for me to just switch my mind off to certain foods rather than operate on a sliding scale.

  • Anne Ross
    Posted at 14:00h, 01 March

    I became plant-strong five months ago. I started on Rip’s Engine 2 diet thinking I can do anything for 28 days. Here I am five months later and loving it. It took me about three weeks to stop craving meat.

  • Melissa
    Posted at 14:02h, 01 March

    I have just begun my journey to be Plant Strong so the cravings are still here. I am staying on track, one day at a time and hope the cravings disappear soon.

  • Kristen
    Posted at 14:02h, 01 March

    However long FOK movie was. I had been a cheese-eating vegetarian for 25 years and when I walked out of the movie, I never thought twice about it. No more cheese or any kind of dairy ever. (was already off milk and eggs)…

  • Renee
    Posted at 14:14h, 01 March

    Jan 2012 I decided to covert to a whole food, plant-based diet and give up carbonated drinks and caffeine due to health issues I was having….and did it all “cold tofurkey.” ๐Ÿ™‚ I was shocked to find that the only thing I really missed was my Diet Coke and that was only for a short time. The food was so awesome & I felt so much better after only ONE week of being on the diet that the “old food” completely lost its appeal to me.

  • Regina
    Posted at 14:14h, 01 March

    I’d say a little over two months for the seafood cravings to go. All other cravings were gone within the first couple of weeks.

  • Edita
    Posted at 14:43h, 01 March

    cravings is hard to kick. It took me 3 weeks to kick cheese craving.

  • Paige
    Posted at 14:44h, 01 March

    It took a few months to realize that I wasn’t craving the foods I used to eat regularly (cheese, meat, dairy) especially after I found foods to replace them that were plant strong. I actually enjoy a double portobello burger on a toasted whole wheat bun more than a burger! Cheese was the hardest, but once I stopped buying it and it wasn’t staring me in the face every day I didn’t miss it.

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 14:45h, 01 March

    It took me years to finally kick occasional cravings for hamburgers, snickers bars, ice cream. I still battle cravings for skittles every once in a while … and cheese puffs! I just tell myself that I’m not going to feel well after I eat it and try to find a healthier replacement to satisfy the craving.

  • David M. Milwaukee WI, USA
    Posted at 15:05h, 01 March

    I reciently began transition to the whole foods plant based diet and am noticing the changes already. After almost six months, Ive lowered my total body mass, gained muscle strenght, lowered my weight and greatly increased my energy. I have a question, my friend has been an vegitarian for most of her life. We discussed removing fair, her only non-vegtable food. She is not convinced she can get enough calcium with out the dary, What can I tell her about the whole goods plant based diet that will replace the calciue she gets from fariy> Feel free to post or email at viddy57@yahoo.com. Thanks

    • James Dew
      Posted at 07:31h, 03 March

      David, there are a number of good books about the problems with dairy (esp. see Keon & Robbins (2010) Whitewash). You might tell your friend that those countries with the highest consumption of dairy (the U.S. and the Scandinavian countries) also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Why? In addition to calcium, dairy products also contain lactic acid which causes calcium to be leached from the bones and secreted from the body. So why is dairy so often recommended for calcium? That is a much deeper issue and goes into how the dairy industry has for many decades created and influenced the materials used to teach about health throughout our educational system, including many medical schools; how they influence the media; and how, along with other wealthy groups such as the beef industry, essentially control the FDA. So while you do get some calcium from dairy you also harm bones by consuming it. Dairy also contains much fat and the protein casein that has been linked to cancer (e.g., see T. Colin Campbell’s (2004) The China Study). Half of African Americans and about 90% of Asian Americans are lactose intolerant. Where else can you get calcium? Calcium is found in all sorts of non-dairy sources including dark green leafy vegetables like kale and bok choi, and in soy products, nuts, and many fruits. Also, the plant-based sources of calcium do not contain the addictive, opiate-like substances, found in dairy that partly explains why people find dairy so hard to quit eating.

  • wen
    Posted at 15:15h, 01 March

    I am still working on…always craving for nuts…tend to eat way too much…

  • Kara H
    Posted at 15:19h, 01 March

    We were a bacon, cheese and eggs house! Huge animal protein breakfasts and cheesy pizza dinners were the hardest to give up. Family recipes that had been made for years had to be thrown out completely. We have been plant-based for 2 years, and it took about 6 months to lose the cravings. We now have enough delicious recipes in our repertoire that those” disease-promoting” dishes don’t even seem appealing anymore.

  • Sheralee Olfert
    Posted at 15:26h, 01 March

    Instead of kicking my cravings (chocolate, cake/cookies, chips), I found ways to make healthier versions of my cravings and since it takes more work and effort, usually the craving will pass because I will have to get everything out to make it. And if I do decide to make it, then it’s well worth it and much needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katy
    Posted at 15:26h, 01 March

    Unfortunately, I’m still working on kicking the cravings! I have a love affair with cheese and when I try to kick the habit, I crave it even more. I’m slowly eliminating foods out of my diet. I started with milk, then I moved onto meat, and now I would love to kick cheese and sweets! Milk was easy because I’ve never cared for it, so I was able to kick the habit immediately. Meat took a couple of years. I would not eat it for a while and then I would always go back at some point. Eventually, I got to the point where I couldn’t stand the smell of it and I only thought about the animal every time I looked at it. I have a feeling The Pleasure Trap might help me kick habits in other areas, so thanks for considering me!

  • Bonnie
    Posted at 15:30h, 01 March

    We’ve been eating this way for 18 months; once we made the decision it wasn’t hard. Cheese was toughest, but once I made the commitment, I didn’t crave it.

  • Jo
    Posted at 15:39h, 01 March

    I went through 6 days of sugar craving hell. I gave up smoking many years ago and don’t remember it being as difficult as giving up sugar! Two battles well worth winning.

  • Chris
    Posted at 15:40h, 01 March

    I’ve been plant strong for almost two months. I still feel the urge to eat some of my old favorites sometimes, but when I go to eat them I just picture what it’s doing to my body and the cravings magically disappear. I am having some challenges embracing some of the plant strong proteins (tofu, seitan), so that’s still a bit of a struggle. (I can only eat so many beans!)

  • Becky Leff
    Posted at 15:46h, 01 March

    Cheese was hard; it took about 3 or 4 weeks, but now I don’t crave it. I even pass up the samples in the grocery store! Sugar is much harder — still working on that.

  • Jan S.
    Posted at 15:48h, 01 March

    I was very surprised that it only took me a couple of weeks to get past my cravings! And I never missed the meat at all! I started a plant based diet the Monday after Thanksgiving or a little over 3 months ago. I had 16 family members for dinner on Christmas Day and was not tempted by all the goodies that family brought. In the past I have always cooked a huge turkey and made southern cornbread dressing with turkey drippings and turkey gravy using the drippings for added flavor. My niece brought a ham and we had gotten a smoked turkey as a gift so that took care of the meat for all the non-vegan eaters that day. I made sweet potatoes without eggs–mashed with almond milk and a bit of vanilla. And used a non-dairy butter mixed with turbinado sugar and pecans for a topping–delicious! I was so happy not to have to deal with all that turkey grease! In fact, it makes me a bit sick to handle meat anymore. My husband has compromised with me. He eats a tiny bit of meat every other day, but I am hopeful he will gradually see the wisdom of a plant based diet. My new cravings are now GREENS!!

  • Corinne
    Posted at 15:52h, 01 March

    My biggest craving was for sweets….but then I started making my own healthier versions using dates, nuts, raw cacao powder, etc. So I am able to satisfy my sweet cravings with nutrient-rich foods and feel good about what I am putting in my body.
    Now I am no longer tempted by sweet “junky” vegan desserts because, not only can I make my own, but I have also formed a strong psychological association between the nutrient density of foods and health- and that kills my craving for the unhealthy stuff. As for meats and cheese- I just never crave them.
    I read this book a couple of years ago but forgot most of it and want to read it again!

  • Sheila
    Posted at 15:55h, 01 March

    Amazingly, at about 3 days and all food cravings ended. I used to have no control and would eat anything and everything, especially sweets, cheese, bread and butter. Now I can walk past it in the store and bee line to the produce dept and not feel even a twinge of longing. I’m too busy planning my next great adventure in veggie cooking. All the colors, smells, textures, tastes…… it’s so much fun to cook now. No more having to figure out some kind of boring hunk of meat then add a tired vegetable to fill up the plate. For years I cooked the same things and was tired of them. Meanwhile, I never felt full no matter how much I ate. Some magic happened after 3 days of eating all the vegetables, beans, and fruit I wanted. I stopped eating uncontrollably and have settled into reasonable portions of mostly vegetables with some whole grains and 2 or 3 pieces of fruit for dessert. This is the first time that food cravings haven’t controlled my life since I was a kid. It’s only been 3 weeks now so I hope this isn’t a fluke and the binge eating never returns, because I have lots of excess weight that is ruining my health.

  • LC
    Posted at 15:58h, 01 March

    I usually find it takes less than a week of full compliance with whole-food plant based eating to break any inkling of a craving, but boy, it only takes one off-plan meal to kick those cravings back off again! It’s an interesting phenomenon, and once I became aware of it, I felt empowered to address it, because I could recognize what was happening, and I knew the solution (whole food meals – I’ve been fully plant based for 6 years now, so that’s not a problem). And when a solution is as delicious and enjoyable as whole-foods plant based eating, having a problem isn’t such a bad thing!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 16:00h, 01 March

    It would be super to win!!!!!!!! Plant strong for a month now;-)

  • Heidi
    Posted at 16:01h, 01 March

    I would say as far as intense cravings go that was instant. I was amazed how little I thought about cheese, meat etc. I think it is fun recreating some of the comforts that we had in our home and making them plant strong and delish! My kids have had a little more cravings, especially my three year old who asked for chicken and sausage a lot. I was able to satisfy her cravings with gimme lean. Thank goodness my kids love vegetables and beans!

  • Sheila
    Posted at 16:02h, 01 March

    ahhh that’s 2 to 4 pieces of fruit per day… not per meal. Typos are my specialty!

  • susan
    Posted at 16:04h, 01 March

    it took me several weeks to get over cheese, and i still hit a little parmesian now and then…still working on kicking wine out for good

  • Samantha
    Posted at 16:29h, 01 March

    Cheese and reeses peanut butter cups. Cheese 30 days -peanut butter cups still a fight.

  • Claire
    Posted at 16:55h, 01 March

    The first 3 days is the worst but once you hit a week it gets easier and you think about it less and less… by the end of the first month you only think about it if it’s placed in front of you and a few months in you can see and smell it without wanting a bite. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to this point- I never want to go back!

  • Connie
    Posted at 17:15h, 01 March

    2 weeks for actual cravings. Then I realized that many were not cravings but habit which is easier to deal with.

  • Angie
    Posted at 17:16h, 01 March

    I would say it took about a week. The caffeine headaches were the worst part. Since then, I’ve never felt better!

  • Cindy
    Posted at 17:38h, 01 March

    I have not been able to kick cheese. Everything else has not bothered me. I have 2 young picker eaters which makes it challenging making meals. I think it has been 3 days since I have had cheese- I just take it one day at a time!! This book looks like a must read!! Thanks for all your support!

  • Christine Robertson
    Posted at 18:05h, 01 March

    Sugar was easy. Meat was easy. Milk took a couple of weeks. I still struggle with cheese though. I miss goat cheese on my salad, and pizza — oh, the pizza. That’s still tough.

  • Pam
    Posted at 18:10h, 01 March

    The only cravings I had was for cheese – you know, the smelly, rich, fatty kind – like Camembert, Gorgonzola, brie, Jarlsberg etc. Last month I decided to test to see if I still wanted to eat some. It smelled good , but that was my brain speaking to me. It was sooo disgusting when I tasted it, I spat it out. It had a taste of like ‘fake plastic’ something….So I guess after 10 months of being vegan, I lost my one last craving. Now just to lose more weight… sigh !!

  • Lynnette
    Posted at 18:43h, 01 March

    I got over cheese surprisingly easily. I used to eat A LOT. Now and then I am faced with pizza, usually at a work function. I am learning to just pass on it, and make sure to bring my own alternatives.

  • CJL
    Posted at 19:06h, 01 March

    Most of my cravings were gone in the first 3-4 weeks. Its been 8 weeks and I’m still struggling a bit getting over cheese…

  • Susannah Dickman
    Posted at 19:40h, 01 March

    It really did not take too long. The hardest thing was cheese. I would say 2-3 weeks!

  • Mary Pritchard
    Posted at 19:56h, 01 March

    Since the first of the year I have focused on juicing … when grocery shopping now, I actually crave fresh organic bunches of cilantro, parsley, kale etc.. I grow my own sprouts. I LOVE farm fresh veggies and fruits. My addiction to sugar and fats, well that is still an issue. But as I fill up on the healthy goods, I gain more resistance to the latter. One day at a time, one meal at a time … gives me strength. As does reading and watching videos and You Tubes on health. I would love to read the Pleasure Trap to understand this struggle. The mind knows what’s best, but it does not always seem to be in control!

  • nicole
    Posted at 19:58h, 01 March

    About 3 weeks

  • Sallyanne Young
    Posted at 19:59h, 01 March

    I recently was dx with high cholesterol and have read your book Engine 2. I always thought I was eating so healthy until I read the entire book. Thanks so much for such fantastic information!

  • Tina Vassil
    Posted at 19:59h, 01 March

    Oh dear! I still haven’t kicked it! Sugar! But my big accomplishment is ridding my life of artificial sweeteners! Sugar will be a tough one, but I’m a work in progress!

  • Kent Walker
    Posted at 19:59h, 01 March

    It is so difficult as an out of work student in Nursing. Who has time or money. But I am trying.

  • Stephanie H
    Posted at 20:01h, 01 March

    My meat cravings went away almost immediately. I gave up dairy about a month after I became a vegetarian, and that took a few weeks to a month. Once it was out of my system, and I found several non dairy replacements for dairy foods, I didn’t really crave it anymore. I still have a craving for sushi on occasion, but I think if I find a seafood free version of my favorites that would go away as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christina Easley
    Posted at 20:04h, 01 March

    Within the first two weeks or so

  • Kati H
    Posted at 20:05h, 01 March

    How long did it take me to kick the cravings for my favorite unhealthy foods? When I started my plant-strong journey, it was hard to kick the habits, because I A. hadn’t discovered the mostly simple alternatives or B. didn’t think I could afford them. Now that there’s a healthy grocery store JUST around the corner (Earth Fare- I hope everyone gets them soon!) the cravings are nearly all gone. So I’d say it took me two years to overcome the cravings, but it would have been much faster had I known about awesome soy or cocnut ice creams and the fact that good food is affordable. In fact, most times when I see a commercial for a McFlurry (my once-uipon-a-craving) my stomach turns. It’s smarter than me now! So instead, a Silk banana strawberry smoothie is plenty to curb that craving. And it’s not even a craving – it’s just a darn good idea. Loving the book club idea and hope to join!

  • Cindy Williams
    Posted at 20:06h, 01 March

    I watched Forks over Knives with my husband and we both stopped dairy cold turkey! Been vegetarian for years and kept thinking about the vegan thing and all it took was a DVD!

  • Gina Martin Hobbs
    Posted at 20:07h, 01 March

    …Probably about a year of consistently eating healthy foods and being *aware* of the effects of my choices. Somethings I still struggle with, but only occasionally.

  • Dara
    Posted at 20:08h, 01 March

    It’s been so long since I stopped eating meat that it’s difficult to remember the challenge of it. Dropping dairy and eggs from my diet a couple of years ago was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I thought I’d miss cheese so much, but I didn’t even find a cheese alternative I liked until recently because I didn’t bother looking for one. Life without cheese is not so tough. Life without processed and sugary foods though… that’s a tough one. I went about 3 months without eating any sweets other than fruit, which I didn’t think I would ever have the willpower to do. Unfortunately, I let personal stresses be an excuse to allow myself to indulge in junk food now and then, and before I knew it “now and then” became “all the time.” I would love to kick some of these unhealthy foods from my diet again.

  • Jenelle
    Posted at 20:10h, 01 March

    I eat healthy most of the time but I still have an addiction to sweets. As of today, March 1st I cut out sweets. We’ll see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meg LaGray
    Posted at 20:10h, 01 March

    My entire life, cravings have been a problem. I remember sneaking Oreo cookies from the cabinet when no one else was in the house, and I distinctly remember the feeling of shame after I’d noshed on stockpile. I never knew that my life could change simply by changing the food that I put in my body. I’ve been plant strong for almost two months now, and I feel confident in saying that I’ll never be any other way. Physically, my cravings for crap food ended relatively quickly and quite painlessly. I think the pain of physical withdrawal was quelled with the excitement of the knowledge that I now possessed: the knowledge that I could effectively change everything about my mental and physical well being with the simple act of eating. Mentally, I still have tough days. I vividly remember how delicious a good cheeseburger is, or how succulent beef tartar was. In reality though, I know that these things hold no power over me anymore. For the first time in my life, my body and soul feels nourished by the food that I consume. Who needs ice cream anyways?

  • Mary
    Posted at 20:11h, 01 March

    In many ways it was easy to give up meat, dairy, and oil. However, it becomes hard not to partake when I’m away from home in restaurants or someones home. I do try to make smart choices in these circumstances.

  • Laura Black
    Posted at 20:11h, 01 March

    After watching FOK, I quit everything the next day, which I found out later, is not recommended. None the less, I have been eating this way for 5 months now and am down to my ideal weight and completely healthy according to my doctor. It took me 3 1/2 months to give up cheese completely. The first 2-3 weeks was the worst with the cravings for unhealthy food. I swear every commercial on TV was junk food and fast food. I’m used to them now, but it still saddens me that they are out there. I am so thankful my taste buds have changed and I crave the healthy foods now. Almost everything I eat now, I didn’t even used to like. I thank GOD every day for my new lifestyle.

  • Denise
    Posted at 20:16h, 01 March

    Once I made the commitment I flipped the switch overnight and haven’t slipped…just not an option…it’s been 2.5 years! Feel great, for me and the animals.

  • Kristina Dominy
    Posted at 20:17h, 01 March

    It didn’t take long to stop craving meat after watching Forks Over Knives, but the hardest thing for me has been sugar. I do well after no sugar for about 3 days, but if I slip and have a dessert it seems to put me right back where I started!

  • Rena
    Posted at 20:36h, 01 March

    Honestly, what it took for me to conquer my cravings was when I gave into them after about eight weeks on a plant strong diet. Cheese had never tasted so oily and fatty, pastries with butter in them caused a film in my mouth that tasted like I had just bitten into a brick of cream cheese. I also indulged in a pudding type dessert, probably made with lots of cream, and I felt like my body and mind went into some weird sort of shock. Don’t crave those things even a little bit anymore!

  • Jeff Carpenter
    Posted at 20:42h, 01 March

    I’m on day 31 of my plant-based, minimally processed, low fat, low sodium, no added-fat lifestyle. The cravings haven’t been that bad – but I’ve spent the past few months weening myself off stuff. February 1st I got serious. When I’m helping my daughters sell Girl Scout Cookies – I get those cravings. The one’s I don’t get are the random ones for things like Sweet and Sour Chicken – things that I didn’t used to eat before?

  • Fawn Simpson
    Posted at 20:43h, 01 March

    About 2 weeks after going fully plant strong. I have done a little back sliding into the oreos a couple times. But the last time I thought they looked good, they tasted horrible. I can’t believe I used to love Oreos. Now when I want a treat I grab the Happy Herbivore or the Everyday Herbivore and have fun.
    Plant strong is what it’s all about.

  • Deana D
    Posted at 20:43h, 01 March

    It took me a few weeks to kick the cravings for sweets (especially ice cream) but it only took one bite for me to be totally addicted again.. working on kicking the addiction now. I know I can never “splurge” again & need to “reward” myself with healthy treats. Saw Rip in CT this week & based on his recommendation I’m getting a Yonana machine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alan Ward
    Posted at 20:45h, 01 March

    Been plant strong for almost 2 months now. At first cravings were very low, but now they seem to be getting stronger, which makes no sense because my taste buds should have changed by now I would think.

  • Nelson
    Posted at 20:46h, 01 March

    I really haven’t any serious cravings from day 1. I had a steak dinner on May 1, 2011, and on May 2 went plant perfect 100%. Something just turned my thinking around completely.

  • Tammy
    Posted at 20:47h, 01 March

    I still have not kicked them totally. One thing I still crave is hamburgers. I have tried many “veggie” burger recipes but I still have not found the one that works for me as a replacement. But I keep trying! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rileen
    Posted at 20:47h, 01 March

    While I still eat unhealthy foods every now and then, I rarely have cravings – they just disappeared on their own quite some time ago. I’m not sure how much it had to do with turning vegetarian (Ovo-lacto), but ever since, I’ve been in the agreeable state of enjoying a wide variety of food without ever really craving anything.

    The process of eating healthier has been quite gradual – I stopped buying fruit juice (buying fruits instead) and chips last year, for instance. Still buy/enjoy stuff like Pizza, Ice cream etc., but planning to read “Engine 2 diet” (copy on its way from Amazon.com to me) and try out healthier alternatives of those soon!

  • Sheri O
    Posted at 20:50h, 01 March

    After watching Forks over Knives, I started eating plant strong every day. The cravings went away almost immediately. I believe understanding the reason for the cravings (the pleasure trap), along with the biology of what those foods were doing to my body, really helped me to turn the craving switch OFF! (FOR GOOD!)

  • Heidi
    Posted at 20:55h, 01 March

    I still have some cravings but nothing like the were before and I am hoping within the next month I will stay away from them for good!! Being gluten free and avoiding soy makes it a bit harder but I am finally seeing how awful I feel when I have something that is not plant strong and realizing it is not worth it!!

  • Laura Lennon
    Posted at 20:56h, 01 March

    Kicking the habit is still a work in progress. We have managed to make some embrace some recipes and food habits from the Engine2 diet, but not everyone in the house is on board.. which make it hard on the rest of us. (Thankfully, “corn dogs” and apple sauce and Mac no cheese are big hits>)

    Working on it, and keep trying new things!

    • Laura Lennon
      Posted at 20:58h, 01 March

      Forgot to add a book recommendation: Calm Energy.

      It is all about how we regulate our moods with food and exercise.

  • Kristen
    Posted at 20:57h, 01 March

    I lov clubs. They help keep me positively focused. I started a plant strong lunch group at work. We’ve been plant strong since October and loving it. I haven’t read the actual e2 book yet. I want it so badly! I loved forks over knives. It changed my life.

  • Lauren
    Posted at 21:02h, 01 March

    Meat was easy to give up but cheese took a while. And sugar? Well, that’s an everyday struggle!!!

  • Aaron
    Posted at 21:11h, 01 March

    Kick the cravings? Sadly they are still there. The key is to not answer them when they come calling. Are they getting better? You bet. I live two minutes from an In-N-Out Burger. No longer do I slow down to take in the smell. Now I can just drive past without problem. 46 years of foods that weren’t good for me. It’s going to take time, but as I see the results of my new diet and life, I get more excited. That makes not answering the craving call much easier.

  • Jen
    Posted at 21:12h, 01 March

    Meats, dairy, oil were easy. It’s the crackers that call to me occasionally. Relieve that with home-made pita chips and kale “chips”.

  • Sandy
    Posted at 21:13h, 01 March

    I’m still not totally plant-strong, but an amazing feeling came over me today while standing in line at a restaurant for lunch. I actually was craving a salad over a veggie burger!

  • Margie Whitling
    Posted at 21:21h, 01 March

    About 1 week, it amazed me that my cravings weren’t there. I use to eat sweets daily. Thanks Engine 2.

  • Ann
    Posted at 21:22h, 01 March

    I was a vegetarian for more than 25 years before jumping onto the vegan wagon. I missed milk in my coffee, and didn’t like the taste of most alternatives, but then I found the plain, unsweetened almond milk and it is perfect. Everything else has been pretty easy.

  • Sharon Miller
    Posted at 21:56h, 01 March

    It took about 8 days for physical cravings to subside (the 2pm I need sugar cravings) as my body adjusted to the change. Mentally it still creeps up on occasion, but it gets easier each day as I scour the web for more information on this website & many other sites. After watching Forks Over Knives, I’ve committed to watching 1 documentary a week (just watched Food Matters today). I’m like a sponge & can’t get enough, would love to add the book to my newly started collection!

  • Marianne Slote
    Posted at 21:57h, 01 March

    I’ve been vegan for two years and plant strong for the last year or so. Wow, what a difference! I struggled with sugar cravings…Oreos were my downfall. I switched to whole fruit and in two weeks my cookie cravings vanished!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 22:06h, 01 March

    I have been Plant Strong for about 8 months, I went cold turkey and it was pretty easy. Coffee, on the other hand, has been a huge struggle. I’m hoping this book will help me overcome my cravings.

  • Cal
    Posted at 22:20h, 01 March

    Going plant- based was very intimidating for me at first, but after watching Fork Over Knives, I knew it was something we as a family would do for our overall health. I’ve never once regretted our decision!!!

  • Cathy Carter
    Posted at 22:27h, 01 March

    I became vegetarian a year ago this month. Then, I became whole food, plant-strong last August, after attending an E2 weekend. The biggest craving I had to overcome was cheese. Everything else (meat, milk, sugar, diet cokes, coffee, eggs, etc.) was fairly easy. It actually took me several months before I could finally give up cheese, and even now, I find myself still craving it. Hopefully, The Pleasure Trap will help get me past this craving.

  • Stephanie R.
    Posted at 22:30h, 01 March

    Still sometimes have cravings from my sushi addiction but every other one was gone within 3 weeks.

  • Tobias Severn
    Posted at 22:32h, 01 March

    It actually did not take me any time at all to change my ways of eating, I did not have a single craving and still have not. It has been about 8 weeks now and I have been around the foods I used to love, but I have made up my mind to make my life better and have found no problems with the decision. My mother-in-law was visiting recently and my wife showed her the FOK movie and she decided to change her ways also, however she, by her own admission, is going to have a hard time with cravings. I wish her the best.

  • Lorrie Kelley
    Posted at 22:54h, 01 March

    It took me too long ๐Ÿ™‚ A not so great doctor appointment two days ago was the kick in the pants I needed. I am now having green smoothies daily, and eating a Vegan diet that is about 80% raw.
    I already know that following this type of diet makes me feel great, as I have gone this route before. Some times though people will backslide, and that is exactly what happened to me.
    But I am back to healthy eating and looking forward to seeing an improvement as I did last time!

  • patrucua hinton
    Posted at 23:45h, 01 March

    change of life that’s what is happening to me since i saw forks over knife i started the following day no meat,dairy,or oil im off of allergy meds no more steroids feeling graet leasrning to cook gormet1vegan i love it in fact you cant shut me up im telling the world yes this is a secret to cure almost anything its your diet if someone would of told me three months ago i would be a vegan i would of laughed two weeks into this new life style im off of my meds and havent been back to allergest! happy and free!

  • Flavia
    Posted at 00:11h, 02 March

    I have to say I had almost no problems with cravings at all. I started plant based eating a month ago and my real problem is making meals my whole family will eat (including a 4 and 2 year old). That is one of the most frustrating aspect.

  • Mary Martin
    Posted at 00:12h, 02 March

    I am still working on it but a good couple of months until I really was tempted to “forget” and eat a slice of cheese or some other unmentionable!

  • Tena
    Posted at 05:28h, 02 March

    One day at a time!

  • Sheryl
    Posted at 05:32h, 02 March

    I’ve been primarily plant strong for about a month now. I say primarily because I still occassionally eat ice cream and cheese. Usually mindless eating. I find myself actually turned off by the meat I see others eating. My husband and I both went plant strong together and now I’m working on my kids, who are five and almost 2.

  • Kathy M
    Posted at 05:47h, 02 March

    I have been plant strong for several years. Now I am working on being whole foods plant strong (thank you Rip for the course correction). Dairy is my weakness and I just try to remember that I had breast cancer 14 years ago and the association between cancer and casein as evidenced in the China Study. Rock on!

  • Kathy M
    Posted at 05:56h, 02 March

    Rereading these posts reminds me of when I got clean and sober 21 years ago. I’m going to look at food cravings like alcohol and just not slip. I am struck by how much we suffer from cravings like any other addiction.

  • Adrienne Gray
    Posted at 05:58h, 02 March

    I kicked meat cold-turkey (hahaha)! I did a 30-day Kathy Freston style cleanse (vegan, no gluten, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol) through my yoga studio and never went back to eating meat after that. I have tasted meat since then, but I seem to have lost the taste for it. Yea for me!

  • Cheryl
    Posted at 06:32h, 02 March

    I have been a vegetarian since January 1, 2004. I still ate dairy and eggs. Giving up meat was not that difficult; I occasionally craved a steak. I have been eating vegan for only a couple of weeks since I watched Forks Over Knives. I have been craving cheese (I miss my local goat cheese!); however, I have been actively trying to find alternatives that suit me. I have given up processed food. I have been amazed at how much vegetarian processed food contains milk and eggs. I am excited about the book club. I was disappointed to see that my local library did not have a copy. Whether I win a copy or have to purchase it, I plan to donate it to the library after reading so that others may learn from it.

  • carolyn morton
    Posted at 06:55h, 02 March

    Cheese is the hardest for me. No problem with meat. It’s really amazing how my taste has changed. I now prefer healthy foods!

  • Marla Merkel
    Posted at 06:57h, 02 March

    It took me about 2-4 weeks. I never ate much meat and already drank almond milk. My hardest area is in the areas of eating out and tempting desserts/snack foods.

  • Patrick Englert
    Posted at 07:59h, 02 March

    I have been doing the Engine 2 diet for 35 days…and I can say that really the cravings ended within the first two weeks for me. I had lingering thoughts of once again enjoying meat or fatty fast food. Often when I would have a craving, I would think about biting into a piece of chicken or beef and ultimately get a naseous feeling.
    On the 29th day I ventured out with some friends to a local pizza place where in my mind I thought I would have the best meal of my life. My plan was to have one meal off and then continue eating plant strong. Well…I have to tell you the pizza did not taste nearly as good as I would have expected and the next day I was not craving it, but instead craving plant based whole foods. I was driving home from work last night and I thought to myself that I was hungry for a snack. Before I started the diet I would swing by my local Kroger and grab some junk to snack on, this time the thought never crossed my mind, because I had a list of healthy options in my head. I have decreased the amount of money spent on food, the waste- garbage and wasted food as we no composte, and my fasting blood glucose was 96 as of this morning down from 285. Oh ya, I have also lost 17 pounds in little over a month. I started out at 211.2 and am now 194.2. For 6’2 I am heading towards my healthy weight. This lifestyle change is one I can sustain and live by it has changed me and the way I look at life. The foods I am nourishing my body with are helping me to be strong, motivated, and sustain my health. I have also been hitting the gym every week 5X’s, I am pretty sure the whole food, plant based diet give me the energy I need.

  • Louise
    Posted at 08:45h, 02 March

    I gave up coffee because I like it with half and half and sugar. I found a few delicious herbal teas as a substitute and after about a week of a “funny head” I’m perfectly happy without it.

    I have a big sweet tooth though and haven’t found any substitutes I can live with so I use a little raw honey and maple syrup.

    No problem with dairy, surprisingly. I’ve “played” with vegetarianism off and on but never eliminated dairy. After two weeks off all dairy, I find my sinuses are clearer and the dark circles under my eyes are rapidly fading. Yeah!

    I feel so blessed that I found Forks Over Knives on Netflix. I called my daughter-in-law after reading it and said, “I’m in!” Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the movie and to Rip for your book and website! (When are you coming to South Florida?)

  • Vanessa Flores
    Posted at 09:08h, 02 March

    Being in contol of my cravings is what I struggle with frequently. I am always trying to think of ways/strategies of making myself be “disciplined.” I do great for a good stretch and then fall into the “temptation” trap and beat myself up mentally. I’ve been plant strong for a year now and where my weakness falls is with sweets and indulgence with food at parties. I can’t understand why I fall into this trap! Why can’t I just ignore my urges? I’m excited about reading this book for some insite!

  • Terri
    Posted at 09:26h, 02 March

    When I eat plant-strong, my cravings go away within the first 72 hours. If I have something to eat that contains oil, sugar or caffeine, my cravings return immediately! It’s amazing how your cravings subside when you stay plant-strong! There is no will power involved. You just don’t crave the bad stuff any longer. Your taste buds change and you find yourself longing for your favorite fruit and/or vegetable. Even your sense of smell changes. I can’t stand the smell of cheese any longer.

  • Jean D.
    Posted at 10:05h, 02 March

    After watching Forks Over Knives, I lost any craving for meat. Instantly. Watching Earthlings cinched the deal. Oils didn’t interest me, either. Sugar has been a more difficult battle. When I’ve gone off course and eaten sugary foods, the cravings come back all over again. Fortunately, I’ve stayed away from sugars for a few weeks again, and don’t crave them now.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Jen
    Posted at 10:18h, 02 March

    Good timing, I’ve been planning on seeing if the local library has a copy of this book. Its nice to have scientific backup of what I’ve known for a long time ~ fat and sugar are addictive. I used to be a personal trainer and watched so many dedicated, strong, and intelligent women start a program with the best of intentions only to end up frustrated when they were drawn back into old habits.

    I love that this “diet” program isn’t about aesthetics (“lose 10 lbs in time for bikini season!”) – its about health from the inside out.

  • TK
    Posted at 10:28h, 02 March

    I started about two months ago and have almost completely made the transition. It is difficult living in a household where there are still so temptations for unhealthy foods. The hardest part is coming home from hockey and wanting to refuel your body with a meal that is quick and easy.

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 10:47h, 02 March

    It took me about 2 weeks to get over wanting cheese and to realize that it really stinks so that makes me not want it anymore.

  • Ramona Kennon
    Posted at 11:11h, 02 March

    If took me almost 2 weeks to get over the craving for chocolate. I can now have a little dark chocolate in a recipe without it starting a craving, but am finding icy cold mango to be a much more satisfying sweet treat.

  • fire1faith
    Posted at 11:13h, 02 March

    My husband and I have been plant strong for a little over a month and it has not been as hard as we thought. I thought it would be really hard to leave behind my sweet tooth and chocolate but have found plenty of healthy treats (70 % chocolate bar – a little square at a time) and recipes (frozen chocolate ball banana treats from forks over knives) that fill those cravings. We have never felt better or been happier!!!

  • Sue
    Posted at 14:32h, 02 March

    I find it easy to go without eating meat and dairy products, and I enjoy my plant-based meals. Still, I struggle with my sugar cravings; but, the more I educate myself on the issue Iโ€™m sure I will be able to overcome this bad habit too.

  • Shannon Christopher
    Posted at 19:50h, 02 March

    I knew I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle with my diet. With knowledge and a plan for success I was instantly over my favorite unhealthy foods. My secret: The day after watching Forks Over Knives I picked up their cookbook along with The Engine 2 Diet, and the Everyday Happy Herbivore. I have rekindled a relationship with food that is more diverse then it has ever been in my 38 years. Thank you Rip, Lindsay, Dr.Esselstyn, and Dr. Campbell!!

  • James Dew
    Posted at 06:54h, 03 March

    I’ve been on a plant-based diet with no dairy, and very little oils, salt, sweetners, or refined grains, for just over one year. I started the diet as an alternative to taking immunosuppressant drugs, following hospitalization for ulcerative colitis. This diet has completely controlled the symptoms of colitis, from which I suffered for over 20 years. I also permanently lost 40 lbs. and entered a normal BMI range.

    Removing all of the types of food we don’t eat from our home and having a supportive partner who loves this diet were factors that helped overcome the cravings for fat, sweets, and salt. I will admit that I’m not perfect, but do adhere to a 95% adherence rule for eating healthy and plant-strong. I have read the Pleasure Trap and look forward to rereading and discussing it with you folks.

  • Carrie Supak
    Posted at 11:54h, 03 March

    I started with the engine 2 book. I keep viewing the forks over knives video. I love trying the recipes from Happy Herbivore. I am also reading the china study. I really want to be faithful. Cheese is the hardest thing to give up but i have seen the results and want to keep going.

  • Katie Loss
    Posted at 14:37h, 03 March

    Sweets….candy, not baked goods. Hardest to give up by far. The rest was really easy for me. I still have sweet-tooth melt-downs every so often. If I can rigorously eat LOTS of veggies and greens every day and drink a ton of water through the day, then I’m fine. Once I get a sweet taste, though, it’s as if a fire alarm has gone off in my head and I have to work really hard to put out the cravings from the this all consuming “sweets fire”.

  • dorothy
    Posted at 16:36h, 03 March

    Cheese is the hardest one for me

  • tammy
    Posted at 18:03h, 03 March

    Dairy was definitely the hardest addiction to break. I think it took a full 2 weeks not to crave it all the time. And PMS week was brutal. I made it though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lemondrop Vegan
    Posted at 12:32h, 04 March

    I was extremely addicted to cheese and it was the only thing holding me back from a full plant based diet. Everyday no matter what I would come home from work run to the fridge and cut up slices of cheese and eat them before even taking my shoes off! I felt like I craved it from my inner soul! But everything changed once I started doing research on diets when my mother was diagnosed with late stage MS. I read about all the horrors of animal milk consumption by humans and how tragic it all was. I’ve lost so many family members to disease including my sister to Leukemia and I wish more than anything I could go back & teach them what I know now thanks to these brilliant doctors like Esselstyn, McDougall, Swank, and Campbell. I am plant strong and my mom is on the Swank diet stopping her MS with better food choices (and no milk!).

  • Lisa L
    Posted at 12:40h, 04 March

    I’ve been plant strong for 4 months now and feel spectacular. Physically I had no difficulties dropping cheese from my diet like I thought I would. However, mentally caffeine and sugar still creep in.

  • amalie
    Posted at 20:22h, 04 March

    Umm…I’m still working on it. I’ll go strong for a while (weeks and sometimes months) and then cave in to french fries or oreos. I’m still learning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LC Cunningham
    Posted at 20:50h, 04 March

    The hardest thing was to give up coffee. It took about 2 weeks. Now I dont miss it at all. I have been 6 weeks of plant strong AND I love it.

    VIVA RIP !!

  • Meghan Craft
    Posted at 16:46h, 08 March

    I already ate meat only once a week, so the issue was cheese, sugary things and oil. I would say 2-3 weeks. My tastebuds have completely changed. I like vegetables and fruits that I did not like before. If I try to fall of track and eat junk I can taste the fake flavors and fat, I do not like the things I used to – cheese now tastes sour to me so anytime I may have a mental craving all it takes is a bite to realize I don’t like that anymore. It’s pretty amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

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