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Adventures With Ami: Focus


I am supposed to be blogging.

In fact my blog was due yesterday. I’ve been distracted lately.  By life, by spring, by the dog, by a bunch of travel the past two months, by Twitter, by House Of Cards on Netflix, by the birds chirping outside, little things, big things, seasonal allergies…you get the idea.  I completely forgot what day it was yesterday.  We slept late, made pancakes and generally took the day off and even indulged by getting cozy in bed and watching tv for a couple of hours. Ok, three hours – but we only had one episode left of House Of Cards to watch! We had not done that in ages. We used to do it all the time.  We’d come home from work, eat and watch tv until we went to bed. That seems like a century ago. Before we found Engine 2.

Life has been really busy for me lately and I’ve been traveling a lot.  Long days and tired nights, hoping for another hours worth of sleep at 5am.  I’ve been so busy and distracted that I had not really thought about why I was so tired?  I had been in the habit of getting up at 4am with Bill and heading to the gym by 5:30 am.  I would run a bit to warm up and then do strength training for about 45 minutes. Some days I would run again afterward.  This was a good routine for me.  Every other day, I would just run.  Switching between intervals, distance and a speedy mile.

In the beginning…I hated the gym.  I really did.  Then little by little, I found myself not hating it as much, then looking forward to it and in the end, feeling like I missed out if I skipped it for some reason.  For one reason or another, I’ve let my fitness routine slip.  I could give you a million reasons why, but what it really comes down to is not making it an absolute priority.  Things become a habit after working on them for a while.  Forming a habit around fitness, whether it is a morning walk or a trip to the gym, is important.  Making the commitment to take care of yourself by getting fit to stay fit is the answer.  Because falling out of the habit of fitness, for me, is too easy.

I’ve noticed my energy levels are off, my focus and attention have been lacking and in general – I am just not as bouncy as I was last year this time.  I know that the reason why is my lack of hours put in at the gym or out running.  I just feel better when I make fitness a priority.  I have more energy for the things I need to get done, and I really feel like my to-do list gets done faster when I start my day with exercise.  I am more focused and happier when I get my endorphins running at the beginning of my day.  The energy I get from working out, carries me through my day.

If I just get back there…and get started…it won’t be long before I have a routine going again.  Besides, I have new missions to run with my beloved Zombies, Run! Game.  Not to mention summer is right around the corner, sun dresses and shorts seasons is coming.  I’ve got work to do!  Time to focus on what I need so I have the energy and focus to do all the things I enjoy doing.

What do you need to focus on today?

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Ami Mackey
Ami Mackey is a graduate of eCornell's Plant-Based Nutrition program and is currently studying Fitness Nutrition at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. http://www.plantbasedadventures.com @amiannmackey
  • Glenda king

    I’m 2 months vegan and I’m starting to feel deprived and unmotivated! I do not want to fail.I’m doing this for my health.I’m really not losing! What could I be doing wrong?

  • Fitsjmom

    Thank you for sharing this. I am in the same place and it helps to know it is not just me! Setting the alarm for 5:00 am tomorrow!

  • Kirsten

    it’s so true how exercise can really help you feel so ‘good’. I’ve enjoyed getting back into a routine..I think the longer days really helps :)

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