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” And at the end of each day, I know I’m doing what’s better for me. “

(Jeff Novick and Dr. Esselstyn doing a cooking demo at our last immersion)

Kristen went to one of our immersion retreats and is sharing her story with us today. For more information about our Farms 2 Forks weekend immersion retreats, please check out our website here.

“Going to the immersion, I felt vulnerable. I am a pretty private person, and I felt like this experience was going to get real, real fast. I anticipated having to speak openly in front of a group about my life choices and why I made them. For my job, I speak publicly often and well, with subtle humor and charm, if i do say so myself! But the thought of speaking personally left me… Speechless.

So going in, I feel vulnerable, but what do I experience while there? I feel invigorated by the outpouring of positive energy by those who run, facilitate, participate and enrich the immersion. Whether it’s the steadfastness of Adam, the run-a-million-miles-a-minute man, or the calm collectedness of “Es,” also known as the renown Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Or it’s Jane, Ann, Jeff,..  All who fill the room with their energy and light. And all people who are now world-famous, yet I feel comfortable enough to refer to them by their first names… Because that’s how they roll.

And Rip: his amazing ability to glide into a room or a conversation with complete ease, as though he’s your lifelong friend who genuinely has an interest in your thoughts, your story. And in the next moment, he’s driving 100 people with his infectious, unabashed enthusiasm that can move any hard-core skeptic to their feet, feeling the plant-strong power fill the room.

For me, immersion was a ‘reset’ button; a change in my baseline; a new ‘normal.’ And because I was with a group of 100 people creating their own new ‘normal,’ I felt supported and empowered.

When I returned home from my immersion experience, I was able to see with clearer eyes and a clearer mind. I was able to make decisions solely based upon what was best for me, my health, my longevity, my future. The past – at that point only one short week ago- felt so long gone, never to return.

I’d love to say that I have been plant perfect since my immersion… But that’s not what the immersion is about. I live my plant strong life every day, making every choice as it comes. I feel empowered with my plant strong choices, and forgive myself of my plant-weak choices. And at the end of each day, I know I’m doing what’s better for me. Because, remember: the immersion helped me to set my bar higher… And I know that will never change. And for that, I am grateful.

(and I would do it over and over and over again!)”

Thanks Kristen! We are proud of you and all that you have accomplished since your immersion.

Please leave some plant-strong encouragement for Kristen in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us and good luck on your continued success!

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