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And The Winners Are….



A few weeks ago we announced the first ever, Engine 2 Food Line recipe contest. The contest was to create a plant-strong recipe using one (or more) of our new E2 food line products. We got 100′s of entries! We could only pick 4 winners. We had a panel of 8 people review the recipes, and vote on their favorites (it was a VERY hard task!)

And the winners are…

Grand Prize: Shelly Detken 

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Hummus Gravy

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.16.32 AM

First Prize: Twila Thurm 

Plant-Strong Chile Rellenos

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.16.56 AM

Second Prize: Lauren Vaught 

Ancient Grains Stuffed Zucchini

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.17.20 AM

Third Prize: Joel Rosario 

Plant-Strong Banana Pie

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.16.05 AM

We will be sharing each of these wonderful recipes over the next 4 weeks!

In the meantime, you can still win! Leave a comment and tell us what E2 plant-strong foods you’d love to see on the shelves, and we will pick a few people to win a copy of My Beef With Meat

Congratulations to all of the contest winners!

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Engine 2 Team
The Engine 2 Team is dedicated to helping you become plant-strong! Each of us are on the plant-strong journey right along side of you!

36 Responses to “And The Winners Are….”

  1. Kari says:

    I would like to see more plant-strong wraps in different grains and flavors, and I hope you’ll come up with a new E2 whole-grain bread, burger buns, crackers, etc. And since concentrated, processed soy “meats” are not recommended as good for us, I wonder whether E2 could come up with a better meat substitute? Also, how about your own brand of pasta sauce, maybe with portobello mushrooms and/or roasted red peppers WITHOUT any oil and too much sodium?

  2. stephanie Thurm says:

    I would really like to see an E2 oil free dressing line. Salads and sandwiches are great ways to get in as many veggies as possible, but so many dressings contain oil and animal products. I am constantly looking for new dressings and marinades to spice up dishes and a premixed dressing that abides by the E2 guidelines would be a real time saver.

    • Wendy Freese Cromwell says:

      I make my own oil free dressing and love it – Balsamic Vinegar, dijon mustard, Water, agave, and whatever ever spices/herbs I like…I’ts amazing – especially if you have something sweet in your salad like cranberries or strawberries. I use it on pasta salad, brown rice salad, green salad.

  3. Mary Reisler Taylor says:

    I can’t find any of your products at the Whole Foods near me, except for the wraps. Dressing would be helpful.

  4. Mary Ruiz Ruttenberg says:

    My favorite regular food in this house is my chopped salad, with italian kale, sorel, lambs quarters, dandelion greens, cucumber, carrot, onion, and romaine. It lasts a few days when I make a big batch and I top it with guac, salsa and chips. yum

  5. Felecia Malin says:

    As much as I like the idea of buying food I know that is ok to eat (it is healthy) and I do understand we are a society of convenience, I think any food already prepared is not as good as us cooking/preparing it ourselves. Which is why I would love a copy of the new book. I suppose if I had to suggest something, I would agree with the aforementioned suggestion of salad dressing.

  6. Veg4life says:

    I would love some sandwich spreads. Either sweet like peanut butter or savory like a pâté.

  7. Jean Hayes says:

    I would love to see oil free pita bread to go with your oil free hummus!

  8. Claire says:

    Frozen waffles!! My husband loves them for breakfast and we would love to see a plant-strong option!! Thanks :-)

  9. Deb Baker says:

    I would like to see plant strong bread products, especially bulky rolls, pizza crusts and pie crusts.

  10. loveplants says:

    frozen pizza or “ice cream” fudge bar like Sweet Nothings which seem to be no longer avaiable at WF

  11. Susan H says:

    We would love to see a plant strong salad dressing line.

  12. Karen Williams Zielke says:

    Salad dressings, hamburger buns and waffles would all get my vote and my business!

  13. Sarah says:

    I would LOVE to see a pasta sauce (that could double as a pizza sauce). The product would be SO versatile! I work at Whole Foods and I can’t find ANY no oil, low salt (plant-stong) ones that taste at all decent. I’ve had better luck at home making my own, but would love the convenience option to just buy some. Please give this request careful consideration!

  14. Deb Baumert says:

    Would like to see salad dressings also. The convenience would be great.

  15. Deb Hollimon says:

    Whole wheat thin pizza crust

  16. Sarah Johnson says:

    Bread! I love your wraps but would also love some regular bread without oil.

  17. Katherine says:

    Salad dressing. It seems the least processed and would have endless possibilities.

  18. DenzilDragon says:

    Oil-free – and vinegar-free! – salad dressing

  19. Beverly Perry says:

    Pasta sauces would be great. Of course fat free and low sodium.

  20. Bonnie says:

    Can’t wait to see the recipes!!
    I’d love good bread, pita, pizza crust, etc. without oil.

  21. Cathy says:

    I would love to see any product on a shelf. There are no Whole Foods near me. Please consider another grocer as well. How about Wegmans??? I have one real close and I love it there!

  22. Holley Thrailkill says:

    I would love to see salad dressing and more snack type foods. I am patently waiting for your veggie burgers at my Wholefoods. Enjoying all your other foods too. :)

  23. AmyK says:

    I’d love to see E2 make a nondairy creamer that is actually nondairy and not full of junk! A portable powdered soy or almond milk would be great!

  24. Enrica Sabatino says:

    your collard wraps prepped and ready to roll!!! that would be a dream lunch!!! I took it to work and everyone LOVED it!!!!! kind of like how the y have gross lunchables? this would be E2 lunchables!

  25. mommyof4ms says:

    I would love to have access to any of your E2 foods at one of our area markets. We don’t have Whole Foods, but have Akins, Fresh Market, and Cook’s Natural Food store. I agree with having a proper pasta sauce available:)!

  26. RB says:

    How about an oat bar that would meet the guidelines. Sure would be handy when traveling!

  27. Amy Gavin says:

    I’d love to see grab-n-go frozen entrees!

  28. Niftyfifty says:

    Since I’m single, and a nurse who works midnights (no food available!), I’d like to see small portions of hummus, crisp bread, wraps, and other lunch box options in a type of bento box presentation….also, great pasta sauces!

  29. Courtney says:

    I would like to see veggie broth powders/concentrates! All of the ones currently available either have sugar, tons of salt, or oils added. We need a healthy plant strong option!

  30. Kristen Kelley says:

    Breads, and kid friendly snacks like plant strong cookies, maybe a plant strong “cheese” cracker made with nutritional yeast, plant strong family size frozen entrees like versions of the plant strong lasagna for days when you just don’t have the time to put it all together – it would be great to have a far less processed alternative to what’s out there now.

  31. Fran Byrne says:

    Please send your products to New Zealand. We have NOTHING here for plant-strong vegans. New Zealand restaurants won’t even cater for us. It is very difficult following this lifestyle in New Zealand.

  32. ben says:

    Baked corn tortilla chips; they are just corn tortillas – organic corn and water – baked in an oven until hard like a chip. Yes they are incredibly easy to make, but don’t underestimate how lazy my mother can be. :-) I don’t get over to her house every day, so if she runs out of what I supply her, she’ll buy whatever she can find rather than make them herself. I imagine a lot of people are the same way, so there is probably a market here for a healthy no-oil, no-salt, no-sugar chip, in addition to a no-oil, no-salt, no-sugar dip!

  33. Private says:

    I would love to see some treats – cause every once in a while it would be nice to find an ice cream substitute (without having to get out my frozen bananas and a blender) and to get different flavors. It would be great to get some type of chocolate cookie that is basic but a quick grab at the store (instead of reaching for other bars ect.)
    Pizza crust and Tortilla chips – are a must – soooo hard to find now
    Agree about salad dressings too.
    Basically things to have on hand for the days you don’t have time to make pizza crust, cookies, ice cream, or you are sick of just vinegar on a salad.
    And I am lucky and have several whole foods around – but it is a hit or miss as to which carry what E2 products – and they are tough to find in the store – if Whole foods had a guide about what is in each store E2 product wise – and where it was – that would be huge!!

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